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  1. 1. Company Introduction
  2. 2. Contents I. Company Background III. Asian II. Services Online Games overview in The U.S
  3. 3. I. Company Background
  4. 4. MMOsmart is: Global Game Solutions (GGS) We Provide an ability for any size game developer or publisher from any country to Publish & Reach audiences worldwide through a plethora of online services.
  5. 5. 6 Benefits to Partner with MMOsmart 1. Over 11 years in the Online Game Industry 2. Proven success of clients, we have helped our clients achieve profits in the millions 3. We understand the target market because we are the target market. 4. Top management has launched over 40 MMOGs in N. America 5. Strong communication with clients ( Note: MMOsmart Employees are known to drop in at your wedding, children’s birthdays, and Christmas dinner) 6. Affordable Tailored Services
  6. 6. MMOsmart Locations Operations Office–Morgantown, WV Sales Office–Seoul, Korea HQ –San Jose, Ca Sales Office–Tokyo, Japan - Future Europe HQ –Dublin, Ireland – Future (closed but re-opening) Sales Office–Shanghai, China Future S. American HQ – Brazil- Future
  7. 7. Management Profile Steven C. Wade, CEO/President Steve is a highly regarded MMOG operations & management professional. He has carved a niche for himself in the U.S. online gaming market over the last 11 years, starting his first company Spoofcom at the age of 14, generating revenues of 100k in virtual goods his first year. He now has a specialty in the localization of Asian and European games to U.S. audiences. Before accepting the role of Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at New Game World Inc., Steve was a founding member in the role of PR Director for Aeria Games and Entertainment. Steve has helped bring over 20 free-2-play MMORPGS and 3 Game Portals to the United States. He has been the PR Manager for's Indie Game of the Year 2006 A Tale in the Desert III from eGenesis. He was also one of the inaugural speakers at the Online Game Developers Conference (LOGIN Conference) in Seattle, Washington in 2007. Steve graduated with his bachelors in Public Relations from West Virginia University, where he later taught a class in Online Game PR under Dr. Ivan Pinnell.
  8. 8. History 2008  Nov. MMOsmart GGS founds Game Gravity – Game Industry News Site, as part of MMOsmart Services 2007  Jul. MMOsmart co-founds New Game World, Inc. N.A publisher of Free to play Games ( 2006  Aug. MMOsmart co-founds Aeria Japan’s ( North America Subsidiary Aeria Games ( Also, wins Indie MMO of the year for A Tale in the Desert III 2005  Oct. MMOsmart starts consulting for MMORPG publishers, developers, and gaming media. Also, wins Indie MMO of The year for A Tale in the Desert II 2004  Feb. Spoofcom becomes MMOsmart & expands services to fully cover all MMORPG publisher needs in the US. 2003  Jan. Spoofcom expands its services to marketing and public relations, winning several awards 2002  Apr. Spoofcom expands into MMORPG journalism  Was a founding contributor to MMORPG media:, IGN- Vault Networks,,, etc 1997  Dec. Founded Spoofcom as a Real Money Transaction partner to Ultima Online 8
  9. 9. Co –Founded Two U.S. Free to Play Game Portals! MMOsmart helped build the company Aeria Games from scratch in August of 2006 with its first title Last Chaos. Aeria games now generates monthly revenue over 2,000,000 USD! MMOsmart helped build the company New Game World from scratch in August of 2007 with its first title Immortals USA, New Game World is now worth over 4 Million USD!
  10. 10. Client List Playspan IGN Vault eGenesis Aeria Games OSI / Origin Eyes Out Run UO Shards New Game World Entertainment Lamplighter VGsmart Disney Studios Solid State KeyWords Mourning Networks International ONnet USA PHXX K2 Networks Equals Zyon Games Game Gravity West Virginia Philips AmBx SpawnPoint University Pixel Magic Entertainment
  11. 11. II. Services overview
  12. 12. MMOsmart’s Collections of Western Publishing Services Game Hosting Billing Customer Support MMOsmart Community MMOG Operations & Localization Management Management Live Game Operation & Management Management Consulting U.S. Public Relations & Marketing
  13. 13. Competitor Analysis MMOSmart || Alchemic Dream || SleepyGiant || Shanghai Gameworks || Magic Game = Not Applicable  = In Place   Global Publishing Services Game Hosting  U.S & Europe Native Customer Support   Community Development/ Management     Helped Clients to Revenue in the Millions    Live Game management  Public Relations & Marketing   Game Media News Site Localization with culture bridge    Western Style Website Design  Content Delivery Solutions  Global Office Presence  Game Portal Placement  MMOG Consulting   
  14. 14. Global Publishing We offer a complete solution for those wishing to publish a title anywhere in the world. MMOsmart aims to assist Foreign Companies to achieve a global competitive advantage and grow into a game industry leader in North America and Europe. We provide systematic and strategic aid in custom packages to the Foreign Game Companies including: MMOG Operations Billing MMOG Management Marketing Publishing Sales Distribution U.S & Europe Native Customer Support Game Portal Placement U.S. Business consulting Community Development And more!!
  15. 15. Actual Game Revenues For Reference MMOsmart Vs. Self Publishing Vs. Both Savage Eden and Last Chaos are developed by T Entertainment. Both games are similar in nature and play style. Savage Eden was self- published and currently has monthly revenues of $5,400/month and that amount is still declining month to month. Last Chaos worked with MMOsmart via Aeria Games and achieved monthly sales of $800,000/month and is still increasing!
  16. 16. MMOsmart, MMOG Service Price Packages Titanium Package[1]: $15,000 Platinum Package[2]: $12,000 Gold Package: $9,000 MMOG Management: MMOG Management: - Public Relations Team -Customer Support -Customer Support - Online Marketing Team -Game Masters - Game Masters - Community Management -Game Producer -Game Producer - Viral Marketing -Community Manager -Community Management - Consulting: Best Practices -Public relations & Marketing Teams -Public relations & Marketing Teams - Advertising[3] - Advertising[3] MMOG Operations: - Game Hosting -Website creation & Content management - Billing support -Content Delivery Silver Package: $7,000 Bronze Package: $4,000 - Public Relations Team General Consulting - Viral Marketing - MMOG Best Practices Analysis - Consulting: Best Practices -Community Development -User Acquisition & Retention -How to Market your title -How to make money from your users [1]Price based on one title [2]Price based on one title [3]$1000 spent on advertising only, though we will help you manage any size campaign beyond that as well
  17. 17. MMOsmart, MMOG Service Prices Service Price Listing Game Hosting[1] : $2,000 Customer Support/Game Master: $2,000/Representative Community Manager: $2,500 Live Game Management/Producer[2] : $3,000 Public Relations: $5,000 Online Marketing: $5,000 Localization, (Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese): .22 USD for every 2 Asian Characters. Quality Control/Cultural-ization: English only, at .11 USD a word Western Website Design: $5,000 Consulting: $4,000 per Month or $250 Per hour [1] Game Hosting is assumed that 1 game Server, 1 website server, and one billing server is needed. Prices vary depending on game requirements. [2] Live Game Management, in game events, beta test management, sales
  18. 18. III. Asian Online Games in The U.S
  19. 19. What it Takes to Have a Successful MMOG in Western Markets  There is no shortage of players in the US., Understanding the marketing and knowing how to reach them is key.  We see have seen westernized MMOG companies from Europe & Asia enter the American market and quickly grow to 3- 5 million users within a span of 4 months.  We also see companies from Asia without western market experience , but with great products struggle to even reach 1 million users in a year’s time.
  20. 20. How does MMOsmart Determine if a game can be successful or not? • How old the game is in Asia, what (other) games are in beta in Asia, and how quickly the title could be launched in a Western markets • Whether or not the MMORPGs are already generating hype on,,, and with American & European audiences • How the games compare to the current market leaders (graphics, game play, community features, game features, etc.) • We also have a quality control team that will test the game in its native language or English Alpha
  21. 21. Why the game was a major failure in one market, but a mega hit in the other? • Was the game cultural-ized for the specific market it was entering? Cultural-ization of game titles goes far beyond that of a simple localization process. • Game Play Mechanics. For example, most Asian players prefer to move their characters with the mouse, whereas Western players prefer to use their keyboards. • Did the game company adapt best practices for customer support and community management? A strong community can make or break a game!
  22. 22. Goals of a Successful Partnership Between Your Company and MMOsmart • Every company would love to make $1M+ USD per month, but realistically we expect $100,000 per month to be an achievable goal for most MMOG’s coming to the US, or at least $300,000 per month for any game that MMOsmart partners with. User base is the most important thing to a game publisher/developer, so we have three milestones here: 1. Achieve 1 million total users 2. Develop a monthly growth rate of 70,000 to 100,000 new accounts 3. Retain at least 60% of the previous months’ active users
  23. 23. Market Overview Growth Potential – U.S. Market Source: 2008
  24. 24. Market Overview Market Share– North America Sales World of Warcraft Free To Play *Genre Games All Others Source: 2008
  25. 25. Our continuing mission is to explore new virtual worlds, to seek out and develop new virtual civilizations, to boldly go where no gamers have gone before… The Online Gaming Market is still very much in its infant stages in North America and Europe. MMOsmart has grown with the market over the last 11 years and intends to continue to grow, expand and adapt with it. We believe now is the time for MMOG companies to explore this new frontier, to quickly rise as remarkable companies setting the foundation for the industry in N.A. and Europe. We are very fortunate to be a part of this industry right now and to have the ability to accomplish great things. I look forward to speaking with you on how we may explore this market together. Cordially, Steven C. Wade MMOsmart: Global Game Solutions “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” - Albert Einstein
  26. 26. Thank You! Questions? Please Contact: Office: +1.408.466.1527 E-mail: