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Content strategy triage intro for Lavacon 2015


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Proposal for Content Strategy Triangle presentation for Lavacon 2015

Published in: Technology
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Content strategy triage intro for Lavacon 2015

  1. 1. flickr: johnloo @sarahokeefe Content strategy triage Sarah O’Keefe Scriptorium flickr:navalsurfaceforces
  2. 2. @sarahokeefe flickr: steevithak Who lives?
 Who dies? Who do you fight to save? flickr:johnloo
  3. 3. In this session, you’ll learn: ❖ How to prioritize content strategy efforts ❖ What types of problems can’t be solved ❖ Where you can make the biggest difference
  4. 4. Sarah O’Keefe @sarahokeefe ❖ President and founder, 
 Scriptorium (1997) ❖ Content strategy analysis ❖ Solving business problems and achieving strategic goals with content-driven solutions @sarahokeefe @alanpringle