Hawc trifold 2012


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Hawc trifold 2012

  1. 1. Scott AFB Health & Wellness Center Hands-On Clinics *These clinics are for Active Duty only Running Clinic: A six week, hands-on, clinic to help improve your 1.5 mile run time. We meet 3 days/week- Mon- Your Resource For day, Wednesday, and Thursday, 0700. Wellness Throughout this class, we work on Physical Activity Fit For Duty… speed, distance, and endurance. Fit to Fight... * Must have 1.5 mile run time >13:15 to Optimal Nutrition Fit for Life... enroll Healthy Weight Strength Training: A four week hands (618)256-7139 on clinic to help improve strength in re- Tobacco Cessation & lation to push-ups and sit ups. The Prevention group will meet once a week, for 4 weeks. Individuals will be provided with personal strength training plans to im- prove all around fitness.Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Class. Find our information on Facebook and the EIM site!A FREE, hands-on, prenatal/postpartum exer-cise program designed to strengthen the body www.facebook.com/scotthawc for all the changes it will experience. https://eim.amc.af.mil/org/375amds/ Building P-6This is an ongoing class, open to Active Duty SGPZ/ default.aspx 2nd Floor and Dependants. 100 Heritage Dr. *Please call for dates and times. Scott AFB, IL 62225
  2. 2. Be Well Modules Tobacco Cessation Program Double your chances of quitting Multiple programs to choose from Free medications to Active Duty, Family Members, & Retirees Body Composition; BOD POD Be Well Running Find out what you are made of! Knowing your body fat percentage is a great tool to Principles and techniques to help you develop an help you monitor progress with weight loss effective training plan for improving your 1.5 mile or fitness improvement. This piece of equip- and 5k run times. ment will give you the MOST accurate body *First Wednesday of the month 1130-1300 fat % reading. Be Well Strength Training BodyGem: Introductory strength training workshop with em- Program Options The BodyGem device is a handheld indirect phasis on improving push-ups and sit-ups for the Air calorimeter that measures an individuals rest- Force Fitness Test. ing metabolic rate (RMR), which is the num- Illinois Tobacco Quitline 1-877-695-QUIT *Second Wednesday of the month 1200-1300. ber of calories a person burns at rest over a Weekly phone calls & monthly HAWC visits 24-hour period. Be Well Healthy Weight Orientation Mondays @ 1100 Recommendations and tools provided by the Freedom From Smoking Online ffsonline.org Aqua Massage HAWC Registered Dietitian covering healthy weight Complete handouts & monthly HAWC visits Your prescription for relaxation. Come in for loss and weight management,. Orientation Mondays @ 1100 your FREE 30 minute appointment. In the *Third Wednesday of month 1200-1300. “Aqua Massage”! Fresh Start Physical Training Leader (PTL) American Cancer Society’s 4-week face to faceAnnual certification for members that are Commander classroom programappointed to lead unit PT. This class focuses on leadingeffective PT sessions. Classes offered at your worksite by requestPTL Fitness Assessment Training— Optional training forPTL’s to learn how to accomplish fitness testing. This classhelps you accurately practice test your unit. Need more resources? Visit the DoD website www.ucanquit2.org or Call the HAWC for appointments for these;** UFPM must sign individuals up for this class 256-7139! Call the TRICARE Smoking Quitline at (866) 459-8766