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High-impact school leadership in context


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This paper reports on the early stages of a large-scale project investigating the idea of high-impact in context. It was presented at the Australian Council for Educational Leaders annual conference in Sydney (Oct, 2019). A paper will appear in a forthcoming issue of Leading & Managing.
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High-impact school leadership in context

  1. 1. High-impact school leadership A/Prof Scott Eacott
  2. 2. All schools, regardless of location, generate impact for students, staff and communities. Presumably, the point of leadership is to improve the quality of that impact relevant to context. This requires standards for impact that are enacted in context. (Eacott, 2019)
  3. 3. Clarity Coherence Narrative
  4. 4. The empirical question Does school leadership that approximates the standards of high- impact in context actually improve school performance? Phase Two Phase Three Phase Four Phase Five Development and pilot evaluation of data generation approach in a single school Efficacy trial in 12 schools identified with high-impact leaders (ideal conditions) Effectiveness trial testing claims under usual conditions Replication in new jurisdictions (Australia) Pilot replication and efficacy trial in new jurisdictions (international) Phase One
  5. 5. If context sensitive and effective reforms and interventions are to be developed Central Issues Equity Quality and variability Links to school performance 1 2 3
  6. 6. Measure Description High-impact - Understanding of high-impact in context Interview / focus group with staff, students and community on how participants understand high-impact in context School performance - Staff well-being Questionnaire generating data on demographics (e.g., gender, age, time at school, time teaching) and using validated scales concerning ‘Working with other teachers’ [TIMSS], ‘Emphasis on academic success’ [TIMSS], and ‘Being a teacher’ [TIMSS]. - Student well-being Questionnaire generating data on demographics (e.g., gender, grade) and using validated scales concerning ‘What do you think of school’ [TIMSS], ‘Sense of belonging’ [PISA], ‘Academic motivation’ [PISA], and ‘Perceived teacher support’ [TIMSS]. - School outcomes Data on the performance of students in national tests (e.g., NAPLAN) and/or exit qualifications (e.g., HSC) - Enrolments School-level data - Post-school destination School-level data - Attendance data School-level data
  7. 7. What we hear is talk about improving outcomes in the town. But the what and how are a big unknown.
  8. 8. Student data 74% of local students retained 69-83% attendance over the last five years Approx. 20% in the top two bands for NAPLAN 45% of graduates in further study (uni/tafe), 45% employed (apprenticeships/employed), 7% unemployed, and 4% unknown
  9. 9. There is no clear link between how what we are doing is going to actually improve outcomes for students. (School executive member) We are meant to be about improving student results. However, nothing we have discussed is about any changes to what is happening with teaching in classrooms. (Teacher)
  10. 10. Teacher data
  11. 11. A lady who works with my wife, and this is how the town is – it’s a country town, she goes and has her nails done and the nail technician knows the whole lot about the school, what’s going to happen and how it’s going to work. But we [the staff] don’t. That’s what’s happening out in the community. So many versions of what is going on. (Teacher)
  12. 12. Explicitly articulating the educational benefits of activity Recognising and valuing a diverse range of social groups in decision making Acknowledging the political nature of education and who has the most to gain / lose from activity Demonstrating how the school’s history is captured in activity; and Whether what is offered is taking the school forward or just a better way of what you are already doing The standards hold potential for understanding high-impact in context. However, based on evidence to this point, generating impact centres around five areas for reflection. High-Impact in context
  13. 13. It is time to move from MySchool to OUR SCHOOL
  14. 14. A/Prof Scott Eacott School of Education G15 Morven Brown Building UNSW Sydney AUSTRALIA 2052 +61 2 9385 0704 @ScottEacott Contact Info