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Let's hack personal development

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Let's hack personal development

  1. 1. Let’s hack Personal Development
  2. 2. There’s a chronic disconnect between what people set out to do and what they actually achieve in life
  3. 3. The tools for personal growth are out-dated
  4. 4. Earl Nightingale back in the 1950’s “We live today in a golden age. This is an era that humanity has looked forward to, dreamed of, and worked toward for thousands of years. We live in the richest era that ever existed on the face of the earth ... a land of abundant opportunity for everyone. However, if you take 100 individuals who start even at the age of 25, do you have any idea what will happen to those men and women by the time they’re 65? These 100 people believe they’re going to be successful. They are eager toward life, there is a certain sparkle in their eye, an erectness to their carriage, and life seems like a pretty interesting adventure to them. But by the time they’re 65, only one will be rich, four will be financially independent, five will still be working, and 54 will be broke — depending on others for life’s necessities. Only five out of 100 make the grade! Why do so many fail? What has happened to the sparkle that was there when they were 25? What has become of the dreams, the hopes, the plans ... and why is there such a large disparity between what these people intended to do and what they actually accomplished?” These are not new problems
  5. 5. Set the scene
  6. 6. What is the forecast for the future?
  7. 7. Increasing depth and complexity of relationships and interdependencies
  8. 8. Increasing uncertainty
  9. 9. Unrelenting & ever surprising change
  10. 10. Exponential Change The number of internet connections globally The number of mobile devices connected to the internet DNA Genome Sequencing co2 emmissions Data Storage
  11. 11. 6 years ago we didn’t have....
  12. 12. The Winds of Creative Destruction
  13. 13. ...are producing a bare knuckle fight
  14. 14. ? That has brought about hyper- competition 10 years
  15. 15. This is understandably leaving people a little confused and concerned
  16. 16. Are the tools we are using still relevant?
  17. 17. Tools are designed for a more certain world
  18. 18. Where would you rather go to get your tooth removed?
  19. 19. A different way of thinking is needed
  20. 20. "If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking." Buckminster Fuller
  21. 21. This is where the real learning happens We must continuously push ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone and challenge our thinking
  22. 22. We must challenge the status quo
  23. 23. We need a new approach- an iterative and adaptive approach
  24. 24. We are kidding ourselves if we think we can predict the future
  25. 25. The business world is starting to understand this (Led by tech startups)
  26. 26. What can personal development learn from the business world?
  27. 27. Accept that everything is an assumption- a hypothesis to be tested our daily lives
  28. 28. Fail fast, fail often In a managed and controllable manner
  29. 29. Adopt a continuous process of ‘validated learning’
  30. 30. We must take a holistic, integrated view
  31. 31. Things can look ok in isolation...
  32. 32. ...but we have to look at the whole picture
  33. 33. 41 Let’s start building new tools
  34. 34. Here’s my map as it looks at the moment..not sure if it will make any sense
  35. 35. 43 This is just the
  36. 36. 44 Of a long journey
  37. 37. There are a lot of questions...
  38. 38. We’re more likey to answer them by working together
  39. 39. Join the conversation at
  40. 40. 48 Most of all...
  41. 41. 49 That’s me Scott Torrance
  42. 42. I’d love to connect Scott Torrance- @ProjectFlux1 @scottorrance

Editor's Notes

  • As the role of HR is changing and becoming more strategic we look at the new and emerging tools for Show you some tools How they are integrated to solve specific
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  • The business tools of the 21st century for delivering sustainable growth over the long-term
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  • Flipchart capture
  • Flipchart capture
  • Build this slide co2 Emissions Internet connections worldwide Number of mobile devices connected to the internet Data storage Genome Sequencing There is some debate about the rate of change being relative but the fact is that 100 years ago there was nothing growing at an exponential rate
  • Build this slide Tablet market e-reader market Crowd funding
  • Shot of whisky
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  • The law of the instrument- Maslow ’ s Hammer
  • Continuously push ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone We combine these tools in the moment No one
  • We are kidding ourselves if we think we can accurately predict the future
  • Remove these?
  • Flipchart capture
  • Flipchart capture
  • Not all tools are relevant all the time
  • It better be integrated
  • Challenge these tools Are they applicable? Is our
  • Whether it is a business model or BMY the key is in understanding, creating and exchanging Must learn to incorporate non-monetary exchanges of value...lead to culture slides