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  1. 1. SCOTT BOWMAN 1 Veterans Drive #47, Mpls - Cell 612-730-6487 - email Professional Summary I have worked in the IT fields for 25 years, 10 years of that I have been a consultant working at many large, small and mid range industries including Insurance, Health Care, Financial, Legal, Home Mortgage and Educational. I am quick to learn new proprietary infrastructures and system designs. I am comfortable taking an opportunity and proceed with little or no training. TECHNICAL SKILLS Software: Word, Excel, Lotus 123, PowerPoint, Access, Novell 3.2 through 5.1, File aid, TSO, JCL, Zen works, Altiris, SMS, Lotus Notes, Exchange, PROPS, WordPerfect, Word Star, Qubix, Corel Draw, PC Anywhere, Novell VPN, XP Remote Control, and many other proprietary applications. Languages/Scripting: Winbatch, DOS Batch, C++, COBOL, RPG II and III, Basic, Qbasic, HTML, Novell System login scripts, Dbase, some Visual Basic. Project Management Tools: NMS Console, Compaq Insight Mgr, Nettools, Saber, and Remedy. Databases: Dbase III+ through MS Access for, Remedy, Top Hat, Hardware: IBM, IBM Compatibles, IBM Mainframe 8030 & 8031, IBM System 32 through AS400 Minicomputers, Variety of printers, hubs (synoptic), IBM servers, Compaq rack mount Proliants. Applications: MS Office, Lotus Suite, Harvard Graphics, MS Works, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, Exchange. Industries: Insurance, Health Care, Financial, Legal, Home Mortgage, Educational Operating Systems: DOS 2.1 through DOS 7, Windows 3.1 through 8.1 (including NT 3 through Windows 2000), OS/2 Methodologies: Lotus Notes, Dbase III+, FoxBASE, Access, Excel, Active Directory, CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINING • CSNA (Certified Saber Network Administrator), CNA (Certified Netware Administrator), • CNE (Certified Netware, Engineer) • Brown College, Benchmark Computer Learning PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE VAMC (Minneapolis, MN) 10- 2010 3-2015 I worked at the VA Hospital GS-5. I floated from Dept to Dept and worked in multiple assignments. Scheduling for providers, check in and check out patients. Created MS Access databases for easier patient flow. Maintained multiple spread sheets THE FOLLOWING JOBS LISTED FROM 1998 THROUGH 2010 WERE CONTRACT POSITIONS NCS Pearson (Bloomington, MN) 1-2007 – 1-2008 Help Desk My assignment was in the America Corporation office for Pearson. I Supported 3 levels of testing centers throughout the world. Pearson owned, secondary, and schools and military. My primary duty was to keep the computers and network in the testing centers operational and efficient. Secondarily I supported hardware/software at the testing sites for the test administrators to keep them functional. Made sure sites stayed replicated with the latest drivers and security patches through Remote Maintenance and Altiris remote control. I reset windows domain account passwords, created new users, and assigned group membership rights to the correct employee’s through Active Directory. Professional Experience Cont.. Self Employed (Bloomington, MN) 12-2005 to 12-2007 Help Desk/ Web Design
  2. 2. Owned and operated my own little ‘geek’ squad business supporting homes and small businesses involving hardware/software and P2P network connectivity. I also built a few of web sites and submitted them to search engines for improved customer base for small businesses. Fiserve (St. Louis Park, MN) 5-2003 to 12-2005 Accounts Receivable Worked as an accounts receivable agent concentrating mostly on past due accounts owed to the company. American Express (Minneapolis, MN) 8-200212 2003,&6-9 1999 Help Desk / Customer Service Help Desk/Customer service position with American Express, this position involved some training of Financial Advisors, and helping with any general IT issues they had. The project included documenting and designing the high-level desktop and application procedures and processes in Lotus Notes, Power Point, and Visio. The project's focus was on IT security, Group, and User Administration. Secondary I worked at the Ops Center as a Novell administrator. Briggs and Morgan (Minneapolis, MN) 3-9 2001 Application Support Specialist Created pushes and upgrades to applications using Zenworks 3. Supported 160 Applications mostly proprietary, 80 as the primary support and 80 as secondary. Visual Basic Programming and Access DB administration Musicland (Saint Louis Park, MN) 1-3 2001 Network Administrator Supporting MS Outlook, MS Office, Visio, Extra. Creating and support pushes for NetWare Application Launcher. Support the remote-host application Citrix. Basic Novell NetWare support. Conseco Finance (Saint Paul, MN) 4-9 2000 Network Administrator/Help Desk Supported desktop applications such as Office and some proprietary applications. Since I was the resident CNE I trained the help desk in Novell utilities such as Netadmin. DS repair, DS Merge, and instructed them tips on writing effective login scripts. Minnesota School of Business (Brooklyn Center, MN) 6-1999 – 6-2000 Computer Instructor I Instructed students in Novell server. I taught protocol and hardware configurations for various server topologies and platforms. I was an instructor in a PC/Help desk class teaching various help desk theories and strategies. Supported, reconfigured, and redesigned the server’s quarterly as needed. United Health Care (Minnetonka & Golden Valley, MN) 1-1998 – 1-1999 Network Administrator/ Help Desk I was given the project of fixing and redesigning the disaster recovery processes at their Golden Valley office. Monitored server functionality and volume and server utilization using Compaq insight manager. When I started the disaster recovery project, UHC was getting about a 20% success rate on the nightly backups. I reconfigured all the NT and Novell servers in Arcserve for identical and redundant backup scheduling and schemes, within 3 weeks I was getting 100% success rate. Use of Remedy as documentation management tool. SDG 5-1997 – 10-1998 IT Consultant I was a general consultant for SDG and not assigned to any specific project, I worked out of the office and was generally called on in emergencies or when no other consultant was available. My consulting duties included server hardware and/or software upgrades, some TCP/IP configuration, NetWare 4.11 administration, software and hardware support for the clients PC’s and laptops. Also support for email clients, CD Tower, Windows, MS Office support. Some Rumba support for an AS 400. Prudential Insurance (Plymouth, MN) 7-1989 – 5-1997
  3. 3. Programming • Familiar with mainframe tools such as Fileaid and TSO. • Designed code for a new random sampling program that uses the system clock as a random generator. • Wrote new and modified existing COBOL and JCL programs for use in the Group Insurance departments. • Each release I was responsible for documenting, writing, and testing new programs. • Because of my PC experience I was the first to implement and test out Microfocus COBOL for the work bench which is a PC based application running on OS/2 that allowed the programmer to create and compile code on a PC before submitting it to the mainframe. This was a state of the art programming tool at the time. It allowed the programmer for instance to step through code, input variables of the programmer’s choice without reading a file, and run the program without having to compile it first. The testing I did was a success and the whole division switched from terminals to IBM PC’s running on an OS/2 operating system. • I was the project manager for 2 of the releases, both in 1991. Help Desk • Project manager for upgrading all in-house clients to DOS 5.0 and a Windows 3.1 interface. Personally directed training and training procedures for end users and the other help desk analysts on how to use and maintain Windows. • Installed and configured the Windows based network interface (Nettools) that was used in place of program manager. • Installed and configured the Windows based network interface (Saber) for the field offices which allowed software distribution, metering, individualized log-in scripting, and remote host/node access. Saber is a network tool related to SMS. • Trained in-house and field coworkers on applications including but not limited to MS-Office, Lotus 123, basic DOS and batch file writing functions. • Trained in-house and in the field use of Windows. • Configured the clients RAM and disk caching for optimal speed and efficiency. • Was sole support technician for the case management software for the field offices, this application scraped policy information off CICS screens and brought the information into a GUI interface for ease of use for the customer. • Configured and maintained the field office and brokerage manager’s communication software and modems. • Supported and configured NT workstations including network interface cards, print services, applications, and hardware. Network Administrator • Maintained the CUBIX remote host server for field offices to access our LAN. • Analyzed, updated, and implemented enhanced network security and created security reports using Frye Utilities for NetWare and Bindview for upper management. • Enhanced and added groups and rights for the end users, and implemented improved server directory structure for increase efficiency and troubleshooting ease. • Implemented a new system for LAN disaster-recovery procedures and off-site record storage. • Configured servers for RAID 5 fault tolerance. • Installed MS Office and trained in-house end users in Excel, Word, DOS, and basic Networking. • Provided 3rd level of support for all LAN and desktop applications, hardware and related equipment. • Trained the help desk personal on basic Novell utilities, functions, and troubleshooting techniques. • Monitor ring and server utilization through NMS console. • 24 hour on call LAN support through Frye’s early warning system. • Update and maintained client network drivers, and server NLM’s and VLM’s as they became available. • Implemented and automated viruses scan procedures for in-house end users. • Created a procedure to automatically alert the network team and night shift personnel EDUCATION Associate of Applied Science, Brown College 1987 - 1989