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Swagtron T1 Review: Is It a Safe Hoverboard (Christmas 2016 Edition)


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The Swagtron T1 hoverboard is the newest hoverboard from Swagtron (formerly Swagway). This updated self-balancing scooter adds important safety features to the older X1 design. Additionally, the Swagtron T1 is UL-2272 certified, and won't catch fire or explode like other models might. See what makes this a much safer hoverboard, and why it is my top pick for the best hoverboard to buy for Christmas 2016.

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Swagtron T1 Review: Is It a Safe Hoverboard (Christmas 2016 Edition)

  2. 2. THE SWAGTRON T1 • What I’ll Cover • A quick history of hoverboards • What’s a Swagtron? • Safety features built into the T1. • The T1’s specifications • Review of the SwagTron T1 • How does the T1 compare? • Where to get your own.
  3. 3. A QUICK HISTORY OF HOVERBOARDS Hoverboards Debuted at CES in Jan 2015 November 2015 “hoverboard” is searched in Google 2.5 million times News reports begin to pop up about hoverboard fires 12/15/15 Amazon temporarily stops selling hoverboards January 2016 CPSC and UL begin investigating hoverboard safety February 2016 CPSC asks for hoverboard retailers to stop selling them until they are safe. (Voluntarily)
  4. 4. 2016: HOVERBOARD S ARE FOUND TO HAVE A “FEW” PROBLEMS Most retailers halt sales because of the danger to customers and possibility of lawsuits.
  5. 5. ” “ All hoverboards are unsafe Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman discussing hoverboards. Underwriter Labs was tasked with testing hoverboards to see just how unsafe they could be.
  6. 6. UL 2272 CREATED BY UNDERWRITER LABS (UL) Some of the more than 40 different test areas • CONSTRUCTION • 6 Non-Metallic Materials • 7 Metallic Parts Resistance to Corrosion • 8 Enclosures • 9 Wiring and Terminals • 10 Chargers • 11 Fuses • 12 Lighting • 13 Electrical Spacings and Separation of Circuits • 14 Insulation Levels and Protective Grounding • 15 Protective Circuits and Safety Analysis • 16 Cells • 17 Motors • 18 Manufacturing and Production Line Testing • It’s a safety standard for self-balancing electric scooters. • UL-2272 compliant, not required, but most stores won’t sell products that don’t meet the standard
  7. 7. SWAGWAY CHOOSE TO REBRAND TO SWAGTRON They also redesigned their products to ensure that they could pass the new UL-2272 safety standards.
  8. 8. WHAT THE HECK IS A SWAGTRON? It’s the next generation of hoverboard, designed with safety in min
  9. 9. SWAGWAY X1 VS. SWAGTRON T1 SWAGWAY X1 – 1st Gen Technology SWAGTRON T1 – 2nd Gen Technology
  10. 10. STYLE WISE, FEW VISIBLE CHANGES • Reduced wheel wells • Non-slip grip foot pads
  11. 11. INSIDE, HOWEVER Just a few of the new features: • SentryShield battery pack • Safestop low battery management • 2 new modes of operation
  12. 12. SENTRYSHIELD BATTERY PACK Old battery pack Blue Plastic wrap = no protection New battery pack Air-tight aluminum case = Mega protection
  13. 13. SENTRYSHIELD BATTERY PACK Air-tight aluminum case surrounds battery Prevents battery exposure to oxygen, reducing chance of fire. Stronger mounting points secures it better May also fit other brands if
  15. 15. THE CHEMICALS INSIDE A LITHIUM ION BATTERY CAN REACT EXPLOSIVELY WHEN EXPOSED TO OXYGEN. This is puncture test. It just pokes a hole in the battery A battery is heated till it fails. It only takes 20 seconds.
  17. 17. THAT’S PRETTY IMPRESSIVE • A little smoke was all that happened after the battery pack was heated with that blow torch for 30 min. • When unarmored, the batteries burst into flames almost immediately from the heat. • I’m amazed that there wasn’t more fires caused by hoverboards.
  18. 18. WHEN YOUR BATTERY DIES ON A HOVERBOARD It will beep as a warning, and then very soon, it will stop balancing itself. Usually, this causes a rider to react like this
  19. 19. SAFESTOP IS DESIGNED TO GENTLY STOP YOUR HOVERBOARD • When the battery gets down to it’s “I’m about to die” stage, the T1 will beep to let you know. • If you keep riding, the battery will die (mostly). It will redirect the last remaining bit of power to the balance sensors. • While slowing to a stop, the rider will be able to keep their balance and get off in a controlled manner.
  20. 20. THE T1 HAS 2 NEW OPERATING MODES Learner • Reduced speed • Lowered responsiveness to riders movements • Makes it much easier to learn to ride Standard • Full speed • Full responsiveness.
  21. 21. MANY OTHER NEW FEATURES • Wider foot pads • ABS plastic shell that’s flame-resistant • Silicone gel to protect circuits • Changed gearing for a smoother ride • And many more… Honestly, this just barely covers it, check out the full review Read the Full Review
  22. 22. THE T1’S SPECIFICATIONS • Max Speed: 8+ MPH • Top Range: 12 mi • Charge time: 2-3 hrs • Load weight: 220 lbs • Battery Capacity: 2.6 Ah • Battery Voltage: 37 V dc • Wheel Size: 6.5” solid rubber • Size: 23” W x 7” H x 7” D • Hoverboard weight: 22 lbs. Most hoverboar ds have these same specs.
  23. 23. AVAILABLE IN 6 COLORS Blue | Yellow | White | Pink | Garnet | Black
  25. 25. WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT ON AMAZON These guys loved it
  26. 26. THIS GUY DIDN’T QUITE LIKE IT He’s right, the T1 doesn’t speed and range aren’t quite as good as the X1 For most people, the performance compared to the And some people like to make jokes. =)
  27. 27. PROS SentryShield battery pack UL 2272 Certified Amazon and Best Buy are selling them again Learning mode for beginners Better anti-slip Harder ABS hoverboard shell MSRP $400 at time of print
  28. 28. CONS • Lower top speed 8 mph vs 10 mph for the X1 • Reduced range, 12 mi vs 15 mi for X1 The specs are slightly lower than the previous model the X1, however the safety features easily outweigh this as a negative.
  29. 29. SUMMARY • The CONs listed are relatively minor when compared to how much safer the SwagTron T1 is compared to any other hoverboard. • Watch the YouTube video with the blow torch. I was amazed. • $400 price is reasonable and it includes a 1 year warranty. Keep reading to see how the Swagtron T1 compares to other hoverboards
  30. 30. HOW DOES THE SWAGTRON T1 COMPARE VS: Swagtron T1 Razor Hovertrax vertrax and the T1 are very similar, but the T1 is better performing for the same Hovertrax 2.0 Review
  31. 31. HOW DOES THE SWAGTRON T1 COMPARE VS: Swagtron T1 Powerboard by Hoverboard ce they are about the same, the safety features make the T1 infinitely better, but the Powerboard is slightl Powerboard by Hoverboard Review
  32. 32. HOW DOES THE SWAGTRON T1 COMPARE VS: Swagtron T1 Segway MiniPro niPro has some interesting features, but costs $1000. At $400, the T1 kind of wi
  33. 33. NO MATTER WHAT HOVERBOARD YOU BUY, YOU SHOULD GET IT ON AMAZON • Many places selling hoverboards are sketchy. They are out to make a quick $ and don’t care about the customer. • Over-priced or no extended warranties available at other places. Amazon offers SquareTrade extended warranty for hoverboards bought on their site. • You may be able too save money if you don’t have to pay sales tax or shipping because you bought it on Amazon.
  34. 34. A SQUARETRADE HOVERBOARD EXTENDED WARRANTY• Costs 10-12% of Hoverboard Purchase Price • Extends Warranty for 2 years past manufacturer’s warranty • Transferable warranty • No costs for repairs, parts, or shipping to service center. • SquareTrade is well established company. They’ll still be around in 2 years. Many hoverboard companies, not so much. • For comparison: an additional 1 year protection through Swagway is $99. For my complete rundown of why this is a great buy visit
  36. 36. ABOUT SCOOTERERA.COM • Hi, I’m Travis, and I run • It’s a website about hoverboards and self-balancing scooters that I started almost a year ago. I started it because I had a bunch of my friends asking my opinion on them and which were a good hoverboard to buy. I figured other people might need help too. • On the site there are more reviews, as well as hoverboard guides, and even tutorials on how to fix your hoverboard in case it breaks. • I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.
  37. 37. I HOPE THIS HAS HELPED, BE SURE TO THIS VIDEO Visit the Site at: Learn More About the T1 Thanks for Watching
  38. 38. Audio by: "The Lift" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License