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The MovementX Culture Deck–The MX Way

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The MovementX Culture Deck–The MX Way

  1. 1. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  2. 2. To use our hearts, hands, & minds to transform people’s lives Why Did We Become Health Professionals?
  3. 3. But We Hear Providers Say... “My schedule is overbooked” “I love treating, but not admin work” “I wish I spent more time with patients” “I’m losing faith in our healthcare system” “I’m interested in doing my own thing” “Paying off my loans is challenging” “I think I’m getting burnt-out”
  4. 4. Why Do People Seek Care? To be helped & transformed toward their best selves
  5. 5. “It’s hard to schedule appointments” “I wish my PT spent more time with me” “Dealing with my insurance is a headache” “I’m losing faith in our healthcare system” “I’ve tried everything, but nothing works” “My doctor just gave me generic advice” “I don’t want medications or surgery” But We Hear Patients Say...
  6. 6. Since patients want better care... and providers want to deliver better care...
  7. 7. We Launched A Movement It all started when four physical therapists believed there must be a better way of care
  8. 8. We believe that movement is the most important commodity in our lives. We believe that everyone deserves the right to move and live their best.
  9. 9. We believe that empowered providers empower their patients. We believe that this moment can change the world.
  10. 10. Together, We Started MovementX We believe we can and will create a better future
  11. 11. We Strive to Create a Kind of Care Both Patients and Providers Love Our vision illustrates the world we aim to create...
  12. 12. Our Vision A world healed by movement
  13. 13. Next, We Started Working to Bring Our Vision to Life Our mission statement drives our daily actions
  14. 14. Our Mission To help people move their best so they can live their best
  15. 15. Our Name Says Everything
  16. 16. Why Does Matter? Movement is how we experience our world Movement is how we walk, run, jump, work, travel, play, and love Movement is life
  17. 17. What Does Represent? X represents the intersection between someone’s best movement & best life It is unique to everyone This movement was started to help anyone achieve their individual X
  18. 18. For patients, MovementX is the safest and easiest way to see a trusted physical therapist via telehealth, in-home, or outdoor care so you can keep living your healthiest and best life.
  19. 19. For providers, MovementX is where hungry, humble, and smart physical therapists can join an empowering community and create their own reality as a clinician.
  20. 20. By Maximizing People’s Movement, We Can Maximize People’s Lives
  21. 21. If Starbucks Can Change the World Through Coffee... We Can Change the World Through Movement
  22. 22. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  23. 23. So What is The MX Way? A set of 4 core values that collectively guide us toward our vision
  24. 24. Empathy ● Doing the right thing is often the most empathetic thing ● We aim to center ourselves around others’ problems that need to be solved, rather than our own ● We strive to truly listen to others and put ourselves in their shoes before responding; we seek to understand
  25. 25. Passion x Purpose ● Passion is a deep, burning desire to excel at our field ● Purpose is packaging your intention tightly, aiming your focus ● When Passion is multiplied by Purpose, impactful and meaningful change is possible
  26. 26. ● Kaizen is the Japanese Business Philosophy of continuous improvement ● No matter if we fail or succeed, we ask the same question: how can we do better next time? Kaizen
  27. 27. ● Being a diverse & multifaceted network makes us strong ● We are all free to be our true selves & achieve our full potential ● We empower each other through mentorship & collaboration ● A movement can accomplish things other companies cannot Community
  28. 28. We Live These Values Every Day To make decisions • To transform lives • To pursue our vision
  29. 29. The MX Way Our Mission • Our Values • Our Way
  30. 30. Instead of Doing Things the Typical Way We Do Things The MX Way (Which won’t change our current reality) (Which guides us toward our vision)
  31. 31. The Typical System MovementX ● Hard to find appointments ● Unreliable quality ● Complicated ● Generalized for many ● Boring ★ Accessible ★ Professional ★ Convenient ★ Personalized ★ Remarkable
  32. 32. Productivity Requirements? Not here Documentation? We created our own–it’s fast & efficient Bureaucracy? We learn, grow, and succeed together The MX Way Is Different
  33. 33. We Empower Physical Therapists Who Are Looking For More More passion • More autonomy • More impact
  34. 34. MovementX Enables Provider Freedom “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes, PT, DPT
  35. 35. Typical Experiences are Rated out of 5 Stars But at MovementX, We Strive for 11
  36. 36. 1-Star Experience 5-Star Experience You have difficulty finding the clinic’s info online, talk to someone grumpy on the phone, can’t find parking, wait and fill out paperwork for 20 minutes, use a dirty restroom, are double-booked with another patient, & get surprised with an expensive bill 3 weeks later The clinic is easy to find, setting up an appointment was simple, your provider is trustworthy and runs on-time, you get 1-on-1 attention, your pain decreases, you leave the clinic a good Yelp review on your last day and say thank you to the staff, you return to the activities you love
  37. 37. 8-Star Experience 11-Star Experience You receive a handwritten letter after signing-up, you’re surprised with with a personalized gift after your first session, you can text your provider, your favorite music is played during follow-up visits, your provider runs your first 5K race alongside you, you refer your mother for the same care Beyonce picks you up for your appointment in a private jet, you’re treated at halftime at the Super Bowl, you’re able to run through the city without pain live on ESPN, a record-breaking parade follows in celebration, JK Rowling writes a best-selling novel about your health journey
  38. 38. Sure, 11 Stars Isn’t Always Feasible... But if you shoot for 11 stars and work backwards from there, crafting a remarkable health experience no longer seems crazy
  39. 39. “I like knowing what things will cost” “My doctor gives me all the time I need” “I don’t miss having to deal with insurance” “This is the kind of care I’ve been looking for” “Wow… the signup process is super easy” “My care fits perfectly into my schedule” “I’m telling everyone about this” Now We Hear Patients Say...
  40. 40. Now We Hear Providers Say... “I can finally treat the way I want” “It’s great to learn from passionate people” “I love spending more time with patients” “This is the kind of care I’ve been looking for” “Joining MX is the best decision I’ve made” “I can make a good income doing this” “Burnt out? I’m feeling fired up!”
  41. 41. What Future Will We Create?
  42. 42. Let’s create a world healed by movement
  43. 43. Join the ™