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  1. 1. ViNTERA.TV ViNTERA.TV app for SmartTV Samsung & LG
  2. 2. ViNTERA.TV app for Smart TVs Samsung & LG V iNTERA.TV is application for online watching TV channels via Smart TVs Samsung & LG with SD, HD, 3D quality. V iNTERA.TV provides to the customers the opportunity of watching TV channels from the public Internet and from the local IPTV networks or ISP. V iNTERA.TV provides the opportunity to the international TV channels to extend throughout the world via Smart TV Samsung & LG. 04.03.14 2
  3. 3. ViNTERA.TV is universal platform for watching and broadcasting of TV-channels on all Internet-connected devices: SmartTV, PC, Internet TV set-top boxes, iPhone/iPad/Android. V iNTERA.TV app is the part of the universal platform V iNTERA.TV with the same name. 04.03.14 3
  4. 4. How to use the ViNTERA.TV app If you are owner of any Smart TV Samsung of 2010-2013 or LG you should press Smart TV button on the panel and enter in «ApplicationStore» Samsung or LG after that you should find and download ViNTERA.TV app where you will enjoy of watching favorite TV channels. Two lists of TV channels are available to users . «Internet-TV» list provides their users the opportunity to watch a package of TV-channels from the public Internet. «Providers TV» list provides their users the opportunity to watch open TV-channels from local network of ISP or IPTV operator. Any TV-channels could be included in the «Favourites» list from «Internet-TV» and «Providers TV» lists. 04.03.14 4
  5. 5. The main page of V iNTERA.TV app 04.03.14 5
  6. 6. About language of the ViNTERA.TV app The interface of the app is executed in two languages. When you choose Russian language in TV settings the language of the app will be Russian. When you choose any other language it will be English. The application provides a choice of language, frame format 16:9 or 4:3, full screen, on/off 3D. 04.03.14 6
  7. 7. Main advantages of the ViNTERA.TV app • Possibility of online watching TV channels from Internet, local networks of ISP and IPTV operators with SD, HD, 3D quality. • On 01.12.13 ViNTERA.TV platform provides more than 25 millions connections to TV channels per month, playlists of more than 1700 internet providers and IPTV operators. • Free access to all services of ViNTERA.TV. • Availability, simplicity and convenience in use for customers. • Possibility of limitation of Internet TV broadcasting by territory of the owner. 04.03.14 7
  8. 8. Advantages of the V iNTERA.TV app • For audience: Free watching TV channels with SD, HD, 3D quality from Internet and local networks of IPTV/Internet providers; Multiscreen is always, everywhere and on all the screens. • For IPTV/Internet providers: Free and rapid integration of playlists; Expand broadcasting of IPTV/Internet provider up to broadcasting in Internet (OTT). • For broadcasters: Broadcasting TV channels on all Smart TVs Samsung & LG (from 2 900 rub per month); Crossplatform broadcasting gives opportunity of commutation with cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial operators; Access to online statistics (option). 04.03.14 8
  9. 9. ViNTERA.TV is the meeting place of the audience, operators and TV-channels! +7 (495) 781 2061 04.03.14 9
  10. 10. ViNTERA.TV is the meeting place of the audience, operators and TV-channels! +7 (495) 781 2061 04.03.14 9