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  • This is the process of listing and selling your home.
  • WHAT IS THE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE? It is a computerized network linking every real estate office so we can instantly share information on all homes for sale. As your agent, I am totally committed to getting your property sold and sold myself, but in addition I’m also going to employee the working services of every real estate office and every real estate agent in the area. Once you have listed with me, I will have the information sent via our computer to every real estate office and you will have THE ENTIRE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS WORKING FOR YOU to find the best buyer for your house.
  • HOME SEARCH BY IN-OFFICE COMPUTER As the real estate agents are looking for property to show to prospective buyers throughout the area, they will have instant access through the multiple listing computer service. THERE IS A 90% CHANCE YOUR PROPERTY WILL BE SOLD AS A RESULT OF THE MLS COMPUTER, if it is priced right.
  • HOW DO REAL ESTATE AGENTS SELECT HOMES TO SHOW? Buyer’s want to see and agents show houses by price range. If a seller overprices their house for their neighborhood; their best buyer may not even see their house. Real Estate Agents don’t determine what buyers buy; they do determine what buyers see. BUYERS WANT TO SEE AND AGENTS WANT TO SHOW, THE HOUSES THAT ARE GOOD BUYS.
  • EFFECTIVE MARKETING ATTRACTS MORE BUYERS in addition to the Multiple Listing Service exposing your house to every real estate agent and buyer in the area. My personal marketing and my companies advertising and marketing is designed to attract buyer’s for all price range homes. OUR PROVEN MARKETING PLAN MEANS YOUR HOUSE SELLS FASTER and at a higher price.
  • INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION SERVICE. Your best buyer may be referred to us from any city across the country or country around the world. 18% OF OUR BUYERS ARE REFERRED TO US FROM OUT OF THE AREA.
  • KNOW YOUR BUYERS. There are four buyer groups. (1) First time home buyers , they tend to look at lower price range homes, normally they are not in a hurry to buy. (2) Local sellers moving up. They are familiar with the listing and selling process and want a smooth transaction. (3) Corporate transfers , their corporate employer is normally involved. They want a smooth transaction and a quick settlement. (4) Bargain Hunters and investors , they are looking for homes that have been on the market for a long time. They make low offers, WHICH BUYERS GROUP WILL YOUR HOUSE APPEAL TO?
  • PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE. We’ve all heard that, A buyer’s first impression is most important. Now is the time to make your house shine. The better your home shows the easier it is to sell for TOP DOLLAR. FACT! TO SELL FOR TOP DOLLAR YOU MUST OFFER TOP CONDITION. Would you like some suggestions on things that will make your house look like a better value? (We will discuss later)
  • YOUR HOME IS SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. OFFERING YOU CONVENIENCE, SECURITY AND SERVICE. Do you have a spare key so your house can be shown if you are not home? I would suggest that any valuables be locked up or removed from the home.
  • WHEN YOUR PROPERTY IS BEING SHOWN. It is very important to have the house ready to show. Let the agent do the talking, Again…..THE PROSPECT’S FIRST IMPRESSION IS MOST IMPORTANT
  • FOLLOW-UP AND MARKET FEEDBACK. One of the things I want you to know in listing your property with me; I want to have constant and ongoing contact with you. Any time there is a showing on your property or a question that you have, please feel free to call me right away. I will get the names and phone numbers from you, of the agents that have shown your property and call them immediately to find out what the buyer’s interest may be. Please understand that I feel that AGENT/ SELLER COMMUNICATIONS IS ESSENTIAL don’t you?
  • EVALUATE TODAY’S MARKET. There are traditionally one of three markets for real estate. (1) Sellers Market , with fewer homes for sale, more buyers and rising values. (2) A Stable Market equal balance of homes and buyers… or (3) A Buyer’s Market , more homes for sale, fewer buyers, declining values. Our current real estate market is a …! YOUR PRICE SHOULD REFLECT THE CURRENT MARKET.
  • Let’s address THE SALES COMMISSION or Brokerage Fee. Offering a full commission is part of selling your home for TOP Dollar. Discount brokers promise the same services as other brokers. FACT: sales associates often refuse to show houses offering reduced commissions. FACT: homes listed by discount brokers normally stay on the market longer and sell at a lower price. FACT: if the buyer knows the commission is discounted, they feel they have more leverage to negotiate a lower price. OFFERING A FULL COMMISSION ASSURES MORE SHOWINGS, A FASTER SALE AND A HIGHER PRICE.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SELL? That is determined by your asking price, the showing condition, the location and the market! You have control of the price. PRICING YOUR HOUSE RIGHT TO START WILL ATTRACT THE MOST QUALIFIED BUYERS. The next few slides focuses on selling at the right price- We focus on this topic, because it is the number one mistake that sellers make in marketing their property.
  • WHEN A HOUSE FIRST COMES ON THE MARKET THERE IS A FLURRY OF ACTIVITY IF PRICED RIGHT. Buyers in the market now, will be attracted because they have not seen it. It is important to be priced right during this early activity. EVEN IF YOU LATER DROP THE PRICE, THE BEST MARKET HAS PASSED YOU BY.
  • OVERPRICING YOUR HOUSE HELPS TO SELL THE OTHER HOUSES. With similar houses in the neighborhood, if one is High priced one Medium Priced and one Lower Priced, with all features comparable, which house will sell first? IF YOUR HOUSE IS OVERPRICED, IT WILL BE USED AS A SWITCH PROPERY.
  • HOW MUCH IS YOUR HOUSE WORTH? Basically, Only as much as a buyer is willing to pay. FACT: RIGHT PRICED PROPERTIES SELL FASTER AND AT TOP DOLLAR.
  • WHO DETERMINES THE SELLING PRICE? The seller sets the asking price. The Buyer sets the selling price. The appraiser must agree. Before the Lender funds the loan. ALL MUST BE IN AGREEMENT for a successful sale.
  • I will provide you with a Checklist to help you prepare your home for sale. This is a sample of some of the things you should do to prepare your home.
  • To help you select the best price to list your home, I will/ have conduct(ed) a competitive market analysis of the homes that have sold in your neighborhood and or in close proximity to your neighborhood. Remember the importance of selling at the right price and not overpricing your home.
  • A larger view of the CMA. It is a great tool to use in determining the asking price for your home.
  • The CMA will also include pictures of the homes that are similar in description to your home and or either on the market, under contract or recently sold.
  • I will do these things to provide your listing maximum exposure to the public as well as target your home to other people and agents that I know that are in the market or representing people who are buying homes. Direct Flyers to agents in our office – 130 in our office alone MRIS- listing- All agents in MD, VA, DC will see your listing Virtual Tours of your home with integrated floor plans Open House- within the first week of listing in MRIS -+ the following weekend and more if needed. Agents Open- where we invite agents to preview the property. Ad in Washington post and local news paper Direct mailings to people on my mailing list and in your neighborhood Advertisement on my web site and Long and Foster web site. Buyer Acquire- 1.        (Sign Post rider with 24/7 instant telephone information about your home with instant messaging to the listing agent indicating potential buyers who made the call)
  • Our marketing program will include a flyer or brochure that will be e-mailed to our referral sources; displayed during open house for potential buyers to take with them; and distributed to agents in our office.
  • This is a sample of our just listed cards that will be used as part of our direct mailing. The extraordinary properties magazine is for promoting our $1m plus homes that are on the market and to reach a greater number of potential buyers for these very expensive homes.
  • We help buyers take action- by introducing them to financial alternatives that would allow them to afford to buy your home. By obtaining lender commitment letters from our buyers up front, we know that our buyers are qualified to purchase your home.
  • At Long and Foster- we pre- qualify our buyers before we show them your home. We want to get qualified buyers in to see your home within the first two weeks of placing your home on the market.
  • We introduce our buyers to Prosperity Mortgage, who has many choices for financing a home. They provide the best rates and service. They cannot be beat. Many times a potential buyer can actually buy up in terms of the cost of a home because of the alternative loans that are available within Prosperity Mortgage.
  • I will represent you well and obtain the best terms in negotiating the sale of your home. We also encourage our sellers to purchase a one year home warranty program up front to ensure potential buyers of their protection on the condition and maintenance of all major systems and appliances.
  • I apply risk management principles to the process of selling homes. By doing this, I anticipate potential problems and take proactive steps to prevent the problem from occurring, or to have a contingency in place to counter the problem as it may occur. (a good example – is encouraging the use of the home warranty – especially for an older home )
  • So- ACHIEVING TOP DOLLAR BEGINS WITH REALISTIC PRICING, We want to price your house based on the condition, location and the right price to make your buyers compete. WHEN BUYERS COMPETE, YOUR HOUSE SELLS FOR A HIGHER PRICE.
  • I have the background and life experience to provide you with the best consultation on selling your home. I addition I have received extensive training in real estate law, ethics, finance, marketing, and home maintenance. I know you will be pleased with the services that I provide in selling your home.
  • OUR GOAL and the goal of my company is to get your HOUSE SOLD, your check in your hand, COVENIENCE for your family and to have you happy with the results. _____________ How would you feel about selecting myself and Long and Foster to represent you exclusively in the sale of your home? Would you want us to call for an appointment before showing the home or just stop buy? Would you prefer for agents to look at your home this week or next? Would you prefer for the Sign Post to be place on the right or left side of your yard? May we hold an open house this weekend or the following weekend?
  • Listing Presentation2 16 10 Execuhome

    1. 1. ExecuHome Realty My Listing Service R. Scott Swingler, MPA Real Estate Consultant/ Agent
    2. 2. Process to Selling Your Home -Prepare home for Sale- -declutter/paint/repair/renovate -Price home- Price and/ Home Scoring analysis -Sign Listing agreement/ Lock Box -Photos/ Videos/ Brochure/ Showing Service -Post listing in MLS and showcase, Craigs List and many other real estate links -Open House -Obtain Offer -Negotiate Offer/ Ratify Contract -Home Inspection/ Negotiate Repairs -Close on Property
    3. 3. All real estate agents are required to place their listings into the multiple listing service (MRIS)
    4. 4. All Realtors use the Multiple Listing Svc to find homes for their clients. Click here for a sample of one of my sold listing in MLS:
    5. 5. Over pricing your home is risky business.
    6. 6. My personal marketing and advertising is designed to attract buyers for all price ranges of homes.
    7. 7. My showcasing of your home in, exposes your home to the National and International home market.
    8. 8. There are 4 types of buyers that sellers should recognize. Each have their own motives and time-table.
    9. 9. A buyer’s first impression is most important.
    10. 10. I use a central showing service to make the appointment process seamless and more secure.
    11. 11. Centralized Showing Service (CSS) All showing agents will schedule appointments through this service according to your instructions. You will receive an immediate e-mail concerning the appointment. I also receive an immediate copy sent to my Blackberry. After the showing, CSS will follow-up to obtain feedback from the buyers agent.
    12. 12. It is important to have your home ready to show at all times.
    13. 13. I will provide one-on-one feedback to you (the seller) at least once per week.
    14. 14. We are currently in a buyers market.
    15. 15. Offering a full commission will serve you well and help you obtain top dollar for your home.
    16. 16. How long to sell your home, depends on the showing condition, location, market and asking price.
    17. 17. Don’t miss the best market window for selling your home. Price it right.
    18. 18. Be careful not to help sell the other house by overpricing yours.
    19. 19. I can help you price your home right so you don’t experience these pit-falls on selling your home.
    20. 20. The right price for selling your home is when all of these players agree on the price.
    21. 21. A Checklist is provided to you the seller, to help prepare your property for sale. Sell, give away, or throw away unnecessary items, clean up garage Garage Organize furnishings to create spacious look with well defined sleeping, sitting and dressing area Bedrooms Remove rust and mildew, make fixtures shine, replace loose caulking or grout Bathrooms Appliances spotless (inside and out), good working order, unclutter all counter space, organize items inside cabinets Kitchen Make cozy and inviting; set table for a formal dinner Living Room Fresh paint (neutral colors), Shampoo Carpet, clean and wax floors, clean fireplace, remove extra furniture, worn rugs, repair problems General Interior Mow lawn, trim shrubs, mulch, add color, edge walkways, stains off driveway Exterior Curb Appeal Example Preparation of Home Benefit : To enhance the value of the home
    22. 22. A Competitive Market Analysis of like type homes that have sold in the neighborhood helps you (the seller) select the best selling price. -The market determines what the home will sell for. -As your agent I will conduct a Competitive Market Analysis. -The seller determines the listing price from the Competitive Market Analysis. Benefit: Help set the best price.
    23. 23. Scoring Homes and Home Valuation As part of my analysis, I help you price your home through a weighted score for each of the significant amenities of your home as compared to the weighted scores for the amenities of comparable and recently sold homes in and immediately around your neighborhood. This is a unique software program that I developed to help determine the price range and suggested asking price of a home using more objective criteria than what is normally used by other realtors.
    24. 24. Sample View of Competitive Market Analysis Summary
    25. 25. The CMA will include pictures and descriptions similar to your home.
    26. 26. My Marketing Program includes the following types of exposure to more buyers Yard Sign- with flyers for drive by pick-up Direct Flyer targeting with multiple agents who have qualified buyers Direct Post Card Mailings to 100 neighbors Free Staging Services- MLS Exposure to all agencies and agents Showcase on (for national and international exposure) High Resolution pictures of your home Video of your home, neighborhood and community features Open Houses to show your home Agent Open- to show your home to agents Internet Web Advertising/ Text Messaging to drive by buyers (to capture buyers on Craigs List and Similar links.) Benefit: Total Exposure to more buyers.
    27. 27. Get more for your home and sell it faster by staging. (6.9% more and a 50% faster sale). I offer 1 hour of free staging service to all of my listing clients.
    28. 28. Staging is all about decluttering your home, refreshing the condition and strategic placement of the furniture to obtain the best presentation.
    29. 29. E-Properties web site will provide additional, high-tech marketing services for your property. This is a sample: Click this link:
    30. 30. Larger view of front side of flyer that will be available for buyer showings, open house visitors and direct mailings.
    31. 31. Larger view of back side of flyer.
    32. 32. Benefit: Total Exposure to more buyers. Marketing Program Continued: Samples of my Just Listed direct mail cards.
    33. 33. Help buyers take action <ul><li>We have many financial alternatives for buyers. </li></ul><ul><li>The goal is to sell your home during the first two weeks, so you can maximize your sale potential at the list price. </li></ul><ul><li>Qualified buyers will help achieve that goal. </li></ul>Benefit: More and better offers sooner.
    34. 34. Finding Qualified Buyers <ul><li>We pre-qualify our buyers before we show them your home. </li></ul><ul><li>We interview our buyers ahead of time before showing them a home for sale. </li></ul><ul><li>We make sure that our buyers are ready to buy and not just a curious looker. </li></ul>Benefit: Take advantage of the golden time to sell your home (1 st two weeks)
    35. 35. Knowledge of Financing Programs <ul><li>Proficio Mortgage Ventures has many choices for financing a home, to include those with the best credit to those with marginal credit. </li></ul><ul><li>Proficio conveniently located on the web at </li></ul><ul><li>They have not only diverse alternatives for financing but also the best rates. </li></ul>Benefit: Make home affordable for more buyers
    36. 36. Negotiation with buyer for seller Benefit: Better terms for seller. <ul><li>You get what you negotiate. </li></ul><ul><li>I have good skills at negotiating the best terms for the seller. </li></ul><ul><li>I create a win-win negotiation on the seller’s terms. </li></ul><ul><li>One of our features that helps in obtaining a satisfied buyer is our home warranty program. </li></ul>
    37. 37. Problem solving will make sale worry free for sellers. <ul><li>I have many years of experience in problem solving. </li></ul><ul><li>Every sale is unique and problems can arise. </li></ul><ul><li>I apply risk management principals to avoid problems becoming a major issue. </li></ul>Benefit: Makes sale “worry free” for buyers.
    38. 38. Price your home right. I can help you do this and you will understand why your home should be priced where I recommend.
    39. 39. Free one day use of moving van .
    40. 40. My Life -Experience. 22 years as a U.S. Army Officer 15 years managing clinical research programs Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine/ Washington Cancer Institute/ Alliance Research Consortium 4 years consulting for Anteon Corporation and Booz Allen Hamilton. Owner and President- Estate Settlement Company 6 years as a Realtor/ Agent – Long and Foster / Creig Northrop Team and Execuhome - Home owner- bought and sold 3 times I have the knowledge and experience to help you sell your home.
    41. 41. My goal is to sell your home for the best price.
    42. 42. Let’s Get Started