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Why you should have an internal podcast

Podcasts are hot again -- and for good reason. People are listening. Don't miss the opportunity to communicate internally using a podcast. Podcasts can be used effectively to communicate to dispersed workforces or large memberships. Find out why -- and how.

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Why you should have an internal podcast

  1. 1. People Listen Engage Your Internal Audience with Podcasting
  2. 2. People Listen to Podcasts • People who listen to podcasts spend an average of 110 minutes listening per day. • In comparison, the average time a person spends on a webpage is less than one minute. • According to the Washington Post, podcast downloads passed 1 billion mark last year and monthly podcast listeners number 75 million per month. • Podcasts can be delivered directly to people’s smartphones, enabling them to listen while commuting, visiting a gym or doing other activities.
  3. 3. “The increased reach and upward trend line of podcast consumption is evident in every available measure – the percentage of Americans who are listening to podcasts, the level of public awareness, and how many podcasts are being hosted and downloaded.” -- Pew Research Center, 2015 Podcast Listenership is Growing
  4. 4. Podcast Consumers Listen a Lot • On average, those who listen to podcasts spend 30% of their total daily audio time listening to podcasts. • That’s an average of 110 minutes per day.
  5. 5. That’s Way More Ear Time Than Web Eyeball Time • The average time on a webpage is less than one minute. • “As users rush through Web pages, they have time to read only a quarter of the text” – Nielson Norman Group
  6. 6. Millennials Listen
  7. 7. Millennials are THE Workforce
  8. 8. “The next frontier is your car. By next year, one industry group estimates, 50 percent of new cars sold will have Internet connectivity; by 2025, it will be all of them. ‘When that happens and there are podcasts in everybody’s car, it’s not podcasts anymore,’ says Harbinger. ‘It’s just the radio.’” – Forbes Magazine Podcasts are the New Radio
  9. 9. Companies Who Use Podcasts to Communicate to Employees
  10. 10. You have positive stories to tell about the great work your employees are doing at every level. You are making a difference for your customers and the communities you serve. Your stories deserve to be told. The challenge is to tell these stories so employees can – and will – hear them. Podcasts Tell Your Stories
  11. 11. • Use a Podcast to tell stories, through interviews. • The interview format is personable, relatable and interesting – making it more likely it will be listened to. • Podcasting creates opportunities for more engagement through social media - 56% of podcast listeners use social media sites at least once a day to several times a day. • You can include interviews on general interest topics, not just work topics, to boost interest and add value to your employee communication. Creating Podcasting Content
  12. 12. • The source for podcast content can come from: • Clients or Customers • Employees • Community partners • Other parties Sharing content from third parties, through podcast interviews, can enhance business relationships Creating Podcast Content
  13. 13. • Each Podcast is approximately 20-30 minutes • Three main segments: • Company story (employee profile, company event or news) • A broader general interest feature story • Q&A -- pre-recorded questions from employees answered • Special company announcements between segments (similar to sponsor messages on commercial Podcasts) Podcast Sample Format
  14. 14. • Employee Q&A segments • Employee groups (departments, satellite locations) who “sponsor” each podcast and create a “sponsor” message • Employees select special music to feature on the podcast (requires an ASCAP license, which many corporations already have) • Contests, polls, special features • Tie-ins and cross promotions with social media Audiences will Listen if You Create Engagement Opportunities
  15. 15. • Podcasts can be downloaded via an app to employee smartphones • App is available through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon • You can add an option so the app is only available to those you authorize • Downloads trackable by media market • Stream or download internally Podcast Distribution
  16. 16. • PathForward Communication offers complete Podcast services, including: • Editorial content development and planning • Complete podcast production • Professional broadcast host (35-year radio veteran Mike West) • Distribution management Your PathForward to Podcasting
  17. 17. Podcast Host Mike West Mike’s client list includes: • Microsoft • Bank of America • Paul McCartney Tour • AT&T • PBS • CBS • Scholastic Books Mike has interviewed top business leaders, public officials and entertainers, including: • Bill Clinton • Paul McCartney • Bill Gates • Jimmy Fallon • Conan O’Brian • …and many others.
  18. 18. Be Heard Scott Barker 202.255.8457 Let’s discuss…