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G.FAST and UltraHD TV - Solving the Bandwidth Problem


Published on is the new ultra broadband standard and will deliver up to 1Gbps of broadband access over existing copper phone lines.

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G.FAST and UltraHD TV - Solving the Bandwidth Problem

  1. 1. G.FAST AND UHD UHD bandwidth to be solved by
  2. 2. "“Consumers want their broadband supplier to support 4K TV services. However, DSL isn’t fast enough. Only Sckipio’s solution today is proven to deliver UHDTV over real- world telco environments to up to 16 concurrent subscribers per distribution point.” David Baum, CEO of Sckipio Technologies
  3. 3. "The hot new product this holiday season and beyond is 4K UHD TVs. But consumers need confidence that 4K UHD TV online content distribution services, which are often limited by bandwidth rates, are feasible. offers a promising way to overcome this challenge." Gary Shapiro, CEA President and CEO
  4. 4. "Consumers should have confidence that the leading broadband service providers globally are working hard to deliver 1Gbps, ultra broadband access. The new standard makes it possible for telcos to deploy 4K UHD services faster and more affordably than they could with Fiber to the Home (FTTH)." Robin Mersh, CEO Broadband Forum