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Scotty the Otter and his Adventure to You


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It's a awesome powerpoint

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Scotty the Otter and his Adventure to You

  1. 1. Scotty the Otter The Journey to West Linn
  2. 2. Scotty meets his foster familyt
  3. 3. Scotty rides home
  4. 4. Scotty enjoys TV time
  5. 5. Scotty the Otter chills with Lenny the Cat
  6. 6. Scotty rides BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
  7. 7. Scotty attends the Smuin Ballet’s 20th anniversary Christmas Show…
  8. 8. …And plays in the fountain afterwards
  9. 9. Scotty explores downtown San Francisco
  10. 10. Scotty orders Chinese food
  11. 11. Scotty begins the ride home
  12. 12. Scotty stops for Starbucks
  13. 13. Scotty views Mt. Shasta
  14. 14. Scotty comes to you!