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The good news is that I just completed three business life-changing days in Las Vegas for the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp with my team of trainers and coaches. We taught the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business.

Most people do the same old, same old that is NOT working. They forget the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Step out of your comfort zone and make a decision to invest perhaps the most important training of your business career by investing in the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp complete training of the event for a limited time (February 28th) available on 21 CDs.

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Cd Offer 2 17 11

  1. 1. From NCP-Imagine Having All the Business and Clients You Need...From: Scott LetourneauRe: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT- 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot CampCDs Available ONLY until February 28th-Stop Wasting Money on Advertising that Does NOT Work!Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Networking!How Mastering the Ultimate Form of Leverage..."Joint Ventures and Host/Beneficiary Relationships" will ChangeYour Business Life Forever…Is your business struggling? Do you need more clients, more sales inyour business? If you’re not using the most powerful form of leverageto grow your business, this will be the most important message youread this year.Let me get straight to the point. With 95% of businesses failingwithin 5 years, you CANNOT afford to have an ineffective marketingplan.The problem is that I see way too many businesses investingtremendous amounts of money in the most expensive formof advertising: traditional advertising and marketing.Now, Here’s the Good News.The good news is that I just completed three business life-changingdays in Las Vegas for the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp withmy team of trainers and coaches.We taught the most powerful marketing strategy to put massiveprofits in your business.And Now the Complete Training is Available for a Limited Time Only:Check out all the details at**************************************************We Made History and You Can Now Relive It! (for a limited time)**************************************************Heres the link: to Your Success,Scott Letourneau, CEONevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
  2. 2. Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.7477 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Ste. 170Las Vegas, NV 89128(888)627-7007; (702)367-7373Fax: 702-220-6444www.nvinc.comwww.FastBusinessCredit.comncp@nvinc.comHeres the link Order the 21 CD Joint Venture Training System Did Other Entrepreneurs Say About the Ultimate JointVenture Boot Camp Training:"I just finished Scott Letourneaus the Ultimate Joint Venture BootCamp. This is just one of many of the seminars and boot camps I haveattended and every one of them has helped me get better and better.This one, I really have to give Scott a tip of the hat as this is thebest seminar or boot camp Ive ever attended. Most give overview, alot of pie in the sky this is what you have to do, but with Scott younot only got the big picture you get individual help and specificsteps to take Best presenters in the business and best atcommunicating what they do. If you ever have a chance you must attendone of Scotts Boot Camps, it was fabulous!"John Byrne -BYRNE WEALTH BUILDERS, LLCIm a personal finance journalist in helping people answer theirfinancial questions. I really enjoyed The Ultimate Joint Venture BootCamp, all kinds of incredible ideas. Im in the middle of variousnegotiations and they actually put me on the hot seat at one pointand it actually helped me make this negotiation probably work muchbetter and I made a lot more from it than I would have otherwise.They had lot of tools to really implement a lot of the things I haveI definitively recommend you work with Scott and go to his next BootCamp because very valuable information you wont get any where else"Jordan Goodman -MoneyAnswers.comHi this is Stephanie Ring, I am with INFINITE WEALTH, LLC helpingpeople create and protect their wealth. I just want to tell everybodythat being at the Joint Venture Boot Camp is probably one of bestdecisions Ive ever made. I had a crazy schedule and struggling withwhether to come or not to come. And I have to say is, I have never, inthe 30 some years of me going to events been with such powerful andimpactful speakers all at the same event. They all have strategies
  3. 3. that give you ideas of how you can get immediate results! So, I justwant to thank Scott for putting this all together and helping us makeour million dollar idea. Thanks Scott!Stephanie Ring, INFINITE WEALTH, LLC.See more video testimonials at******************************to unsubscribe reply and type insubject: unsubscribe******************************