February 2012 Quarterly Quality Forum - Employee Engagement


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  • Review with Group
  • StaceyHeadline: The concept of employee engagement has been around since the early 1990’s and is an evolved rendition of job satisfaction that Sarah will speak about laterOrientation:EE is a business management concept. (Review 3 points)Point:We decided to dig in on the topic of EE as an extension of our quality efforts and to continue the discussion we had on quality in our last QQFTransition: Lots of HR departments in lots of leading companies talk about EE but how many managers truly understand what it means and moreover decide to do something about it?
  • StaceyHeadline: So the answer to that question is NOT VERY MANYOrientation: Here we see Dilbert’s boss talking the talk but it is obviously just as a buzzword and not with an honest understanding about how important EE isPoint: We are certain that our “actively engaged” number is way better than the 31% figure you see here based on assumptions about our employee satisfaction survey but we also know that we have room for improvementTransition: So what are the things that our people need and are driven by to feel a profound connection?
  • StaceyHeadline: There are 8 drivers of EEOrientation: We should point out that according to a 2006 study (Seijts and Crim) - employees attitude toward job importance had the greatest impact on loyalty and customer service then all other employee factors combined.Point:Remember we are here talking about EE as it relates to quality so though all these drivers matter the number one lever to pull as managers is helping to shape the perceptions of our people as it relates to feeling importantTransition: This wouldn’t be a good presentation without a chart or graph so let’s put one up here…
  • ScottHeadline: We see these word cloud graphs all the time but here is one that represents the sentiment of our people from the most recent survey work we didOrientation: Important to note that this is a somewhat scientific approach to charting the sentiment of our people. The words most often used by our people are the words that are biggest on the slidePoint: The point is that we are encouraged that the word SUCK doesn’t appear up here and for the most part it appears that our people are in fact engagedTransition: So we know we do a good job around here with engagement – How about we go outside the company to look at best practices of another leading company to see how they drive engagement. Anyone want to guess who we are looking at tonight?
  • ScottHeadline: ChickFil-A and yes they get it!Orientation:We should point out about this slide is that the word cloud was developed by an independent research company that studied the most admired brands in America by a survey sample of 6,000Point:We have marveled and boasted about our RR but it doesn’t come close to the 97% CF has. CF is a family business that sells nearly $4 BILLION annually worth of sandwiches. They get EE.Transition: CF gets EE and here is where and how it fits into their success formula
  • Headline:Not a lot of companies stay in business for over 40 years let alone increase profits each year. That in itself is success definedOrientation: The CF Mission Statement is simple - - "Be America's Best Quick-Service Restaurant“ And their operating philosophy is too. It centers around the Golden rule, People and Customer centered leadership Point: We all know the golden rule right? It’s ??? (__________________) Treat people like you want to be treated. Transition: We have a training clip that CF uses for their employee orientation.
  • Headline: This clip is a great reminder that customers are people NOT objects and not a meaningless noun Orientation: When you look at this think about it in the context of what we do over the phone. Point We don’t have face:face interactions but we do make assumptions based on accents, tone of voice, grammar, speech speed and vocabularyFILMTransition: Powerful reminders right?
  • Review with Group
  • Review with Group
  • Review with Group
  • February 2012 Quarterly Quality Forum - Employee Engagement

    1. 1. How Employee Engagement Drives Quality Trase Miller Quarterly Quality Forum February 2012Trase Miller All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Agenda  Fine Dining Surprise – Special Thanks to Lynette  Robert’s Ice Breaker – Buckle Up (10 minutes)  Employee Engagement – Stacey & Scott (10 minutes)  Best Practices – Pam & Scott (20 minutes)  Plus a brief commercial on TMEC  Next Steps and Doing Your Part – Frank (10 minutes)  Business Review (20-30 minutes)  Frank / Sarah / Debbie / ScottTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. Employee Engagement Defined  An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work  Will act in ways that furthers TM’s interests  A measurable degree of an employees positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and company  Profoundly influences their willingness to learn & perform  Engagement is distinctively different from employee satisfaction, motivation and company culture  Engaged employees care about the future of our company and are willing to invest discretionary effortTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. Easier Said Than Done  Employee engagement scores account for as much as half of the variance in customer satisfaction scores  At large ONLY 31% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs  They work with passion & feel a profound connectionTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. Engagement Drivers  Employee perceptions of job importance  Employee clarity of job expectations  Career advancement/improvement opportunities  Regular feedback and dialogue with superiors  Quality of working relationships (360 )  Perceptions of Trase Miller’s values  Effective internal employee communications  Rewards for engagementTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    6. 6. Employee Satisfaction – Word Cloud • A word cloud is a weighted list presented in a visual design. These are the most frequently used words extracted from survey comments by our people • It tells a very good and very positive story that we can all be proud of • These are real sentiments and are not typical of most companiesTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. Chick Fil-A Gets Engagement  97% retention rate (corporate and franchise)  “Best drive-through in America" by QSR the quick- service restaurant trade journal 3 years running  43 consecutive years of positive sales growthTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. The Chick Fil-A Success Formula  Customer-centered leadership  Managers treat their employees how they want those employees, in turn, to treat customers.  "If we have to keep telling people what to do, it means were not modeling the behavior ourselves and if were living it every day, we dont need to talk about it”  Careful screening of employees and training that revolves entirely around the customer  Golden Rule Sensibilities - Customers are people  Every Life has a StoryTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. Customers Are People http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v0RhvZ3lvYTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. A Few Words on TMEC  Founded in 1996 – Same Mission Today  Fun  Events and Recognition  Community Service  Volunteers  Coordinator = Pam now in 2nd year  Current volunteers = 8/9  Your ideas to refreshTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    11. 11. Next Steps and Doing My Part  Focus on shaping perceptions of job importance  Connecting the dots to the employee sat survey  More effective internal employee communications  TMEC enhancements  3/3/3 Plan Worksheet  Volunteers for next Quarterly Quality Forum (May)Trase Miller All Rights Reserved
    12. 12. The EndTrase Miller All Rights Reserved
    13. 13. Marketing Update – Modified Message• Painting with broader brush • LOYALTY• Introduction of Tagline • We’re here to help you• Authenticity• Enhancements from move• Align messages to mission • Quality• More Reach • Pinterest • YouTubeTrase Miller All Rights Reserved