Commercialisation For Local Governments in the UK


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Please find attached an outline of a specialised workshop we have developed for Local Authorities that will enable them to strategize, brainstorm, plan and act on the issue of 'commercialisation'. You may have seen the Local Government Chronicle feature on the issue recently.

The method we have on offer has proven to be an enabler of strategy across governments, other not for profits and the corporate sector and been used internationally for more than 20 years.

I am writing to you to ask for a referral to an early adopter, a team wanting to embrace the challenge of working 'commercialisation' out, and that may even be your own team. Our first session is heavily discounted.

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Commercialisation For Local Governments in the UK

  1. 1. COMMERCIALISATION Risky business or a pathway to profit A Facilitated Workshop for Local Authorities
  2. 2. What lies beyond efficiency? Local authorities have never excelled at being ‘commercial’, but if there was ever a time to overcome their hesitancy and lack of expertise, it’s now. What can councils do to increase their income from trading, commercial partnerships with the private sector or writing better commissioning contracts? “Plenty”, was the answer from a panel assembled recently by Baker Tilly and Local Government Chronicle. In itself ‘commercial’ is not a new term for local government. However, what appears to be fundamentally different is how it is being used and perceived; what local authorities are meaning when they talk about becoming or being more ‘commercial’. Matthew Humphrey Partner Baker Tilly Business Services Limited and National Sector Chair for Local Government and Emergency Services. Mobile: +44 (0)7764 688 248 Please click here to read the Local Government Chronicle feature. The following pages outline an approach to help you and your Authority understand, plan and execute against the commercialisation agenda. 2
  3. 3. Lets get together and work it out Baker Tilly has created a workshop to help Local Authorities engage with the issue of commercialisation and realise the opportunity it may present. Risky business or a pathway to profit? 3
  4. 4. Objective The Baker Tilly ‘commercialisation’ workshop has been designed to create a unifying principle for Local Authorities that integrates: • a framework to position ‘commercialisation’ within the bigger picture • an action planning and implementation process to sustain the momentum • an underlying philosophy of high performance teamwork and leadership. • People with differing perspectives are brought together to address Commercialisation within their Local Authority and plan, roll out and implement strategic initiatives and projects. • They may come from within the team, from different functions, regions and levels within an organisation, or from different organisations. • Measurable outcomes fall into the five categories of speed, quality, cost, learning and relationships. 4
  5. 5. Workshop Output • The aim is to engage and align carefully selected participants by providing an environment through which people can discover for themselves what ‘commercialisation’ might look like and how to embark on the journey. • Through the use of a proven, innovative mobilisation methodology, enabled by the application of a collaborative toolkit and expertly facilitated by Baker Tilly. • We will facilitate a ‘guided conversation’ based on the ‘creative process’ that aims to produce focused outcomes comprising quality ideas, commitment to specific actions, and a high level of motivation to build on the momentum. 5
  6. 6. Workshop Output • Documented transcript of all inputs captured directly from participants through collaborative technology and circulated next day • Your Local Authority can articulate the commercial objectives and have a plan to achieve them • Participants enlightened, motivated and committed to build on momentum A critical prerequisite to the above is careful selection of participants i.e. the potential advocates – they must be naturally proactive re ‘commercialisation’ and positively influence their peers 6
  7. 7. Workshop Design Baker Tilly owned workshops developed in conjunction with TEAMWIN • TEAMWIN is a workshop-based approach to mobilising teams, projects and strategic initiatives through enhanced collaboration, and turns meetings and conferences into action-oriented and enjoyable events. • It combines thought provoking concepts, practical documents, and innovative collaborative tools. Its unifying concept is the journey metaphor, tailored to reflect the process from planning through implementation. • It is designed to integrate a framework for action planning, a process to sustain the momentum, and a philosophy for high performance leadership and teamwork. • The focus will be to bring to life the commercialisation agenda and make shape an executable strategy and plan. 7
  8. 8. Workshop Delivery • There are five key concept areas: 1. Thinking strategically COLLABORATIVE TOOLS 2. Engaging and aligning 3. Measuring performance 4. Being creative 5. Optimising teams MOBILISATION METHODOLOGY STRATEGIC FACILITATION & LEADERSHIP 8
  9. 9. Process: A guided conversation FRAMING THE DIALOGUE CONSIDERED RISK AND OPPORTUNITY TEST DRIVE TO UNDERSTAND VISION OF SUCCESS KEY ACTION AREAS NEXT STEPS JOURNEY RISK MODULE SIMULATION CREATIVE PROCESS COLLABORATOR • Describe your organisation’s culture and climate. • Brainstorm the ‘push and pull’ of the commercialisation agenda, both internal and external to your local authority. • Brainstorm, categorise and weight the risks and the opportunities presenting themselves in the short, medium and longer term. • What are the ‘walls’ we must overcome? What are the blockers? • What does and will ‘commercialisation’ look like in your organisation? • Develop and agree the commercialisation plan. • What is our appetite for commercialisation? • Prioritise the plan and know what you will do next. • Know what success will or could look like – investment required, benefit realisation & life expectancy. 9
  10. 10. Who we have worked with Baker Tilly delivers advisory and consulting services to a number of Local Authorities, here are just a few: The TEAMWIN workshop process has been used with the following agencies: AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, B4MD, CARE INTERNATIONAL, EU, IRC, MISSION AUSTRALIA, ODI, SAVE THE CHILDREN, SALVATION ARMY, UK GOVERNMENT, WILTON PARK, WORLD VISION, and more. "The process that you brought to the proceedings was completely invaluable.“ PREVENT Coordinator, UK Home Office “Very original concept … very different … reminds me of nothing I’ve tried before” “The best session in a long time … absolutely brilliant … made the points succinctly” “Fun and clear way to get across what can be a difficult message” “Good messages, analogy works, relevant, nice and simple” “A refreshing approach to team building … get to know people and process things very quickly” “Very relevant metaphor … I can see lots of potential applications” Strategy consultants, ACCENTURE: 10
  11. 11. Commercialisation: Risky business or pathway to profit The firm Baker Tilly provides specialist service advice for a range of sectors. With a personal partner-led approach, we work as a trusted advisor to a wealth of clients. We are a national advisory firm with a network of 28 offices across the UK working within and supporting all sectors. We are the largest risk assurance & advisory provider to the public sector. We are your local firm with national strength. Our people are our success We depend on the quality of our people. We choose them for their flair, commercial acumen and dynamic approach. Our people work as a cohesive team – with our clients and with each other – because they share our aims and commitment to provide quality business solutions and advice for every one of our clients. Please contact Matthew Humphrey or Scott Thompson to discuss an opportunity to workshop your commercial agenda: Matthew: Mobile: +44 (0)7764 688 248 Scott: Mobile: +44 (0)7582 400 788 11