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Ms Dynamics Integration


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Scribe Insight is designed to operate with Microsoft Dynamics applications and provide the additional capabilities that businesses need for integrating their internal legacy, CRM and other mission critical business applications

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Ms Dynamics Integration

  1. 1. Thinking outside the box – Supporting cross-company business processes with Scribe InsightWhen thinking about Scribe, most partner or customers immediately thinkabout integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL and AX with their CRMsystem or with some other legacy application. True enough, for the Dynamicsapplications the Scribe Adapters offer rarely found powerful interoperability.But customer’s needs are not limited to connecting their own businessapplications, cross-business process models are moving more and more to thecenter of attention as businesses are becoming more and more interconnected.Alignment between these business models needs to be supported by ITsolutions. Because of its flexibility and wide range of connectivity (applicationadapters, XML, Web Services, CSV), Scribe Insight has the perfect potential tosupport these requirements thus providing greater value to customers.Already, numerous third party and legacy solutions have been created to allowDynamics ERP customers to send product catalog data and receive order datawith a hosted web shop system, exchange electronic invoices with theirbusiness partners or pick up warehouse commissioning and shipmentinformation provided by their logistic partners. Significant message standardswere established in the 1990s both in the US and Europe. These standards wereoriginally intended to support the processes of Enterprise companies. However,more and more medium size businesses, that typically run Dynamics ERPsystems, are forced to support these standards in order to stay in business.These standards provide an ideal scenario for building Scribe Templates, whichare easily extended as needed, to support interconnected businesses. Thereare other solutions available in the Marketplace. However, only Scribe Insight isdesigned to operate with Microsoft Dynamics applications and provide theadditional capabilities that businesses need for integrating their internallegacy, CRM and other mission critical business applications- whether theyredeployed on-premise, hosted or cloud-based. The Scribe Insight platform isuniquely designed to address this wide spectrum of interconnected processes,both internal and cross-business processes. So, what is your current strategy forconnecting your customers Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL orDynamics AX systems to their trading partners? Does it include Scribe Insight?