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NASIG 2016: CORAL User Group Meeting


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Presentation for NASIG 2016 Conference CORAL User Group Meeting

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NASIG 2016: CORAL User Group Meeting

  1. 1. NASIG CORAL User Group 2016
  2. 2. Announcements Steering Committee Members: Chair, Steve Oberg, Wheaton College (Assistant Professor of Library Science) Emma Cryer, Duke University Medical Center Library (Associate Director) Doug Hahn, Texas A&M (Developer) Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M (Electronic Resources Librarian) Benjamin Heet, Triangle Research Libraries Network (Program Officer) Jeffrey Mudge, Wheaton College (Developer) Remington Steed, Calvin College (Developer) Mang Sun, Rice University (Systems Librarian) Katherine Swart, Calvin College (Collection Development Librarian) Scott Vieira, Rice University (Chair of Web Committee, Electronic Resources Librarian)
  3. 3. Announcements Affiliate Members: ● Carla Clark, SirsiDynix (Product Manager) ● Brad Droubay, SirsiDynix (Software Engineer) ● Matthias Meusburger, BibLibre (Developer) ● Paul Poulain, BibLibre (Co-owner) ● Laurence Rault, BibLibre (Project Coordinator) New Governance Rules (Highlights) ● New affiliate status (for-profit vendors or software development/hosting companies) ● Chair and member selection process (chair must be SC member with ER experience, two year term) ● Github privileges (SC members admin & ownership rights, affiliates two accounts w/ admin rights) ● Decision making process, voting rules, SC final authority
  4. 4. Announcements Web Committee Members: Chair, Scott Vieira, Rice University Nathan Ahlstrom, Medtronic Louisa Choy, Wheelock College Tuya Dutton, Valley City State University Katherine Landry, Sam Houston State University Lauren Mueller, Rice University Paul Poulain, BibLibre Yan Song, North Carolina State University
  5. 5. Announcements New Web Features: Latest News
  6. 6. Announcements More New Web Features: User Map
  7. 7. Announcements Check out the User Survey Report Highlights: ● Keep things up-to-date: documentation, version info, presentations, etc. ● Way better software versioning information ● Simplify and improving the installation process ● Improving the upgrading process ● Keep the documentation simple for non-techy folks ● Simplify process of where to go to find things (preference overall for the web site) ● More screenshots and video instruction ● Developer documentation should be closely associated with GitHub.
  8. 8. Web Committee’s Upcoming Plans ● New documentation procedures/workflow ● Updated documentation ● Improved versioning information ● Release Notes ● Creating governance rules ● Ongoing style and functional changes to website ● Content additions to the website
  9. 9. Steering Committee’s Upcoming Plans ● Merged repositories (ndlibersa ---> Coral-erm) ● Development of comprehensive Roadmap ● Refinement/development of governance documents ● Investigate new tools for collaborating among community members, e.g. for reporting issues and providing updates on them ● Many new software updates coming: CORAL 2.0, workflow, language support, and more.
  10. 10. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Updated CSS
  11. 11. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Online Helps
  12. 12. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Fund code creation, import, edit options & picklist for Cost History
  13. 13. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Updates to resource import
  14. 14. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Helpful Links added to Licensing Module
  15. 15. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Import a License in ONIX-PL Format
  16. 16. SirsiDynix Additions & Style Changes Expressions are automatically created when ONIX-PL License is uploaded
  17. 17. Questions & Discussion Join the CORAL Team Let us know about newsworthy events, presentations, etc. for CORAL news Questions and feedback for the committees Updates on how you are using CORAL If you have further questions, please email us at: