Magazine Contents Analysis


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Magazine Contents Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Contents Analysis #1 This contents page is from Q Magazine. The front cover is featured on the top right which reminds the reader of what the magazine is primarily about. There is a collage of photos on the left with the page numbers on them to address the reader of the other key topics the magazine will feature. The right hand side of the magazine features the main contents spread of the magazine divided up by red headers (relevant to the colour of the Q logo) and have a sentence or two underneath giving a brief description of what each page will feature. At the bottom of the page is “The Q Review” which features Red text which contrasts onto the white background and a photo.
  2. 2. Magazine Contents Analysis #2 This is another contents for Q Magazine that features a very different layout to the previous contents analysis. This time the front cover isn’t featured but a main photo is present and has the page number and description below it. The other pages are featured on the left hand side and the page numbers are in a large red font, relevant to the style of the Q logo. Below the “Features” section is a small section labelled “Every Month” which has the same layout as the “Features” section with the black font and red numbers. The “Q Review” is also present in this contents page but this time features a light blue background which fits well with the black text which is change from the red in the previous. Also features a white header on black background with logo.
  3. 3. Magazine Contents Analysis #3 This is a contents page for NME magazine. It features the NME logo at the top of the page with the big and bold black lettering of “This Week” to its right. On the left hand side of the page is the Band Index, white text on red background him the addition to a half white background that features black text. Almost looks like a newspaper cut out. There are two main photos featured with a description below. The heading being in bold black text. The actual contents is featured on the right hand side of the page. Each section is divided up by a black rectangle with a white title. Then followed underneath with black text with red title numbers which are the same colour as the NME logo.