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2015 content trends


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Our popular trends panel is back for 2015! Alan Pringle, Bill Swallow, and Gretyl Kinsey discuss what’s happening in the world of content strategy. Sarah O’Keefe moderates.

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2015 content trends

  1. 1. 2015 content trends Flickr: JML78 Scriptorium January 8, 2015
  2. 2. Twitter: #content2015 Flickr: JML78 Scriptorium @scriptorium
  3. 3. Panelists Alan Pringle Director @alanpringle Content strategy Implementation management Coauthor, Content Strategy 101 Gretyl Kinsey Technical consultant @gretylkinsey Content strategy tools DITA plugins Business case analysis
  4. 4. Panelist and moderator Bill Swallow Technical consultant @billswallow Global tech comm practices Process improvement Localization Sarah O'Keefe Founder and president @sarahokeefe Content strategy Recalcitrance adjuster Coauthor, Content Strategy 101
  5. 5. Type questions and comments in the Questions module of GoToWebinar. How this will work (we hope) Flickr: Veronique Debord Attendees are muted during webcast. Webcast is being recorded, but your name won't be shown. Sarah is moderating. We'll present six trends. Discussion follows each trend.
  6. 6. Trend 1 Flickr: ttarasluk
  7. 7. Trend 1: Content strategy driven by IT Flickr: ttarasluk #content2015
  8. 8. Poll: What is the relationship between your content and IT organizations? Flickr: ttarasluk #content2015
  9. 9. Trend 2 Flickr: laszlo-photo
  10. 10. Trend 2: Content as part of the customer journey Flickr: laszlo-photo #content2015
  11. 11. Trend 3 Flickr: Monsieur Gordon
  12. 12. Trend 3: Executive eye on content Flickr: Monsieur Gordon #content2015
  13. 13. Poll: What’s the highest level of management in your organization with an active interest in content issues? Flickr: Monsieur Gordon #content2015
  14. 14. Trend 4 Flickr: rbennett661
  15. 15. Trend 4: Accommodating experts as content contributors Flickr: rbennett661 #content2015
  16. 16. Trend 5 Flickr: Frank Kovalchek
  17. 17. Trend 5: Cross-company focus in content strategy implementation Flickr: Frank Kovalchek #content2015
  18. 18. Poll: How siloed is your organization? Flickr: Frank Kovalchek #content2015
  19. 19. Trend 6 Flickr: Daniesq
  20. 20. Trend 6: “Old” social media platforms decline Flickr: Daniesq #content2015
  21. 21. Contact us Flickr: Brian Moriarty Scriptorium @scriptorium