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Doge-driven design


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Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Caninedom (domain driven design for dogs)

Published in: Technology
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Doge-driven design

  1. 1. such excite wow Doge-Driven
  2. 2. so not technology focus so domain focus "Domain-driven..."
  3. 3. "... design" very activity very artifact wow
  4. 4. "Domain-driven design" so collaboration much useful amaze
  5. 5. "Bounded context" wow word confusion environment so help very context much important
  6. 6. "Ubiqitous language" much meaningful excite very all team so same words much glad
  7. 7. "Value object" wow very equal much immutable
  8. 8. "Entity" so change much identity wow
  9. 9. "Aggregate" much encapsulate much consistency amaze so only through root
  10. 10. "Repository" very collection much persistence ignorance
  11. 11. "Service" much contract much interface
  12. 12. "Anti-corruption layer" wow so context boundary much leak proof much safety
  13. 13. "Continuous integration" much frequency so not fragmentation very tests
  14. 14. very metaphor much evolve so models amaze