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The many facets of content strategy


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Presents a proposed hierarchy of content needs, based on Maslow's hierarchy. Discusses the need for integrated content strategy across marketing, technical, and other content groups in an organization. Explains the business challenges of holistic content strategy. Presented by Sarah O'Keefe at the Intelligent Content Conference 2014.

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The many facets of content strategy

  1. 1. The many facets of content strategy flickr: wilhelmja Sarah O’Keefe
 Scriptorium Publishing
  2. 2. Sarah O’Keefe @sarahokeefe ❖ Founder and president, Scriptorium Publishing,, North Carolina, USA ❖ Coauthor of Content Strategy 101 ❖ Interested in collision of content, publishing, and technology
  3. 3. Content strategy: Support business goals using information and information products. flickr: MCAD Library
  4. 4. The discipline of content strategy is still evolving. flickr: 4x4jeepchick
  5. 5. We have issues…
  6. 6. Maslow’s hierarchy
  7. 7. Source: The entire Internet
  8. 8. The hierarchy of content needs
  9. 9. The hierarchy of content needs
  10. 10. Content exists for user.
  11. 11. Content is accurate.
  12. 12. Content is appropriate for user.
  13. 13. Content and users are connected.
  14. 14. Intelligent content!
  15. 15. Assess each level’s requirements.
  16. 16. Minimum viable content flickr: john.schultz
  17. 17. Minimum viable content Minimum Not enough Too much
  18. 18. Minimum viable content ❖ Meets regulatory requirements ❖ Meets business goals
  19. 19. Minimum viable content ❖ Accurate, concise, and complete ❖ Delivered in the needed formats ❖ Delivered in the needed languages ❖ Delivered on time
  20. 20. Supports business goal Not enough Obstructs business goal Too much
  21. 21. Supports business goal Zone of 
 viable content Not enough Obstructs business goal Too much
  22. 22. Minimum viable content ❖ What are the regulatory requirements? ❖ How does this content help meet the organization’s business goals? What is the purpose of this content? ❖ In what formats is this content needed? In which languages? ❖ Who must create the content? ❖ What is the content velocity? How quickly must it be delivered and how often will it change?
  23. 23. Minimum viable content
  24. 24. Marketing focus
  25. 25. Tech comm focus
  26. 26. “Entropy always wins.” flickr: einalem
  27. 27. Scalability issues Im po r ta nce of sc ility ala b
  28. 28. Content strategy facets
  29. 29. Content strategy needs to be holistic. flickr: brighton
  30. 30. We must understand 
 all the facets. flickr: rvr
  31. 31. We are splitting hairs. We should be helping customers. flickr: MCAD Library
  32. 32. Questions? flickr: avlxyz
  33. 33. Contact information Sarah O’Keefe