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Susan and Santa speed Round Wheels Everywhere - a Square Wheels LEGO Story


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Susan and her team, having worked at implementing Round Wheels in their workplace go help Santa and his elves and reindeer make improvements to their Square Wheels. A story told in LEGO about innovation and workplace improvement.

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Susan and Santa speed Round Wheels Everywhere - a Square Wheels LEGO Story

  1. 1. Square Wheels: A story of Teamwork and Innovation Same VW| eds""i'3 tradern-ark of P eif orman ce Mariagernerit Corripariv © Performance Management Company, 2014 www. PerformanceManagementCompany. com
  2. 2. Once upon a time, Susan and her team of wagon pushers were working working working to get their jobs done. But things were not rolling along smoothly. And she just knew that a better way of doing things was right at hand. This is Susan Sqwe Whedsmis .3 tradan at of P etf orrriari cze Man agern erit Ifompariy
  3. 3. Most days, Susan felt really distant from the boss. Leadership felt isolated and there was an inability to communicate. Susan felt little trust and found little collaboration. Some days, she was just not motivated. Her world felt like things were working badly.
  4. 4. E‘: :jua°‘e Wliteels represent how things really work in most organizations. Things thump and bump along while everybody works hard trying to make progress. / ~ Note that i"‘il~~‘: ':t%ii. ;f ‘P C3l"’iF‘%F. $ already exist - they are already at hand and right in the wagon. Real world improvement opportunities are around us, needing perspective, recognition, innovation, and implementation. Susan knew , t that things "‘__“'< could be done ‘ / ’ differently. ~ 1‘ so, she - ‘e? «l’ stepped up and said something. ..
  5. 5. One day, she simply felt that things needed to change. So, she ran around to talk to the boss. That was the start of big changes. / «. ._, /a 'i! i-T ’! L3.‘= .i3.l, =‘. IIiicliéifflfi= '=-Iiii! i-i1zI3i-I: iNi7Iii=1:4=ii-I9i: isztyiuiigiiiiu " Hey, boss? ‘
  6. 6. The team had a meeting to share some thought about how things were working and to consider some ideas for doing things differently. They simply needed a new perspective on things. i ~39 , IJ= ‘ u-—, ‘.', i'ii ; _;, ='}= "' W1:newtauiuellrqonirxgit-qinii; in_rgi; iM= m;1ga-n=1-xii ; ‘uu| ,onlIv.
  7. 7. So, they went back to work and they played with ideas and implemented their Breakthrough! Innovation works like that. .. And they learned how to roll! They were soon back in action.
  8. 8. At this same time, Santa and his team had recognized that they had to improve on some performance issues. While things worked okay, they could sure work better! Nothing seemed to operate smoothly. .. With things at a standstill, they called Susan! Ii! “'~--' 0‘ . ‘ . .‘ . . ~ . . ~. . _ , _ , i . V - , K, ~ . z . T . ,‘_v U . ,} 9 . 1 . ’ / ,7’ . /' {is , IJ= .i, s‘51'ilii : =.= ‘. f~= “"3.-ts! It= uiI= umukoII? "=uiioiinunlnuoica-iV. il»; In=1g= mx= Imr': oiumr; inyr 1' ; . 1
  9. 9. Both teams collaborated with a round table discussion of issues and opportunities, with Susan's team sharing their thinking about improvements that had worked well for them. / ix '‘ Pzsz" . ; L QM». "V 1 ' % / /’ i r , I‘ ‘i 2' I T’ ‘=5 _ ~. ,1 . If - xi? ’ M ‘ I’! T _—_ ‘ i . .._ L I . r.. ,l [ ‘Q / 4: I g ‘L v. "7 I. V ‘ / . T‘ . ,p " 3 S J} T " 1 ‘i” J! P 4 . .«A“C I 4’ 3 ' "1 , - - A , , i ». .~. _ 2 4, V: , if . I 4” » '. x / __. c ‘ r S’ I (J27 . ,. . .‘; > . h__ I? )K ‘ " '-"‘g. ‘~. 4-"E . ' . _;4 Square Wheels'“is a trademark ofPerformance Management Compa ny
  10. 10. Then, they tried to implement one {testes t-Gusset on the sled. No Problems! Now, they knew what to do to get things going. Squae Wleds" is a tra demark of Performance Management Compa ny
  11. 11. Reindeer ready, the pressure is now to GO. There are loom HIIIILS available for all the workers, everywhere! So choose to get rolling! And Yay for Perspective, Collaboration and Implementation! Square ‘lM1eels"‘ Is a tradema rk of Pa rforma nce Ma nagement Company
  12. 12. There i_s an ‘’I’’ in TEAM, a whole bunch of "eyes. ” In every workplace, there are lots of people looking to understand success and implement improvements. Good leadership involves and engages people for all kinds of innovations and improvements, which generates even more motivation to improve. Teamwork and collaboration pay Big Dividends to any overall organizational improvement efforts. 7‘rv. ar+, " . ,5”.
  13. 13. I have been playing with LEGO as a simple way to express the serious workplace improvement concepts that appear in our line-art tools for organizational improvement. Consider using Engagement and Involvement as tools for improving teamwork and innovation in your organization, Why use Square Wheels"?
  14. 14. J K . ,, “'_, ».l . E-J_+. l’. ,, l-l till U cllv * “D: ‘ 3* V‘ W C. j‘ - _ V ‘- if - l_: - ll