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This presentation was originally done for CTO School, a meetup for CTOs, VP Eng, or Tech Leads that are interested in improving their skills and learning from each other.

It focuses on how to be helpful to others and bringing a targeted framework to your networking.

Additional resources from this talk can be found at http://life-longlearner.com/CTOSchool

CTO School Networking Presentation

  1. 1. Networking: An Intentional Approach By @Scottbrit
  2. 2. Focus of This Talk• How to be Helpful to Others• Developing and Starting A Networking Plan• Maintaining Your Network
  3. 3. Networking is not just about making acquaintances
  4. 4. Great networkers make acquaintances and turnthe right ones into trusted professional contactsand friends
  5. 5. Why We Network• Nothing helps us reach and achieve our goals more than people – Our goals are going to change, but the fact that we need help achieving them does not. This is why having a great network scales over the lifecycle of our careers and is a worthy investment of our time.
  6. 6. How to Approach Networking• Provide value to others without expecting anything in return• Lead new interactions with value If done right, the investment you make in others’ success will return itself ten-fold
  7. 7. Ways To Provide Value
  8. 8. Relevant Introductions• Do – Ask someone if they’d like to be introduced to someone before making an introduction• Don’t – Just intro someone without asking first. You could be putting a burden on someone
  9. 9. Feedback• Providing thoughtful, descriptive feedback on something is greatly appreciated by mature people – Blog post – Product – Presentation – Bug reporting
  10. 10. Feedback Done Well
  11. 11. Relevant Content and News• Would someone receive value from knowing about this? Share the wealth – News on competitors – A valuable article that aligns with their interests – An event they might want to attend
  12. 12. Tools To Isolate This Content• Google Alerts• Tweet Alarm• Relevant Email Lists• Quora• SalesLoft Job Change Alerts
  13. 13. Identify and Address Direct Needs• Intentionally seek out opportunities to help or address a need.
  14. 14. Are They Hiring?SinglePlatform is ; )
  15. 15. Isolate Opportunities With Tweetdeck
  16. 16. Read Their BlogSource: http://alexstechthoughts.com/post/22119140993/getting-involved
  17. 17. Don’t Always Limit Help To WorkWe all have lives outside of work where weenjoy improvement as well
  18. 18. How Most People Think About Networking“Many of us don’t think much about whom weinvite into our lives or how we manage thoserelationships. Instead we treat the connectionswe form with others as something that happensnaturally as a matter of circumstance orconvenience.”
  19. 19. A Targeted, Intentional Approach• Identify 10-20 people who you think have the ability to propel you to achieve your goals• Add value to these people’s lives on a consistent basis – Over time the goal is to go from acquaintance -> trusted business contact -> friend• Much more time efficient than the “I hope I meet someone cool at this event” approach
  20. 20. This Framework Inspires:• Purpose to my networking• Direction which compels action• Efficiency• Accountability – We manage what we measure• Consistency – Anything left to itself is bound to decay
  21. 21. Diligently Track Interactions• The biggest networking fail is lack of consistency throughout the relationship building life-cyle – This is why acquaintances never become trusted professional contacts or friends• Realistic Goal: Provide value to your targets every 3-4 weeks. – Make sure it requires little to no effort on their part. LEAD WITH THE VALUE
  22. 22. Contactually: A Great Tool For Managing ConsistencySource: http://www.contactually.com/
  23. 23. Action Plan• Define your goals for the next year• Think of 10-20 people who can help you achieve them – Aim to start engaging 2 new people every month from your target list• Write out ways you can interact with them• Log the interactions on a spreadsheet – Aim for consistent content grounded in adding value every 3-4 weeks (if not more)
  24. 24. Resources• Posts on networking: – http://life-longlearner.com/cto-school – Link to my intentional networking spreadsheet is here as well• A great book: Never Eat Alone
  25. 25. Don’t Be A Stranger!• Scott@life-longlearner.com• @Scottbrit