Social Media for Product Market Research


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This is a presentation I used to facilitate s P-camp 2010 session on the use of Social Media for doing market research. We had a full room of lively folks who

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  • A smart guy I know named Steve Tennant last year @ pcamp taught me that the 1st, hardest and most important thing to do is understand, define and agree upon the problem.
  • Last year it was 80% about twitter.Shameless plug for User Voice here.
  • You can’t read this but when you get the slides from my site then you can drill into it further.
  • LinkedIn Answers Market Tools Guy
  • Show of Hands…how many people have used SM
  • These guys provide services around SM4MR
  • Starbucks Ideas. But,Brand Autopsy points out that only 6 of the 53 ideas implemented actually originated from customers (though they all were purported to be from customers).Dell selling lots of computers, etc.Divide the middle one into two pieces. Screen tests, bounty prizes, challenges, etc. do exist but not many killer products come from here.
  • Some QuestionsWhat do you think?Why don’t we have more stories in the middle?
  • Social Media for Product Market Research

    1. 1. Using Social Media for Product Market Research<br />A Discussion About <br />What is or is Not Going On<br />Twitter Tag: #pcamp10SM4PMR<br />Wiki Site:<br />
    2. 2. How Things Might Flow<br />Opening Comments<br />Framing Questions & Discussion<br />Share Findings & Stories<br />My Point of View & Discussion<br />Closing Comments<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />2<br />
    3. 3. A Few Words<br />Thanks, Story, Process<br />
    4. 4. Thank You To<br />@RichMironov for making this possible.<br />Volunteers for doing the hard work.<br />Sponsors for picking up the check.<br />You for being here and participating.<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />4<br />
    5. 5. The Back Story<br />P-camp 09 Session led by Ross of SocialText. Notes can be found<br />~50 people, mostly twitter, more ?’s than answers.<br />October, 09 Symbian Exchange and Expo Talk on Mrkt Research in the Mobile Apps Market.<br />Had A-Ha (Oh-Sh&$) moment which forced me to re-think my approach to market research so I started learning.<br />January, 10 Jim Holland tweeted about a client social media market research story that caught my eye.<br />We shared respective experiences and decided to engage in some additional research, writing and collaborating.<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />5<br />
    6. 6. The Process & Tools<br />We hoisted up a Google Doc and started writing, commenting, debating, questioning, listing.<br />I used a few free and easy tools like<br />LinkedIn Answers<br />LinkedIn Polls<br />Yahoo Answers<br />Facebook Groups<br />Aardvark Questions<br />Twitter Searches<br />Google Alerts<br />Jim and I talked to some real people.<br />I hacked up this preso and Jim made it better.<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Framing & Understanding<br />Do We Know What We Mean?<br />
    8. 8. What is Social Media?<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />8<br />The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam<br />Gartner <br />SBS Magic Quad<br />Open<br />Big<br />On & Offline<br />Small<br />Smaller<br />Managed<br />Online<br />Closed<br />Offline<br />What categories am I missing?<br />Is there a line? If so, where is it? <br />Does anyone have a definitive definition?<br />Is there a sweet spot here for us to focus on?<br />
    9. 9. Another Point of View<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />9<br />“Conversation Prizm” <br />by guru Brian Solis at<br />
    10. 10. What is Market Research<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />10<br />I’m going to build iPad App.<br />Big #’s<br />iPad’s are cool. You totally should do it.<br />Big Process<br />Automatic<br />Big Cost<br />Easy<br />Frequent<br />Cheap<br />AdHoc<br />What qualifies as valid research?<br />Who typically does / uses research?<br />What do companies typically research for / about?<br />Barely Sufficient<br />
    11. 11. A Product Development View<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />11<br />Here?<br />Here?<br />Here?<br />Here?<br />
    12. 12. Select Findings<br />Not exhaustive..but it was exhausting<br />
    13. 13. The Pro’s Aren’t Very Social<br />Survey Results: “Top three techniques MR professionals are not currently using but would like to use: <br />Blog Mining<br />Social Network Analysis and <br />Screen/Web Scraping”<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />13<br /><br />
    14. 14. Blog Post on SM4MR<br />Social Media Today article, says 63% are "undecided" about the value of data collected from social media to understand their organization or customers. <br />The term "social media" is broad <br />Social media is overrated <br />data is lacking context and profiling information <br />Change takes time <br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />14<br /><br />
    15. 15. Mike Lee: How to Use SM4MR<br />Mike created 4 categories of activities and has a great set of tools listed under each. The categories include:<br />Search<br />Ask<br />Trends<br />Competitive<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />15<br /><br />
    16. 16. 4 Slightly Different Categories<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />16<br />
    17. 17. “How much influence is social media on your go-to-market activities?”<br />We recognize it should be more of an influence, no approval to do <br />Social media is becoming a larger part of what we do but currently is in the planning stages <br />Crowdsourcing is used significantly for tactical product input from customers <br />Not used, not allowed by company policy <br />Use of social media tools such as blogs is under consideration but not used at present<br />We are ramping up in the area, but currently it is more on the corporate communications side of the house <br />SM is growing strongly and will be major tactic in 2010 <br />We want to do more, but have yet to resource this area and have a cohesive strategy to leverage social media<br />No formal process to integrate to product plan <br />We are still looking into it, too large of a company to adopt without a corporate brand message <br />Conservative industry, slowly moving to social media <br />Our customers do use it to review products or offerings in Business to Business <br />Oh I wish, too big of a company and everything is reviewed by legal <br />Becoming more critical <br />Our customers do not use social media channels (as a rule)<br />Increasing as our SM base grows<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />17<br /><br />
    18. 18. My Point of View<br />I look forward to hearing yours<br />
    19. 19. Lots of Examples Here…but mostly Brand, Mrktg, Sales, S&S<br />Lots of Examples Here…but low signal/noise<br />Hard to Find Examples Here<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />19<br />Some Examples Here<br />
    20. 20. The IP Risks<br />watch for content on the community which may be giving up patent rights. This scenario typically involves technical information regarding new products that is shared before the organization has filed a patent claim.<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />20<br />Source: Community Roundtable report<br />
    21. 21. Summary<br />Most articles state that SM is good for MR where MROC’s, Recruitment and Trend & Competitive Analysis are the primary uses.<br />Traditional researchers are just now getting into the game. They are skeptical of the bias.<br />New platforms are easier to use, have huge reach, are more social.<br />This will enable more DIY ala Survey Monkey.<br />SM4MR it is both mainstream and early stage.<br />SM is vague, MR is vague what the shape of the SM4MR space will be is anyone’s guess.<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />21<br />
    22. 22. Lists of Stuff<br />Hope you like and use these<br />
    23. 23. Some Research Reports<br />Advertising Research Institute The Listening Playbook<br />Community Roundtable report on community management<br />Pragmatic Marketing 2009 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey<br />Next Gen Market Research Survey Results<br />2009 Research Industry Trends (RIT) report<br />Harnessing Social Media in Online Market Research<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />23<br />
    24. 24. Some Products/Services<br />Mike Lee’s list <br /><br />My List<br />NetBaseNetnography - <br />PeanutLabs - <br />Mob4Hire -<br />Crowdcast -<br />Jive -<br />Aardvark -<br />SurveyMonkey -<br />Innovation Games –<br />Collective Intellect - <br />Spigit -<br />Distimo -<br />UserVoice - <br />Your List?<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />24<br />
    25. 25. Social Media Websites Organized on MindMeister.Com<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />25<br /><br />
    26. 26. A Social Media Framework Organized On<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />26<br /><br />
    27. 27. Other Stuff On-Line<br />Market Research Twibe<br />LinkedIn Group - Online Qualitative Research: The Next Evolution<br />LinkedIn Group - Next Gen Market Research (NGMR)<br />Brad Bortner’s Blog<br />Social Media, the Future of Market Research?<br />Social Media Monitoring 201: The Market Research Perspective<br />By Scott Gilbert & Jim Holland<br />@AgileProductMgr | @jim_holland<br />27<br />