Panama: The Vision


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Panama: The Vision

  1. 1. From the City to the Soto Farm
  2. 2. PANAMA: THE VISIONOur vision for Panama started to take shape in July, 2007.What began as just an idea has, over a period of time, developed into a full-fledged plannedcommunity.It began with a journey to The Republic of Panama to seek a site to bring this idea into being. Weselected 27 acres on the Pacific Coast, approximately 30 miles from downtown Panama City and threemiles from a toll road that provides direct access into the city. The Pacific Ocean is approximately fourmiles southwest of the property.The property is known in the area as the Soto Farm. The Soto Farm has been a working coffee farm forsome 30 years. The 27 acres has been acquired from the Soto Coffee Farm and adjoins it on the Pacific
  3. 3. The development will be identified as MONTE VIEJO (Old Mountain), a private residentialcommunity. The Monte Viejo property elevation ranges from 800 to 1350 feet. To thesouth is the Pacific Ocean, and on a clear day the city of Panama can be seen in thedistance. Some eight to ten miles to the north lies an old mountain range with peaksclimbing to approxi- mately 7000 feet.
  4. 4. Much of the time the mountain tops are in the clouds and mist. The two terrains give us a contrast– the ocean on one side and magnificent mountains on the other.The Soto Farm property has three spring-fed ponds and an incredible 21-acre, ancient naturalforest. The forest has been preserved and protected.These are some of the things that on my first visit to the property caught my immediate attention,and the vision that we now hold for the MONTE VIEJO development began to emerge.Please take a few minutes to review the property and its magnificent views.
  5. 5. One of our first questions was, “Could the coffee farm become a benefit to acommunity development?” It is currently maintained as a natural organic farm. As thecommunity plans began to take shape it became clear that if an arrangement could bemade, the coffee farm could become an attraction for the community and guests. Theanswer seemed to be, “Yes, if the community residents and their guests could haveaccess to the farm for their enjoyment.”
  6. 6. Our vision for the community is to focus on maintaining the property’s original greennature. The plan calls for a minimum of construction while leaving a large part of the 27acres as a natural environment.
  7. 7. We believe that the Soto Coffee Farm in itself is an attraction. For one thing, very fewpeople have ever seen a coffee farm.Our decision was to negotiate an arrangement with the owners of the farm that wouldallow our community residents to utilize these strikingly beautiful grounds. Vegetationincludes a variety of fruit trees such as citrus, avocado, date palms and other tropicalvegetation and flowering plants.
  8. 8. Our agreement with the farm will allow the community residents and guests to enjoy the beautiful grounds and the ancient forest in a manner that most would never imagine possible.
  9. 9. Our plan is to construct villa buildings of two stories each with six to eight residences perbuilding. The buildings on each site will be designed to fit the rolling land rather than changethe land to conform to the construction. We estimate that each villa building with parking willrequire less than one acre.It is anticipated that many of the future property owners may be seeking either vacation orpre-retirement homes. We do not expect all owners to be full-time residents. With this inmind, we are planning and designing everything to accommodate both part-time and full-time residents, whether retired or vacationing.
  10. 10. Each building will be designed to blend with its specific site. The objective is to achieveindividuality with each building. It is important that we avoid the appearance of rubber-stamp design. It will be distinct in that it will fit its specific site and no two will look thesame, creating a true community appearance, rather than a housing development.
  11. 11. THE TUSCAN INN AND SPAThe Tuscan Inn and Spa is currently planned with 27 private rooms, a restaurant, health spa, and a community roomwhich will include a coffee shop with a WIFI center for the benefit of residents, hotel and spa guests. The hotelswimming pool will be available for use by community residents as well as hotel guests.
  12. 12. The Tuscan Inn and facilities will follow the Tuscan/Spanisharchitecture of the community development.
  13. 13. Thank you for viewing our photo tour of the Soto Farm. All construction photos are conceptual.The Monte Viejo Community Development and The Tuscan Inn and SpaIf you would like more information or to be included onour mailing list, please email your address to: Thank you, Joe Kownslar General Manager