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Corona geek nov 16


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Corona geek nov 16

Published in: Mobile
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Corona geek nov 16

  1. 1. Firebase: Yelp: Storekit (in app purchase): Profile:
  2. 2. Gamecenter
  3. 3. What is different from the other Gamecenter plugins? Platforms: Support iOS, tvOS, and MacOS Api structure: example: (my plugin)"insert cool leaderboard id here") Vs (Game Network) "leaderboards", { leaderboard = {category = "insert cool leaderboard id here"},listener = function(e) end})
  4. 4. -Vbht6qo TvOS: MacOS:
  5. 5. Docs:
  6. 6. Volume Control In Corona QA
  7. 7. What is does volume control plugin do? Allows you to control system volume on iOS and Android Api: volume.hideBox() hide volume box on iOS volume.set(.1) (any value between 0-1 on iOS and android it should be to the tenth decimal) volume.get() (returns the current volume 0-1)
  8. 8. Docs:
  9. 9. Quick Action (iOS) In Corona QA
  10. 10. What is quick actions? Allows you allows you handle and set shortcuts for your app. Api: quickAction.getShortcuts() (gets all shorts set for to app) quickAction.setShortcuts({{type = "com.CoolButton2", title ="Cool Tile2", subtitle= "Cool subtitle2", icon = "iCon1.png"},)
  11. 11. Static Action vs Dynamic Action Note you are limited to 4 actions Dynamic: quickAction.setShortcuts Action order is based on array( 1 item will be closer to icon) Static: Defined in build.settings Always above dynamic actions and cannot be changed or edited
  12. 12. Docs: