Renoir Case Study & Reference Letter Thomas Jefferson Hospital Usa


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Renoir Case Study & Reference Letter Thomas Jefferson Hospital Usa

  1. 1. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital In early 2000, faced with a spiraling supply cost per case, Tom Lewis, President and Chief Executive of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH), Philadelphia, had a problem. He was reluctant to get outside assistance, as his experiences with consultants had not always been productive. Being an independent thinker, however, Tom decided to engage the Renoir Corporation, a company that had little experience in healthcare at the time. THE ASSESSMENT • 40% increase in stock turns supply chain optimization efforts Renoir carried out a three-week after project completion survey of the supply chain on Operating Rooms: two sites (TJUH and Methodist) The ambitious aim of standardizing “I am very impressed to understand the issues within and reducing general medical and with what we have been surgical supply stocking points was able to accomplish with the inventory control and achieved with no adverse effect on the dedicated assistance distribution systems. It was felt of Renoir. They have patients. OR staff readily took on that Methodist would not benefit responsibility and accountability for delivered on all of the sufficiently from a project but a managing supplies through a commitments they made comprehensive program was highly consultative approach, a big in developing the project proposed for the main site, change from previous consulting schedule – often ahead TJUH. The proposal identified assignments. As Marie Moody, of schedule – and turned improvement opportunities in: Supply Technician, OR explained, around even those most • Balance sheet inventories “This project has completely skeptical about the • Point of care inventories changed the hospital’s attitude to ability of consultants to consultants.” provide added value.” • Pharmacy inventories Tom Lewis, CEO • OR inventories CONCLUSION A review of the existing MIS Project stakeholders were was also recommended. unanimous in their agreement that the project had delivered in Key Results FOCUS PROCESS™ & excess of its original promise. Stock down 36% IMPLEMENTATION Sustainable operational The selection and training of a 33-40% increase improvements from the project in inventory turns TJUH Task Force was a key step include: in getting buy-in and ownership 98% (all time high) •Implementation of improved order fill rate throughout the hospital. Results from specific areas included: processes to optimize supply Creation of a new Balance sheet inventories: chain management for the long core culture • 36% reduction term • 33% increase in stock turns • Implementation of new • 98% all time high order fill rate Management Control Systems Point of care (POC) inventories: to monitor processes, maintain • Borrowing from the manufacturing compliance and continue sector and developed with the improvements nurses, a KanBan type system was installed to reduce and make more • Creation of a core culture that accurate, POC inventories, the understands the importance of results of which prompted a managing the supply chain in physician to say: "There should be hospital operations and acts a picture on the wall of whoever accordingly has come up with this idea!" Pharmacy: • Development of taskforce Measurable effects were: members to carry on and expand • 33% reduction in inventory 2004 © Renoir Consulting Limited
  2. 2. Real solutions ‘We believe that for change to be effective it must come from within’ for the healthcare M O R E C H A N G E . G R E AT E R D E M A N D S . industry INCREASED PRESSURE. WHY IT WORKS The changes in our healthcare industry continue - more complexity in A Renoir project works for a number of reasons: technology and available treatment, changes to funding, reimbursement, 1. Our experiences are not confined to the healthcare industry, giving us mergers and takeovers. Increased patient, physician, customer, regula- a broader perspective and access to diverse industry solutions, as tory and revenue demands. And added pressures from increased supply well as a critical objectivity. chain costs, staff shortages, and competition. Prescriptions for failure or 2. We believe that in order for change to be effective and sustainable, opportunities for a healthier tomorrow and competitive advantage? it must come from within, and we work with staff at all levels to get buy-in and ownership of change program elements. ENGAGING YOUR MOST POTENT ASSETS 3. We always work toward specific, well-defined project objectives A significant strength we have at our disposal in ‘Truman Medical and we commit to delivering them in full at the fee quoted. addressing the issues and challenges that we all Centers was most 4. Our people are selected for their ability to lead your people to desired face today, is the dedicated, committed and pro- pleased with outcomes. fessional workforces that typify the healthcare Renoir’s Assessment 5. We are practical: sector. Paradoxically, these same people are of our Supply Chain • IT enhancements are developed to resolve specific often poorly prepared to deal with the commer- Function. By issues, not for the sake of IT. cial requirements that govern the day to day implementing your • If there are labor issues, we have the expertise (and the operational success or failure of today’s health- findings, we are common sense) to prepare the workforce before trying care providers and suppliers. projecting savings to embark on a change program. of $300,000 (one • We believe an organization should improve with A DIFFERENT APPROACH. what they have, before buying in new technology. time) and $645,000 Given the pace and pressure, the need for man- (annually). Renoir • We never promise what we can’t deliver. agement assistance has never been greater and was also one of the HOW IT WORKS yet the traditional management consulting catalysts for a approach of delivering blueprints or prescribed major culture It all begins with a low cost Assessment that allows us to define the solutions derived from benchmarks and inter- change within the opportunities, develop an implementation plan and proposal, and allows views often fails to deliver. organization.’ you to see us in action with your people, to demonstrate how the rela- At Renoir, we understand and appreciate the tionship during a project will work. John W. Bluford, A Project brings into play our powerful Focus Process™. This employee time constraints and ‘I am very impressed President & CEO, engaging technique not only ensures buy-in and ownership, but also sensitivities that define with what we have Truman Medical examines and enhances the connectivity between strategy, vision mis- today’s healthcare been able to Centers sion and goals with day to day execution. Positive changes begin very industry. We also under- accomplish with the stand the need for financially sound decisions early, bringing not only confidence, but financial improvements, as well. dedicated assistance involving consultants and the requirement for Finally there is an extended AfterCare period to ensure that the improve- of Renoir. They have predictability and success. Gone, therefore are ments achieved are not only sustainable, but actually improve with con- delivered on all of the the endless interviews, questionable bench- tinued proactive efforts from your people. commitments they marks and wish list blue prints. Gone, too, are made in developing the financial risks resulting from consulting ‘Renoir’s experience in change management was the project schedule – assignments that more often than not, fail to clearly evident. They displayed keen perceptual often ahead of deliver tangible results. skills that allowed them to understand the schedule – and turned complexities of our organization. Renoir was around even this most ‘One of the greatest attributes that Renoir committed to delivering tangible, sustainable results skeptical about the brought to the table, was that they taught in a timely manner. In their time in our institution, ability of consultants the skills and behaviors required to be Renoir helped put into |place processes and to provide successful, so that their client can take behaviors that have led to dramatic supply chain added value.’ what they learned and apply it to other improvements. The Renoir Group exceeded our supply chain opportunity initiatives.’ expectations in every way.’ Thomas J. Lewis, President & CEO, Pat Krier, Director, Anne Madden-Rice, Associate Director & Chief Thomas Jefferson Supply Chain Optimization, University Operating Officer, University of Iowa Hospitals University Hospital HealthSystem Consortium, Chicago and Clinics
  3. 3. J O I N T H E FA S T G R O W I N G L I S T O F R E N O I R C L I E N T S Wherever you are on the industry’s value chain, Renoir can assist you in improving your organization’s performance. Whether it’s issues with manufacturing, claims processing, charge capture, supply chain management, distribution chan- nels, overtime, or operating room programs, our approach engages and enables your "resident" experts to ensure prac- ticality, achievability, and sustainability, in time frames and dollars that will surprise you. RENOIR NAMED SOLE SOURCE SUPPLIER TO UHC Renoir Corporation has signed a three-year agreement with University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), Oak Brook, IL, to provide supply chain consulting services to UHC member hospitals and health centers. The agreement took effect April 21, 2004. Roberta G. Graham, UHC Senior Vice President, stated that "Renoir is offering UHC members expert supply chain assessments that will identify and document opportunities for cost reduction and business process improvements. As part of the assessment, Renoir will create and propose a detailed implementation plan to address these identified opportunities and will work with the UHC member, at their request, in the implementation of identified opportunities. Renoir has proven themselves in a number of engagements with UHC members." THE RENOIR GROUP Renoir is one of the world’s fastest growing consulting groups. Founded as Rembrandt Consulting Ltd in the United Kingdom in 1994, the Renoir Group now employs more than 100 highly trained consultants and operates through- out Europe, the USA, south east Asia, and India. The Group also includes a specialist oil and gas consultancy, Renoir Oil & Gas, and an IT/e-enabling arm, Renoir Technology, offering software/hardware evaluation, systems integration, IT security, b2b and e-commerce opportunities. Renoir offers a low risk approach and investment that delivers real results to the bottom line because we plan the achievable. The solutions we develop produce measurable financial results that have a lasting impact on the competitiveness and performance of client businesses, because together we develop new systems, processes and behaviours that allow this to happen. We pride ourselves on delivering every project within the budget originally set and will stay with the project until the origi- nal objectives are met. For further information, contact us at or visit our website: United Kingdom Asia PT. Renoir Consulting Indonesia Renoir Consulting (UK) Ltd Renoir Consulting (India) P. Ltd. Jalan Jaksa No. 11, Kebon Sirih, 7200 The Quorum, 2nd Floor, Raheja Chambers, Jakarta Pusat 10340, Indonesia Oxford Business Park, Oxford, 213 Nariman Point, Tel: +62.(21).7079.5033, Oxfordshire OX4 2JZ Mumbai – 400 021, India +62.888.187.0556 Tel: +44.1865.481446 Tel: +91.22.2282.1923 e-mail: Fax: +44.1865.481546 Fax: +91.22.2282.8477 Oil & Gas Division e-mail: e-mail: Renoir Oil & Gas Ltd T H E C A PA C I T Y T O S E E 7 Queens Gardens, USA RCL Implementation Services Sdn. Bhd. (484416-T) Level 40, Tower 2, Aberdeen, Scotland AB15 4YD THE POWER TO CHANGE Renoir Corporation Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Washington DC Tel: +44.1224.626669 City Center, Malaysia Fax: +44.1224.626227 13800 Coppermine Road, Herndon, VA 20173 Tel: +603.216.84401 e-mail: Fax: +603.216.84201 Tel: +1.703.234.7851 e-mail: Software & e-business Fax: +1.703.234.1201 Renoir Technology e-mail: Renoir Implementation Services Inc PO Box 1130, 3rd Floor, 28/F Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, Li Wan Po Building, 12 Remy Ollier, 6766 Ayala Ave.cor. Paseo de Roxas, Port Louis, Mauritius Makati City, Philippines Tel: +230.208.8000 Tel: +632.8493960 Fax: +230.208.3026 Fax +632.8865008 e-mail: e-mail: T H E C A PA C I T Y T O S E E THE POWER TO CHANGE Sep2004 © Renoir Consulting Limited.