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Carrier Class Ethernet Transport Service                                  Features*
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RCN Metro Ethernet Service Final


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RCN Metro Ethernet Service Final

  1. 1. Ethernet Service O ver view Carrier Class Ethernet Transport Service Features* • Highly scalable and variable transport speeds from LAN Extension and Private Line Services • 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps RCN Metro’s Ethernet Service combines the reliability and ubiquity • MEF 9 and MEF 14 certified of Ethernet with next-generation metro area transport technology. • Resilient transport services for high reliability The result is a service that delivers an efficient, fully restorable, • Point-to-point private line service easily managed network. Offering • Point-to-multipoint WAN service EPL, end-to-end dedicated service, • Standards-based IEEE Ethernet service for layer 2 transport EVPL, point-to-point service over • Protocol transparent shared access (UNI) bandwidth, • 802.1Q VLAN and 802.1 QinQ tunneling supported and E-LAN, multipoint-to-multipoint • 24x7 network monitoring with multiple NOC’s Layer 2 service over dedicated *Not all features are available in all markets, please contact RCN to access bandwidth, RCN Metro’s determine availability Ethernet Service enables you to seamlessly extend your Ethernet network beyond your local building into the metro area and beyond. Benefits RCN Metro is one of the first • Variable bandwidth enabling you to fine-tune your network providers to receive both Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 9 and 14 needs at each location certification to assure high quality and reliable Ethernet service. • Seamless interconnection with no additional equipment on your premises RCN Metro’s Ethernet Service enables extension of LAN • No protocol conversion required ensuring interoperability infrastructure for WAN connectivity, or allows point-to-point private between LAN and MAN line services. The Metro Ethernet solution provides dedicated • Cost effective on both a cost per bit and cost per port basis bandwidth to guarantee performance when you need it with rates • Easier installation and management allow for rapid provisioning starting at 1.5 Mbps ranging up to 1 Gbps. The natural flexibility compared to other platforms of Ethernet allows you to decide exactly how much bandwidth • Delivered directly to you via Cat 5e wiring or fiber you need to support your application now and in the future. The • Predictable cost modeling for future network build outs simplicity of Ethernet and RCN Metro’s custom design process • Scalable for long term network evolution connectivity delivers the bandwidth within your IT budget constraints. RCN Metro’s private, diverse fiber network, along with optional protected circuit design, provides a solution for business continuity alternatives. Combining the Metro Ethernet service with connectivity between metro areas offers a total solution for businesses with a presence in multiple cities. RCN Metro monitors its service 24x7 to ensure reliability and responsiveness. Additional Services SONET Service Custom Private Optical Networks Internet Service Wavelength Service Network Management Service Colocation Service For additional information please contact: or (888) 750-0712
  2. 2. Te chnical S pe cifica t ions Technical Specs Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Network Technology Fast Ethernet over RCN Metro’s state-of-the-art Gigabit Ethernet over RCN Metro’s state-of-the-art SONET network Switched Ethernet, SONET or DWDM optical network Throughput 50/100 Mbps 1.544–1000 Mbps Handoffs Category 5, RJ-45 Single mode or Multi mode fiber Protection Unprotected handoff with full SONET protection on Unprotected handoff. Can be designed as single path the RCN Metro network or diverse path Network Management 24x7 monitoring and surveillance 24x7 monitoring and surveillance Network Options Long-haul and metro configurations Long-haul and metro configurations Availability Available at most on-net locations throughout the Available at most on-net locations throughout the RCN RCN Metro network Metro network A b o u t RC N M e t r o O pt i c a l N e t wo r k s RCN Metro is a premier provider of high-capacity transport services for With a network leveraging unique rights-of-way, spanning from Maine carriers as well as large and medium-sized businesses. RCN Metro offers to Virginia and out to Chicago, RCN Metro deploys custom solutions to a comprehensive suite of services including: Ethernet, SONET, Wavelength service providers as well as companies in the finance, hospitality, media, Services, Video Transport, Internet and more. The breadth of our service government, health care and education industries. offering and our ability to combine them to deliver customized, cost-effective, reliable solutions that are implemented and supported by dedicated client RCN Metro is a wholly owned division of RCN Corporation. To learn more teams is what sets RCN Metro apart from the competition and makes us “The about RCN Metro, please visit our website, Smart Alternative” to the status quo. 55 Broad Street New York, NY 10004 Toll Free 1-888-750-0712 The Smart Alternative