The Tale of Sim - part 1


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The Tale of Sim - part 1

  1. 1. Hello everyone, this is Jane Sim. I made nearly everything about her myself, from the colour of her jeans to her stripy top to her lipstick and eye shadow shade along with her hair. So, of course, I love her. She wants to be leader of the free world, so I send her to city hall straight away.
  2. 2. After getting a job as a podium polisher I send Jane to pick up some groceries. Of course, she doesn’t know any recipes and neither do I so I picked up an onion and a potato… *stupid smile*
  3. 3. I look at the map and see that her work colleagues live in a nice penthouse, the one at the back in the green jumper and pencil skirt is Jane’s boss.
  4. 4. I’m fed up with cooking autumn salad. So Jane takes one of the books that came with the case and starts to learn how to cook.
  5. 5. For dinner I sent her and her boss out as a ‘getting to know you (give me a raise)’ outing, when I spot this guy.. Sure he’s a little chunky, but a few weeks after he moves in I’ll soon have him down the gym every day. Jane seems to be interested too.
  6. 6. Until she met this guy, Xander, who is much better looking, here they are meeting at the pool (as Jane had a want to go there)
  7. 7. For a few days Jane’s life was relatively mediocre, going to work and speaking to friends. She needed to get a partner soon at this point as she was getting older.
  8. 8. Until there was the dreaded fire of doom, of course Jane just stood there, but by the time the fire-fighter (who was fat and ugly) had arrived it was too late and Jane had extinguished it herself… Pah! Sims
  9. 9. So after the fire she had a quick breakfast, then realised that she hadn’t showered and by the time she had done both things she was 2 hours late for work and so he she comes sprinting out the house to get to work.
  10. 10. I only limit cooking to cold food in this house now, unless I know Jane can cook it okay, either that or just bread and jam ^^
  11. 11. Please excuse the plumbbob in this pic, this is Xander’s house. Like WOW. You can see Jane’s rather humble abode in the distance with the walls down (sorry I forgot!) And this house roof jutting out the bottom of the pic belongs to Cyl0n3 sw0rd… ok
  12. 12. I try to get them to woohoo but Xander isn’t having none of it. When she tried again after a few more interactions the comment from Xander said ‘feels that Jane is being creepy’ Haha!
  13. 13. Jane asks Xander to move in the next day (he says yes) In the bottom left are Xander’s parents, Bessie and Buster.
  14. 14. After Xander moves in Jane becomes pregnant, I sent her to the hospital for medical advice and nearly had a heart-attack when I saw it was $200, maybe I was so shocked because I forgot it was American-made, in the UK we get health care free.
  15. 15. Xander took a class at the stadium to improve his athletic abilities to get higher up the career ladder as a criminal, and he got spotted by a talent scout and is now an athlete, so he jogged all the way home (which is a really long way, it took him 3 hours) without breaking a sweat.
  16. 16. It was that night when Jane went into labour, she had a wish for a baby girl but you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you?! Until next time.