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The MX Way


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Our Mission, Our Values, & Our Way at MovementX

Published in: Healthcare
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The MX Way

  1. 1. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  2. 2. To use our hearts, hands, & minds to transform people’s lives Why Did We Become Health Professionals?
  3. 3. But We Hear Providers Say... “My schedule is overbooked” “I love treating, but not documenting” “I wish I spent more time with patients” “I’m losing faith in the healthcare system” “Insurance only approves a few sessions” “Paying off my loans is challenging” “I think I’m feeling burnt-out”
  4. 4. Why Do People Seek Care? To be helped & transformed toward their best selves
  5. 5. “Costs are getting overwhelming” “I wish my PT spent more time with me” “I’ll just wait & see if this pain goes away” “I’m losing faith in the healthcare system” “I never know what insurance will cover” “It’s tough to schedule appointments” “I don’t want medications or surgery” But We Hear Patients Say...
  6. 6. So if patients want better care... and providers want to deliver better care... How Can We Solve This?
  7. 7. By Launching A Movement We believe there must be a better way–so we created one
  8. 8. The MX Way Originates From Three Unique Experiences Our story
  9. 9. It was when Efosa was hiking in Guatemala after a pro-bono service trip... It was when Josh was leaving his patient’s home after a session... It was when Keaton was gazing out of her plane after a health conference...
  10. 10. “There is a special connection between a patient & provider, one that helps & heals–this connection is everything ” Efosa Guobadia, PT, DPT Co-founder “Healthcare should be more personalized, built upon trust, and be a transformative–not frustrating–experience” Josh D’Angelo, PT, DPT, OCS Co-founder & CEO “Rethinking traditional practice models can empower us to help patients better achieve and exceed their movement goals” Keaton Ray, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC Co-founder & COO
  11. 11. That’s Why We Started MovementX Together, we pursue a common mission...
  12. 12. Our Mission To help people move their best so they can live their best
  13. 13. Our Name Says Everything
  14. 14. Why Does Matter? Movement is how we experience our world Movement is how we walk, run, jump, work, play, and love Movement is life
  15. 15. What Does ‘ ’ Represent? X represents the intersection between your best movement & best life It is unique to everyone This movement was started to help anyone achieve their individual X
  16. 16. MovementX enables any physical therapist the ability to treat beyond the clinic in a direct marketplace for movement health You take care of your patients • We’ll take care of the rest
  17. 17. This marketplace connects patients who want a better kind of care with providers who can offer it It’s where people with movement problems or goals can find movement solutions
  18. 18. Convenient, quality, & personalized care can now happen wherever, whenever, & however people need it Homes • Gyms • Offices • Anywhere
  19. 19. By Maximizing People’s Movement, We Can Maximize People’s Lives
  20. 20. If Starbucks Can Change the World Through Coffee... We Can Change the World Through Movement
  21. 21. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  22. 22. So What is The MX Way? A set of 9 values that collectively guide us toward our vision
  23. 23. The Typical System The MX Way ● Transactional ● Generic ● Uncertain ● Confusing ● Complicated ● Traditional ● Unreliable quality ● Fixed ● Segmented silos ★ Transformational ★ Personalized ★ Trusting ★ Transparent ★ Simple ★ Innovative ★ Excellent quality ★ Adaptable ★ Integrated community
  24. 24. Transformational ● We are not merely transactional; we aim to be transformational ● We dare to alter the trajectories of patient’s lives in positive ways ● We believe in the transformative power of movement ● We are driven to inspire & empower our patients to achieve their goals ● We set daily intentions to bring joy to our patients’ lives “We Create Ripples of Positive Change”
  25. 25. Personalized ● We aim to create meaningful & remarkable health experiences ● We make our patients & colleagues the heroes of their own stories ● Amidst a generalized system built for many, our structure enables individualized care for each patient ● We deliver what patients expect & surprise them with amazing service ● Amazing service > Everything else “We Are Masters of the 11-Star Health Experience”
  26. 26. Trusting ● We listen ● We believe an authentic human connection lays the foundation for a strong patient-provider relationship ● We are consistent, empathetic, honest, & reliable ● We love helping people ● We establish trust by setting expectations & meeting them “We Genuinely Care”
  27. 27. Transparent ● What you see is what you get ● We share honest information even when it is uncomfortable to do so ● We give patients certainty & piece of mind by always answering: ○ What's going on? ○ How long will this take? ○ What are my options? ○ How much will this cost? ● Direct care & price transparency aligns all incentives “We Have Nothing to Hide”
  28. 28. Simple ● We believe in the elegance & beauty of simplicity ● Healthcare should be about care ● We work to build streamlined user experiences ● We strive to communicate effectively & be easily understood ● Every touch point with MX has purpose, context, & meaning “Why is Healthcare so Complicated?”
  29. 29. Innovative ● We boldly challenge the status quo and are not afraid to be different ● We factor every decision we make through The MX Way ● By fostering new ideas at scale, our movement can solve problems that other companies cannot ● We understand that making creative mistakes happens ○ However, safety/ethical/moral mistakes should never happen “We Think Beyond the Clinic”
  30. 30. Excellent ● We practice Kaizen–continuously improving yourself every day ● We are authentically passionate & fully responsible professionals ● We strive to provide maximal value & safety to our patients ● We respect & learn from each other’s expertise & specialties ● We have a growth & abundance mindset “We Treat Like Champions”
  31. 31. Adaptable ● Our model of care is nimble enough to adapt to each patient’s unique health goals ● We understand people’s varying levels of readiness for change ● Structural flexibility allows us to move quickly & proactively ● We maintain efficiency amidst an evolving healthcare environment ● Our mission & vision will always be constant pursuits “We Flex to Meet the Biggest Need”
  32. 32. Community ● We all believe in a better way ● We empower each other through mentorship & collaboration ● At MovementX, anyone can be their true & best self ● Being diverse & multifaceted makes us special & strong ● We celebrate being in this journey together “Without Each Other, We are not MovementX”
  33. 33. We Live These Values Every Day To transform lives • To set a higher standard • To pursue our vision
  34. 34. Instead of Doing Things the Typical Way We Do Things The MX Way (Which won’t change our current reality) (The MX Way guides us toward our vision)
  35. 35. Productivity Requirements? Not here Documentation? We created our own–it’s fast & efficient Bureaucracy? Our team-based structure is unique The MX Way Is Different
  36. 36. Executive Board Our Team-Based Structure Providers (where strategy happens) (where the magic happens) With this structure, we can all be leaders & celebrate shared success
  37. 37. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  38. 38. “The MovementX community makes us special. We learn together, serve together, and grow together. I’m thrilled to be surrounded by people who motivate & inspire me to achieve more.” -Megan Roos, PT, DPT Director of Brand & Design
  39. 39. MX Attracts & Grows The Best With full autonomy, new challenges, & an inspiring community, MX providers can develop themselves & take their careers to the next level
  40. 40. We Empower Physical Therapists Who Are Looking For More More passion • More autonomy • More positive impact
  41. 41. MovementX Enables Provider Freedom “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes, PT, DPT
  42. 42. “I want MX to be that secret trail in the woods where the sound of the city disappears, you’re totally tranquil with the world around you, and you think, ‘I have to bring my best friend here.’ I want it to be that secret you feel in your chest that you try to whisper to your best friend but end up shouting to the room because you can’t contain your excitement. It’s more than just care… I want MX to be an experience.” -Fred Gilbert, PT, DPT, OCS Chief People Officer
  43. 43. Typical Experiences are Rated out of 5 Stars But we strive for 11
  44. 44. 1-Star Experience 5-Star Experience You have difficulty finding the clinic’s info online, talk to someone grumpy on the phone, can’t find parking, wait and fill out paperwork for 20 minutes, use a dirty restroom, are double-booked with another patient, & get surprised with an expensive bill 3 weeks later The clinic is easy to find, setting up an appointment was simple, your provider is trustworthy and runs on-time, you get 1-on-1 attention, your pain decreases, you leave the clinic a good Yelp review on your last day and say thank you to the staff, you return to the activities you love
  45. 45. 7-Star Experience 11-Star Experience You receive a handwritten letter after signing-up, you’re surprised with with a personalized gift after your first session, you can text your provider, your favorite music is played during follow-up visits, your provider runs your first marathon alongside you, you refer your mother for the same care Beyonce picks you up for your appointment in a private jet, you’re treated at halftime at the Super Bowl, you’re able to run through the city without pain live on ESPN, a record-breaking parade follows in celebration, JK Rowling writes a best-selling novel about your health journey
  46. 46. Sure, 11 Stars Isn’t Always Feasible... But if you shoot for 11 stars and work backwards from there, crafting a remarkable health experience no longer seems crazy
  47. 47. “The nine values of The MX Way aren’t just some motivational posters we have on the wall–they’re values we live & breathe every day. They’re what we look for in all new providers. United by these values, we can work toward a world with better care for both patients and providers. The MX Way will change what people are saying about healthcare. -Scott McAfee, PT, DPT, OCS Chief Marketing Officer
  48. 48. “I like knowing what things will cost” “My doctor gives me all the time I need” “I don’t miss having to deal with insurance” “This is the kind of healthcare I’ve wanted” “Wow… the signup process is super easy” “My care fits perfectly into my schedule” “I’m telling everyone about this” Now We Hear Patients Say...
  49. 49. Now We Hear Providers Say... “I can set my own rate & schedule?!” “Documentation is pretty simple now” “I love spending more time with patients” “This is the kind of healthcare I’ve wanted” “Insurance isn’t my boss... I am my own” “I can make a good income doing this” “Burnt out? I’m feeling fired up!”
  50. 50. What Future Will We Create?
  51. 51. Let’s work towards a world where anyone can achieve their
  52. 52. Join the