Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Child safety ebook


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Scranton Mixed Martial arts presents an educational book discussing safety topics like school safety, internet safety

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Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Child safety ebook

  1. 1. School SafetyMost kidnappers target children before or afterschool. Before and after school there is a largeamount of confusion as children and adultscome and go. In this confusion a kidnappermay attempt to snatch a child throughdeception.A common deception is for a predator to hangaround before and after school, blending inand becoming a familiar face. They mayinteract in a friendly manner with other adultsand even children. During this time they arelistening and learning names. They arewatching and learning routines; does a childwalk to school or does a parent pick them up?They are waiting for an opportunity to strike.Example: You are stuck in traffic and are 15minutes late for picking up little Jimmy fromschool. An opportunity has presented itself forthe stranger to now approach Jimmy.“Hi Jimmy! Hey mom is running late becauseof an accident. She wants me to drive youhome so you don’t have to wait here forever.”“Oh okay, thanks”The Code WordHow could the above scenario be avoided? Youand your child develop a code word and keepit secret. Let’s take another look at the abovescenario and how it can be different.“Hi Jimmy! Hey mom is running late becauseof an accident. She wants me to drive youhome so you don’t have to wait here forever.”“What’s the code word?”“Mom didn’t tell me a code word. She just saidit was important I pick you up”“Sorry. No code word. No ride. I think Iwill wait inside the school. Thanks.”” www.bullyshield.scrantonmma.comStranger Danger!There are more than 6 billionpeople inhabiting the planetEarth. Most of whom are goodbut some are bad.Of the bad people some stealmoney from banks, some stealbelongings from homes, andsome steal kids. There isnothing more frightening for aparent than the reality of losinga child! Every day in the U.S.,approximately 2,000 kids arereported missing.In this book we will discuss withyou the most common tricksused by kidnappers and howyou can teach your children tobe safeguarded against them.
  2. 2.  Don’t take short cuts or “secret ways”. It is tooeasy for a stranger to approach you in thesesecluded areas. Never approach a car that is not driven by afamily member or very trusted family friend. Never take anything from a stranger. Notcandy. Not money. Not toys. Quickly run the opposite direction the car isfacing and stay on the busy street. Under nocircumstance run for a “short cut”. Ask for the code word! Maybe the predatorsays “Mom’s been in an accident. I amsupposed to take you to the hospital.” If you are lost immediately find a police officer,fire fighter, emt, or a person who works at theplace you are lost. Find a person of www.bullyshield.scrantonmma.comStreet SmartsJimmy is walking along the road to play at the park with friends. A car drives up and a manhangs a photo of an adorable puppy out the window. “Excuse me. Have you seen my littlegirl’s puppy? She lost him this morning and she won’t stop crying. Can you please help mefind him? There is a reward.”It is a common ploy used by kidnappers to entice children close enough to the car so that theymay grab the child; play to a child’s good hearted nature. “Can you help me find my dog?” “Can you give me direction to the gas station?” “Are there any cool game shops nearby?”Children are naturally inquisitive and helpful and this very innocent view of the world canmake them a target. How then can you safeguard your child against this type of ploy? Sharethese tips with your child:
  3. 3. www.bullyshield.scrantonmma.comInternet DangersHousehold RulesMany households have rules in order tokeep the peace. Brush your teeth threetimes a day, put the toilet seat down,don’t run with scissors, wash behind yourears, eat your vegetables, and manymore. However three rules above allother rules should be established. Theserules can never ever be broken by thechild. Never open the front doorwithout parent permission. Never answer the phone withoutparent permission. Do not give personalinformation to anyone over thephone.When we were children computers were still anovelty luxury in many households – and theredefinitely wasn’t an internet! The internet hasrevolutionized the way we learn about the worldand how we interact with it socially. Today’schildren – in large part because of the internet –are learning faster than ever before. They areinteracting with people from all over the worldallowing information to travel the globe in theblink of an eye. The downside to thisunprecedented global socialization is that the“bad guys” are blended in the masses. They arefaceless. They are anonymous. They haveaccess to your child that they never had before.As quickly as your child is learning about newcultures, ancient histories, and which Kardashianis dating which sports star, the kidnappers arelearning your child’s like and dislikes, habits androutines, and even their names and faces all inorder to gain their trust, set up a meeting, andtake them away forever.How can you keep your child safe from thesehidden predators? Establish these internet rules: Never use the Internet without parentpermission. Never visit any websites without parentpermission. Never send personal information withoutparent permission. Never agree to meet anyone withoutparent permission. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable,tell your parents immediately
  4. 4. No matter how diligent a child’s awareness, let’sface it, a child is a child and often times they losefocus. If the unthinkable happens and your child isgrabbed by an attacker teach them they must fightand scream for help with every ounce of energy intheir being! Under no circumstances should thechild ever willingly cooperate with a kidnapper nomatter what they threaten.“If you scream I will hurt you.” SCREAM!“If you fight I will hurt your mom” FIGHT!In the face of this threat let your child know thateverything they do is okay! Scream, Fight, Scratch,Bite, Break Things! Be the biggest pain in the neck,brat of child they can be – and it is okay! Let yourchild know it is allowed and they won’t get introuble no matter what they do or say!Have An EmergencyEscape Plan!Drugs! The Ultimate KidnapperEvery day, drugs steal thousands of kids from their otherwise healthy, happy, and prosperous lifestyles.There is no doubt that one day drugs will try to sneak up on your child, and when that day comes, theycan use these strategies to avoid becoming a victim. Drugs are as sneaky and dangerous as any kidnapper, once they get a hold of you can disappearforever! There are no good drugs! Just because a drug is legal doesn’t make it good! Alcohol and cigarettesare just as bad as cocaine or heroin! People that offer you drugs or alcohol are not your friends. Drugs ruin lives and friends don’t you’reyour life. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents that someone has offered you drugs. Being drug and alcohol free is cool!