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GameScorpion_ Alternative App Markets

  1. 1. Alternative App MarketsPresented by Abhinav Gupta,Lead Developer and CEO at Game Scorpion Inc.
  2. 2. Why Alternative Markets?Currently 2 Major Known Markets inGENERAL, iOS (Apple App Store) andAndroid (Google Play Market)Alternative Markets have LESScompetitionThink of a Strip Plaza vs. a Shopping MallSome companies offer Benefits for Porting(Free Developer Accounts, Money,Devices, etc.)
  3. 3. What Alternative Markets Exist? Mainly Android Alternative Markets Blackberry WebOS (was HP now LG) Microsoft Mac/Linux/Windows PC WEB (Facebook/Browser/Firefox OS)
  4. 4. Tested Profitable MarketsAmazon (Kindle Fire) Android MarketBarnes and Noble (Nook) Android MarketBlackberry (BB10/Playbook) Qt/QNXMarket (With Android to Blackberry portingtools)
  5. 5. Unprofitable Markets (THIS CAN CHANGE)Samsung Android Store (WHY? Many users ofSamsung Devices use the Google Play MarketApp over the Samsung Market/Store App) - (Samsung andEA)HP TouchPad (Dead/Old market), HOWEVERWebOS now is owned by LG which will changethe whole App world again!
  6. 6. Other Markets to Watch ForConsole Markets (OUYA – Android GameMarket)Appliance/Non-Mobile Device Markets(Samsung and LG Appliances, etc. allrunning on WebOS/Android. Cars, andvarious other devices running most likelyan Android based system – Due to lowercost for Manufacturers to implementAndroid OS)
  7. 7. Amazon Tips and TricksAmazon is the closest to Apple in the Android SpaceOffer many development items similar to apple such asGame Cirlce for Game Developers, In App Purchasing,Advertising and much moreThe user base primarily consists of students, seniors andis now expanding to parents/families.Biggest strength: User Credit cards are on file, and so itseasy for users to purchase apps.App Sales Volume: I generally make sales comparableto Apple volume (When comparing PREMIUM sales).Getting into the charts is much easier!Amazon offers a Free App A Day promotion on selectedapps to boost downloads even more.
  8. 8. Blackberry TipsBlackberry holds special porting eventsthroughout the year. I recommend holding ontoyour apps for those. I end up porting toBlackberry only during these events saving upmy apps, and usually end up getting Playbooks,Devices, Money and other neat benefits.Blackberry really takes its time to focus ondevelopers.Market Base Demographic: Business OwnersApps that do Well: Utilities, anything to do withchat/social/business, Games.
  9. 9. Nook TipsMASSIVE income hereNook users are buyersPREMIUM ONLY MARKETMarket Base Demographic: Women andChildrenApps that do Well: Childrens Games,School tools, Parent Apps, Utilities.
  10. 10. How To Test A New MarketAfter testing 20+ App Markets, I’ve comeup with a 5 step method to test out if amarket is worth investing your time andmoney.Don’t just take Market News as an OfficialIndicator of a Market.
  11. 11. How To Test A New Market1. Do the most MINIMAL cost to entry(Which is usually a yearly membershipfee) and time to port apps2. Test 2-3 months worth of SALESnumbers (Actual income)
  12. 12. How To Test A New Market3. GET A CHEQUE (This confirms that you will get paidand not taken for a ride by a market)4. If the numbers make sense, continue, if not EXIT thatmarket OR attempt other types of apps. (Every markethas a DIFFERENT user base. What works on iOS maynot work on Amazon. Example, our app Car Car RaceCar (That took me 1 hour to make by re-skinning our oldASRI app) was a flop on iOS, but is now part of the top200 in ALL NOOK APPS minting me some nice coin!)5. If the numbers blow you away, then invest in ALLrequired items such as dev devices, systems, etc.
  13. 13. Thank You!Abhinav Gupta is the LeadDeveloper and CEO of GameScorpion Inc. He is an AppDeveloper, App Business Trainerand even a Motivational Speaker inthe Mobile and TechnologyIndustry.Recognized as a professional inthe field, he has had his hand inbuilding and successfullypublishing over 25+ apps in over10+ markets including Apple,Google Play, Amazon, Barnes andNoble, Blackberry, HP WebOS, Abhinav Guptaand several Join Our Newsletter