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Open inspiration june 12 2013, hippih hip key


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Open inspiration june 12 2013, hippih hip key

  1. 1. Prototype case: the hipKeyJune 2013
  2. 2. Company established in 2008 dedicated to developing innovative, affordableaccessories and solutions that are designed to make your life easier. All of ourproducts are designed using state of the art technology that not only looks good, butmore importantly, really works.Sales relationship with Apple since 2008.Company partnership with large European electronic manufacturer leading tostrengthened R&D & Executive team in 2012.For further information about the company and founders visit www.hippih.comHippih company background info
  3. 3. lost or stolen devices every minute in the US (29.696.400 cells per year)Quote from just one UK insurance company25.000 Smart Phones lost or stolen every month in the UKFrom discussions with Vodafone55.000 Vodafone customers lost their phone in NL in 2012A few relevant statistics and market insights
  4. 4. What is a hipKey? The hipKey is a proximity and movement alarm, witch can secureand protect users from lost of Smart devices, data and other valuables.“hipKey™ is a revolutionary new product that helpsyou keep an eye on your valuables. Whether keepingtrack of your Smartphone, Tablet or even your lovedones, hipKey™ will help protect the things you lovemost. At the push of a button, hipKey™ will save youtime by helping
you find your belongings. Simplyattach the device to the item of your choice andyou’re ready to go”
  5. 5. hipKey has received the highly prestigious reddot Design Award2013Essen, March 2013red dot award: product design 2013And the red dot goes to...Dear Danny van der Poel,In 2013 the jury of the “red dot award: product design” was onceagain looking for the best products and projects of the year – true tothe motto “In search of excellence”. With your elaborate andinnovative design, you have proven your know-how and competedwith the best in your industry.For this reason, I am delighted to inform you that you are one of thewinners of this year’s “red dot award: product design”. In anevaluation process lasting several days, you were able to win overthe international expert panel with the design quality of yourproduct. I congratulate you on your award and your success – alsoon behalf of the red dot jurors!You succeeded against extremely ambitious competitors: This year,1,865 manufacturers, designers and architects from 54 countrieswere hoping to receive the coveted red dot quality seal with theirproducts and projects. The largest red dot jury of all times had totest, discuss and evaluate 4,662 works – live and on site. Due to theconsistently high quality of the entries, it was not easy for the 37renowned professionals to make their decisions. Only the bestproducts were bestowed with the coveted award for aesthetic formsand lasting trends.I am looking forward to welcoming you on 1 July 2013 in Essen andexperiencing an unforgettable evening with you!With best regards,
  6. 6. Prototyping / Illustrations 2010
  7. 7. Prototyping / Illustrations 2010
  8. 8. Prototyping / Illustrations 2011
  9. 9. Prototyping / Illustrations 2012
  10. 10. Prototyping / Illustrations 2012
  11. 11. Prototypes 2011 / 2012
  12. 12. March 2013; hipKey wins the highly recognized international red dot award in product design.March 2013; PromZ Promotional Product of the Year 2013 (given at an international trade-fair in Holland)15 April 2013; Gadling hipKey review – Excellent: March 2013; 5 stars of 5 possible - Excellent: March 2013; 5 stars of 5 possible - Excellent: March 2013; 5 stars of 5 possible - Excellent: Jan 2013; 4,5 Stars out of 6 Stars Jan 2013; 3 stars of 3 possible - Excellent: Jan 2013; 8.8 of 10 points is scoring top scores with hands-on Reviews
  13. 13. hipKey is very positively profiled in highly acknowledged mediasacross Europe and USA
  14. 14. Introducing hipKeyAlarm ModeMotion ModeChild ModeSafe Zone
  15. 15. Industrial DesignMaterialsSpecification• Aluminum ring• Black A/B covers• Power Key (clear topcoat)• Action Key (clear topcoat)• Speaker metal net• Bluetooth 4.0• Buzzer• Vibrator•Motion sensor• Re-Chargeable battery• Red & green LED lights• micro USB chargerProduct promisehipkey watches out for the thingsand people you care aboutProduct backgroundHuman nature to forgetful, to be distracted, to be careless.Especially in stressful situations. Thats how we lose or forgetthings. Imaging leaving behind your iPhone. What a catastrophe!HipKey solves this problem. Youd be lost without it.Hipkey is ultimately an advanced wireless proximity accessorythat will establish a permanent low power connection to youriPhone or iPad. If you keep hipkey on you, it will always help younot to forget your iPhone or iPad. However hipkey comes withmany other features. E.g. use hipkey to keep your running childin range or to protect your camera bag when placed in a pocket.Or what about monitoring a sleeping child or using hipkey as adoor alarm with its motion sensor. The possibilities areenormous.BusinessHipkey is a product to be sold globally. It is made to work withBluetooth 4.0 LE Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.Sales channels are: B2C and B2B.Key Selling Points• Iconic design made by quality & long lasting materials• Excellent user experience. Made to be with you at anytime, in the background waiting to warn you when youare about to leave you iOS device behind.• Timeless, hipkey be relevant and meeting thetechnology and feature requirements for many years tocome.Key featuresAlarm mode:Warns you if you forget your iPhone or iPador if someone attempts to steal itChild Mode:Alerts you if your child wanders too faraway from you – very useful in public areasMotion Mode:Put hipkey in your bag and you are alertedif someone moves it. Also handy formonitoring a sleeping child.Find Me:Quickly find your iPhone or iPad or yourkeys at any time.hipKey – one pager
  16. 16. Introducing hipKeyAlarm ModeMotion ModeChild ModeFind MeSafe Zone