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Call 1-877-918-3110 Mon-Fri 6:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sun 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm (all times Pacific) for the best prices on The North Face authentic products.

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The North Face

  1. 1. ==== ====For the best deals on The North Face Products, call 1-877-918-3110 Mon-Fri: 6:00 am to 7:00 pmSun: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm (all times Pacific) ====If you are looking for a new winter jacket, for general outdoor wear and some walking in thecountryside (but not extreme conditions), there are a plenty of jackets to choose from. However,the prices can vary enormously, and it is not obvious what causes this variance.In this article I will show you which features you need to look for in a good winter jacket and useThe North Face Evolution Triclima as a good example of a high quality, but value-for-money winterjacket.It keeps you dryModern winter jackets are a marvel of technology. They are made from light, but highly waterproofmaterial that also lets air circulate and keeps you dry, but not sweaty. The North Face EvolutionTriclima is made from polyamide, which is waterproof, airy and easy to clean. It is also verydurable and lasts longer than some other waterproof, but breathable, fabrics.The jacket also needs a good hood. A lot of modern jackets have floppy hoods which fall down infront of your eyes and obscure your vision. The North Face Evolution Triclima does have astiffened peak to the hood, but as it is made to fold away as well, it is not perfect. Yu may need towear the hood over a cap with a stiff peak to get good visibility.It keeps you warmThe best design for a winter jacket uses a number of layers. The North Face Evolution Triclimahas an outer waterproof jacket to keep you dry and an inner fleece jacket to keep you warm. Youcan wear the fleece jacket on its own (if its not too wet) but it can be fitted to the waterproof outerlayer to keep you warm on even the coldest days.Note that North Face make their fleece jackets with the zips the opposite way round to otherjackets. This means that North Face waterproof jackets can only be fitted with North Face fleecesand not those from other brands.It must be wind-proofTo keep out the wind a good winter jacket has to be made of wind-proof material. It has to havewell made and sealed seams. You need a cover for the front zip and you must be able to tightenthe cuffs.The North Face Evolution Triclima is made from a polyamide material that is windproof. The
  2. 2. seams are specially sealed to keep out water and wind. The front zip has a special flap that can befitted with a Velcro fastener and it also has Velcro-adjustable cuffs.It must feel comfortableNorth Face jackets are lightweight and are cut into a nice shape that makes them feel verycomfortable. The collar has a brushed inner lining that feels warm and comfortable (Manywaterproof jackets dont and feel cold on your neck).It also has an adjustable waist band, so it can be adjusted to fit your figure.It must have plenty of pocketsThe North Face Evolution Triclima has a side pocket at the front (a Napoleon Pocket) for wallets,maps etc. It also has two lower pockets and an inside pocket as well, so there is plenty of room tokeep every item close at hand and keep your hands warm as well. The fleece jacket has two handpockets as well.On the downsideThe only downside with North Face jackets is that I had one where the zip frequently didnt workfirst time: it always took a bit of fiddling to get it to fasten.In summaryOverall, I think it is an excellent jacket to keep you warm and dry in many conditions, yet isadaptable enough to wear in warmer weather as well. It has many useful features. It is made ofdurable material, yet feels light and comfortable.Michael Knaggs is an experienced and enthusiastic hiker who has been walking in the countrysidesince he was 12 years old. He has successfully completed a number of long distance walksincluding the Dales Way, Three Peaks of Yorkshire, Teesdale Way and Calderdale Way. He hasled many groups on walks in the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and Lake District in NorthernEngland. Although he has enjoyed many walks to the highest peaks, such as Scafell Pike, he nowenjoys shorter walks taking in the wildlife and geology of North Yorkshire.