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Today more than ever consumers are looking to be entertained, engaged and amused. And no other channel has the means to connect with a consumer on so many levels. In fact, it can engage with all five senses. Touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell. By leveraging new printing technology and the power of digital innovations, Direct Mail will continue to be a powerful tool in any marketers’ toolbox.

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  • I was fortune at starting my career at one of the most renowned Direct Response agencies in the world. Ogilvy & Mather Direct. Ogilvy the focus was clear: We sell or else. Effectiveness and the ability to measure. David Ogilvy talked about Direct Response as his first love and later it became his “secret weapon”. Over 40 years ago.These two worlds are on a collision course. His focus was the power of its effectiveness. And that has not changed today.
  • Sent a steering wheel that functioned as an augmented reality marker. When the marker is used on the given website, a Nissan 370Z appears. Just as in a showroom the car rotates on a circular platform. There also is a ‘night mode’ in which the lights are switched on and the screen darkens a little bit. The ‘test drive button’ you are brought to a site where you can book a test drive.
  • CREATIVE SOLUTIONThe DM pack consisted of a twin-window envelope with clear film in one window and the actual Transitions Lens film in the other. The In line with L&Ps brand positioning as experts in the eye care space,
  • GGRP SoundA record player created from a piece of corrugated cardboard that folds into an envelop. Once assembled, a record can be spun on the player with a pencil. The cardboard amplifies the sound. Sent to creative directors to demonstrate GGRP’s sound engineering capabilities. “A Town that found its sound”
  • GGRP SoundA record player created from a piece of corrugated cardboard that folds into an envelop. Once assembled, a record can be spun on the player with a pencil. The cardboard amplifies the sound. Sent to creative directors to demonstrate GGRP’s sound engineering capabilities. “A Town that found its sound”
  • B2B DM package sent to HR Managers. Product: Power Resume Search. The pack consists of a box with a real golf ball sitting on a tee on grass on top. The headline says: “Finding the perfect candidate can be a long shot.” But when the box is opened, the ball rolls neatly along the green and straight into the hole. The copy on the inside lid of the box says “But with the right technology, you can be a lot more accurate.” It then explains the transformative effect that a golf GPS can have on your game and compares this advantage to those of PRS. Also included in the package was a Golf GPS device.
  •  Toyota developed and sent a detailed information pack to cut-through the clutter and overcome the misconceptions surrounding Hybrid technology. This was based on the premise that ‘information is power’ and they used this to teach their audience about the misconceptions associated with Hybrids.
  •  Mercedes-Benz owners are passionate about their vehicles but less enthusiastic about car insurance. The Mercedes-Benz “Dent” campaign was designed to influence Mercedes-Benz owners to realise that making the right motor vehicle insurance decision should not be based solely on price, a challenge given price is the major factor in this low-involvement category. CREATIVE SOLUTION  Stheirtarget audience a dented car panel symbolisingtheir “worst nightmare”. This allowed Mercedes-Benz to appeal to vehicle owner’s emotional connection to the brand and their desire to maintain the look and feel of a luxury car. This also created the opportunity for Mercedes-Benz to explain that “nobody understands a Mercedes-Benz like the people from Mercedes-Benz”.  
  • These M-badged cars traditionally include modified engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior trims, aerodynamics, and exterior modifications to set them apart from their counterparts. All M models are tested and tuned at BMW's private facility at the Nürburgring racing circuit in Germany. 
  • Classic Color was called upon to convert a 2013 BMW M6 Coupe into a printing press. We had to blueprint and design a car and retrofit it with a printing system that would allow them to deliver a stream of ink similar to a press and duct off the tires so that they would not build up on the tires. We setup a pressure tank for both tires combined with a power inverter along with a ducting system that would send a controlled spray to both tires. We also had to create a monitoring system that would allow the driver to precisely hit the sheets. Did I also tell you that the project had to be sustainable? We evaluated a number of 130# sheets and various board stocks and discover the only sheet for the job was Sappi McCoy 130# silk cover.What a great FSC certified sheet of paper that stood up to the ultimate test by the ultimate car over 4000 pounds, 500 plus horse power, 500 foot pound of torque and capable of withstanding speed well over 70 MPH. Next we had to create an ink that was water based and would dry in less that 10 seconds, what a chore that was. In The end it was a great challenge that was a true testament to the ability of Classic Color to deliver on a creative directors dream come through. 
  • When Royal Mail approached Proximity London about getting businesses to use more direct mail, things got very sweet. The Omnicom agency posed a question: “How do you create stronger and more profitable relationships with customers?” The answer? Engage their senses. Direct mail, which involves a physical object, was the natural channel of choice; everyone loves chocolate, so it was the natu­ral medium. Royal Mail sent out 6,000 personalized letters made of chocolate, which encouraged recipi­ents to smell, touch and taste their delectable letter. The direct mail piece explained the principle behind engaging the senses, which creates an emotive con­nection with customers. The mail included an edi­tion of a quarterly DM showcase directory, which included other examples of sensory marketing. The campaign had sweet results and fattened the bank. 
  • Now, here's a more rugged offering from Land Rover in Dubai—a survival guide created by Y&R that explains the basics of staying alive in the Arabian Desert, and is actually edible, just in case you find yourself in truly dire circumstances. "Scorching temperatures, deadly animals and sinkholes are just a few things they might encounter," says the agency. "We researched every indigenous animal and plant that people could encounter in the Arabian Desert and how they could be used to survive. We studied the topography of the region to guide people to safety. We used a reflective packaging similar to army rations, which could be used to signal for help, and bound the book with a metal spiral, which could be used for cooking. Finally, we even took an extra step so that in case of emergency, people could always EAT the book. It was made out of edible ink and paper, and it had a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger.”
  • In order to raise awareness of Comunimals, a new online community for pets and owners developed by pet food brand Affinity.The agency CP Proximity crafted a campaign that tapped into the power of bloggers and influencers to generate mass media appeal.So CP Proximity created a special edible press release with Affinity pet food baked right in, which was designed to pique the interest of journalists, bloggers—and, above all, their pets. The agency created 300 press releases personalized with the real name of the recipient's pet. The release, which owners could read and pets could eat, was published in 190 general media outlets and 80 blogs, as well as in a plethora of specialized publications.
  • Direct Mail: It just makes 5 senses

    1. 1. Direct Mail It Just Makes 5 Senses Scott Pinkney | SVP, Creative Director | Proximity 
    2. 2. The New Media Ecosystem TV Radio DM Print Social Mobile Digital Promotions Ambient Telemarketing
    3. 3. The New Media Ecosystem TV Radio DM Print Social Mobile Digital Promotions Ambient Telemarketing
    4. 4. The Opportunity “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” - Benjamin Franklin
    5. 5. Why It Works  Direct Mail is a powerful tool to engage, entice entertain and motivate consumers to action  It can engage all five senses  Adding sensory experience can increase response, campaign recall, brand awareness and ROI  Can effectively link and leverage multiple channels
    6. 6. Our 5 Senses
    7. 7. Sight
    8. 8. Sight  Sight is our most important sense  83% of all information you receive is visual  The most important sense when it comes to consumers' relationships with your brand  Direct Mail has substance and depth – it’s naturally three-dimensional
    9. 9. Nissan 370Z Launch – Take the Wheel
    10. 10. Nissan 370Z Launch – Take the Wheel
    11. 11. Nissan 370Z Launch – Take the Wheel
    12. 12. Laubman Pank – See the Difference
    13. 13. Sound
    14. 14. Sound  A positive sound can affect mood by as much as 65%  Sound captures attention, especially when it surprises  Retail research shows music affects customer perceptions of wait time, spending and turnover in stores and restaurants  Sound chips are the natural 'go-to’, but it’s not essential
    15. 15. GGRP Cardboard Record Player
    16. 16. GGRP Cardboard Record Player
    17. 17. GGRP Cardboard Record Player
    18. 18. Monster 6 Sense Golf DM
    19. 19. Scent
    20. 20. Scent  The sense of smell is the first sense developed in the womb  It's the closest sense linked to memory  You're able to recognize over 10,000 scents  75% of our emotions can be generated by scent
    21. 21. Toyota – Breathe
    22. 22. Allianz Business Insurance
    23. 23. Touch
    24. 24. Touch  Our sense of touch can increase mood by up to 29%  There are more tactile receptors in your fingers than on your entire back  A pleasant touch releases a hormone that promotes feelings of well-being and calm  Direct Mail’s tangible attributes means your message is likely to be kept longer
    25. 25. At times like these, you need comprehensive reassurance Mercedes Dent
    26. 26. BMW M Print
    27. 27. BMW M Print
    28. 28. BMW M Print
    29. 29. Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital – The Childish Letter
    30. 30. Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital – The Childish Letter
    31. 31. Taste
    32. 32. Taste  We're taste-obsessed... everyone is a foodie now  Our mood will increase by up to 23% when we’re exposed to a positive taste  Consumers can “sample” products firsthand by utilizing taste strips
    33. 33. Royal Mail Chocolate Letter
    34. 34. Land Rover Edible Survival Guide
    35. 35. Affinity Petcare
    36. 36. Creative Filter
    37. 37. Can taste be the perfect ingredient to make a connection? How can I maximize this fundamental sensory experience? Concept How can I maximize this experience? Can I leverage the power of smell to make my point? How can I use sound to help express the idea?
    38. 38. Direct Mail  It Just Makes 5 Senses