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Property Management improvement plan


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Property Management improvement plan

  1. 1. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENT PLAN Dillon Greenway, Scott Hill, Jaime Ortega, and Sarah Winkeljohn The Sherwin- Williams Company Columbia District
  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENT Our purpose was to develop a program to expand the Property Maintenance segment of Sherwin-Williams to improve sales and grow gallons.
  3. 3. Sherwin-Williams SWOT Strength • Trademark Service • Knowledgeable employees • Location • Brand Recognition • Sales Rep available support • Free Delivery Weakness • Perceived Higher Pricing • Online Ordering Opportunity • Property Management Market share • Increase brand awareness • Utilize existing programs Threat • Big Box Retailers • Low ball pricing • Local retailers setting own price • Price Perception • S-W Lowe’s Product Line Sherwin- Williams
  4. 4. SWOT HOME DEPOT Strength • Large assortment of products • Service as “one stop shopping” • Complimentary color eye station • Perceived Value Weakness • Lack of training in employees • Lack of product knowledge • Lack of product depth • Self Service model Opportunity • Easier access to assorted products • Improve employee training Threat • Big Box Retailers • Competition for Specialty Stores Home Depot
  5. 5. SWOT LOWE’S Strength • Brand Recognition • Large assortment of products • Online Ordering • S-W product line • Valspar Paint Truck Weakness • Lack of product knowledge • Wait time • No follow-up service provided Opportunity • Improve employee training • Improve product performance Threat • Big Box Retailers • Competition from Specialty Stores Lowe’s
  6. 6. SWOT PPG Strength • Pricing • Sales Rep available support • Large brand recognition from outside contractors Weakness • Brand Recognition in the area • Limited Locations and Services • Product consolidation Opportunity • Growth on all segments • Additional Locations Threats • Big Box Retailers • Local stores have former Sherwin Williams employees PPG
  7. 7. SWOT ROSE TALBERT Strength • Well known in political circles • Locally owned and operated • Local recognition • Local Distribution • Product Labeling Weakness • Few locations • No quality control on products • Brand Recognition • Fewer product selection • Customer Service Opportunity • High risk credit customers • Potential for large profit based on profit policy Threat • Lack of financial support • Big Box Retailers • Improvement of Products Rose Talbert
  9. 9. Target Customers New potential accounts Past accounts not currently buying from us Current accounts with an opportunity to grow sales
  10. 10. Research Apartment Finders/ Internet Resources Customer Weekly Sales Frequency Report Phone Interviews Face to Face interaction Visited Lowe’s, Home Depot, PPG, Rose Talbert Contact with Store Managers and Sales Rep
  11. 11. Survey Conducted
  12. 12. Customer Comments  “The main reason for Rose Talbert is better pricing. Sherwin-Williams is a better company, but Rose Talbert is more economical.”  “Some of the issues I encounter is that the people don’t really know what they’re talking about with their products.”  “We love our products with PPG.”  “Easy convenience for maintenance workers to go to Lowe’s based on location of the job.”  “I wish Sherwin-Williams offered better and easier online ordering.”
  13. 13. Objections Obstacles encounter ed Price Perceptio n Ease of purchas e Loyalty to current paint supplier competitor National Account
  15. 15. Survey Data 58%24% 6% 12% Paint Suppliers Used Sherwin- Williams PPG Rose Talbert *Researched based on: 200+ targeted customers called, 50 surveys conducted
  16. 16. Survey Data 25% 20% 5%5% 40% 5% Associated Product SuppliersSherwin Williams Lowe's Home Depot Rose Talbert HD Supply Wilmar *Researched based on: 200+ targeted customers called, 50 surveys conducted
  17. 17. Manager Survey Results Product Loyalty 28% Price Perception 22% National Accounts 11% Market Conditions 22% Lead Generation 11% Competition 6% Obstacles in Property Management Sales *Research based on 18 store managers in the Columbia
  18. 18. Improvement Approach Improve Lead Generation calls by revamping the process Focus on high potential sub- segments Identify and Train Lead Generation Champions
  19. 19. ATTACK PLAN
  20. 20. The Fantastic Four Step Plan District Wide Event 60 day Program 20 Prospects High Potential Focus
  21. 21. STEP 1: MANAGER PREP
  22. 22. Step 1: Store Manager Set Goals Establish goals and timelines Identification of Accounts and Contacts Develop prospect list using Customer Weekly Sales Frequency Report and internet resources Determine who’s calling customer Select high potential employee
  24. 24. Step 2: High Potential Employee in collaboration with Store Manager & Sales Rep Research prospects/ Qualify list Train employee to develop call questions Schedule weekly time for designated calls Enter call plan in Sher- Call calendar
  26. 26. • Invite them to potential luncheon Introduction and Discovery • Red Carpet • Demo Attract Interest
  27. 27. Identify Needs and Schedule In- Person meeting • Determined by current product usage Sign up • Paint ProText Alerts • ProBuy App • Offer online payment • View account activity
  28. 28. Face-to- Face Appointment Propose Sale • Test Drive • Price Comparison Resolve Objections What’s Next & When
  30. 30. Step 4: Review results with Store Manager and Sales Rep Grade Success/ Hot Leads Adjust and revise the customer list
  31. 31. Summary  Our strategy can work and will work  In-Store Event at store 2076  High Potential account assignment 2330  Successful in multiple sectors of Sherwin- Williams  Compared to Sales Blitz in June, this attack plan will be able to be conducted more efficiently  Finding the right person to be held accountable for making the calls is very important
  32. 32. QUESTIONS?