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Scribit puts premium content—articles and information your customers will love—right on your website. And when you use Scribit for email campaigns and social marketing, you’ll no longer need to worry about where the content you email, tweet, or post comes from. With Scribit, it all links back to your website.

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Scribit - Fuel Your Online & Social Marketing

  1. 1. Fuel for Online and Social Marketing
  2. 2. Marketers engage through multiple channels Social Website & Email Media Landing Pages Marketing•  Interesting and compelling content is the fuel•  Your customers and prospects are your audience•  Engagement, conversion, and retention are the goals
  3. 3. Scribit fuels social, email, and website channels Millions of articles & videos from hundreds of publishers Social Share Source Content Email Enrich Drive engagement to your website & landing pages Website Publish
  4. 4. Scribit fuels social channels Millions of articles & videos from hundreds of publishers Social Share Source Content Email Enrich Website Publish
  5. 5. Social: Consumers expect it all – right now•  You must post/share frequently to meet consumer expectations.•  Creating all the content consumers expect is impossible.•  Producing content yourself is expensive and time consuming. 1 You’ve written a great article. It took a lot of time 2 and money. 2 It takes you a few days to write and post your next original article. 3 3 Which means you went several days without saying anything compelling in your 1 social channels.
  6. 6. Social: Sharing sends prospects away•  You share links to other sites because customers expect lots of good stuff.•  But linking to others’ content sends prospects away.•  It’s nice for your customers but doesn’t drive business metrics or goals. 1 You find interesting articles that you post links to your social channels. 1 2 You drive interest and sharing but those followers—and their friends —go somewhere else to read what you posted. 2
  7. 7. Scribit Social: Problem solved •  Scribit fuels social media with content from premium sources. •  You post and tweet fully licensed, high quality content. •  Every share/click drives prospects back to your site or landing page.1 1 Share a diverse range of content to create more interest. 2 2 Stay top of mind by sharing multiple times each day. 3 Benefit when your followers share Scribit content. 3 4 Increase awareness of your brand and value 4 of your own custom content.
  8. 8. Scribit fuels email campaigns Millions of articles & videos from hundreds of publishers Social Share Source Content Email Enrich Website Publish
  9. 9. Email: Low response rates are the norm•  Getting clicks back to your site/landing page is key to success.•  Emails often contain a single message and lack compelling content.•  Creating great content for every email is expensive and slow. 1 Limited content to capture the reader’s 3 attention. 1 2 Including content from other sites drives reader away. 3 Little reason for recipient to forward on to colleagues/friends. 2
  10. 10. Scribit Email: Problem solved•  Easily add fresh and relevant content to every email campaign.•  Increase click through rates and engagement.•  Include top branded content and increase credibility and open rates. 2 1 Visually-appealing, diverse content gives the recipient reason to read entire email. 2 Fresh content automatically pulled in each time an email is sent. 3 Recipient comes back to your site to read the full content and see your calls to action. 1 3
  11. 11. Scribit fuels your website + landing pages Millions of articles & videos from hundreds of publishers Social Share Source Content Email Enrich Website Publish
  12. 12. Website: Consumers demand great content•  Your site and landing pages position your brand.•  Compelling content increases engagement and decreases bounces.•  Visitors expect a depth of content relevant to them – updated often. 1 You invest in original content 2 as a lead impression for the web visitor. But this content may be unchanged for weeks. 1 2 Posting links to stories in your “news” section sends prospects away. You want to keep them on your site.
  13. 13. Scribit Website: Problem solved•  Position your brand as a thought leader with great branded content.•  Maximize conversion and retention by driving more engagement. 1 Highlight compelling content on your home page, in your practice areas, and on your blog. 2 Drive more engagement by keeping visitors on your site while they consume content from around the web. 1 2
  14. 14. Scribit Landing Pages: The last mile•  Landing pages are the last mile to your online goals.•  Increase conversion and retention with great content. 1 3 1 Drive engagement from all 2 your channels to a content- powered landing pages. 2 Publish full content—text and video— of any article to your page through Scribit. 3 Include your calls to action to convert the engagement into a lead or sale. 4 Keep engagement with the prospect with additional content options. 4
  15. 15. Scribit fuels social, email, and website channels Millions of articles & videos from hundreds of publishers Social Scribit helps you: •  Share more content more often Share •  Increase re-sharing •  Drive engagement to your site Source Content Email •  Enrich existing campaigns Enrich •  Increase open and click rates •  Drive engagement to your site Website •  Enhance your through leadership Publish •  Create and keep more engagement •  Increase response to calls to action
  16. 16. How Scribit Works
  17. 17. Scribit: Discover and post in minutes•  Scribit makes it shockingly easy to find fully-licensed content.•  Search or browse content from hundreds of sources and millions of articles, videos, infographics, and photos.
  18. 18. Scribit: Discover and post in minutes•  Scan headlines and summaries of relevant content.•  Refine your search by date, publisher, and/or topic.
  19. 19. Scribit: Discover and post in minutes•  Review content to make sure its perfect for your needs.•  Select social media destinations and sites/landing pages.•  Publish to social channels and your website with one click.
  20. 20. Scribit: More content, more often•  Saved Searches makes it easy to find the newest relevant content.•  Email alerts bring your new content to your inbox.•  Scheduling lets you set your content/social calendar in advance.
  21. 21. Scribit: Simple integration for all channels•  You set up a single page to show all Scribit content. Just include a two lines of HTML on a “blank” article, blog, or landing page to make it work.•  Adding widgets to highlight content on your site also takes only two lines of HTML.•  Scribit has many options for putting content in emails: Scriblet (one article at a time), email- friendly widget HTML, and RSS feeds.•  Adding your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts takes just a few clicks.•  All content is invisible to search engines, meaning there are no search ranking conflicts or worries about duplicate content. What your customer sees: What Google sees: 1 Scribit dynamically injects the 1 2 content that you post into the page when the visitor views it. 2 But when a search engine crawls that page, the content area is just a blank spot. No search conflict!
  22. 22. More information on ScribitTo learn more about Scribit can fuel your online and social marketing:Contact Us Follow @scribiting1-888-848-3675