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Catalyst Presentation


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PowerPoint slides used for my presentation at the Catalyst launch meeting

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Catalyst Presentation

  1. 1. A Fundraising Primer Presented by Scott Hayman 501 Commons Catalyst Consultant September 20, 2011
  2. 2. Fundraising DescribedSoliciting and receiving funds from peoplewith whom a trusting and mutuallybeneficial relationship has beenestablished, which is characterized by theintersection of the contributor’s needs andthe mission of the nonprofit organization.
  3. 3. Board Engagement is KeyThe #1 responsibility of the boardof directors is to ensure that theorganization has the fundsnecessary to achieve its mission.
  4. 4. Giving at a Glance 2010 Contributions 2005 Contributions $290.89 Billion $260.28 Billion Bequests Bequests $22.83 $17.44 8% Corporations 6.7%Corporations $13.77 Foundations $15.29 Foundations 5.3% $30.00 5% $41.00 11.5% 14% Individuals Individuals $211.77 $199.07 73% 76.5%Data excerpted from Giving USA 2011: The Annual Report on Philanthropy and Giving USA 2006: The Annual Report on Philanthropy, researched and written byThe Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, and published by GivingUSA Foundation
  5. 5. The Power of I Family I Friends Organizations Corporations Foundations
  6. 6. Giving Pyramid Planned Gift Major GiftYears Capital Campaign Annual Campaign Direct Response & Online Giving Event Participation Volunteer
  7. 7. Fundraising Cycle Continuing Identify Engagement ResearchRecognition Solicit Cultivate
  8. 8. The Top 10 Considerations1. Engage the board or directors2. Conduct a SWOT analysis3. Create urgent and compelling case(s) for giving4. Determine how much must be raised5. Recruit volunteer leadership
  9. 9. The Top 10 Considerations6. Calculate cost-benefit analysis/ROI7. Acquire the necessary tools and resources8. Consider organizational culture and values9. Align fund development with mission goals10.Tie fundraising to the Strategic Plan
  10. 10. The Fundraising EnterprisePrepare Prospect Solicit Steward Build
  11. 11. With whom do we start?• Board members*• Volunteers*• Givers*• Former Clients• Mailing/E-mail Lists• Sympathizers• Event Participants• Vendors* Past and present
  12. 12. As the Purse isemptied the heart is filled. Victor Hugo
  13. 13. Thank you!Best wishes for success!