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#SPW13 - Career navigation for counsellors, teachers and students - OPENSKIMR workshop


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The 13th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organised by Scientix, in collaboration with the STEM Alliance and OPENSKIMR took place in Brussels in October 2016, from Friday 14 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 16 (end ~14h).

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#SPW13 - Career navigation for counsellors, teachers and students - OPENSKIMR workshop

  1. 1. EUN WORKSHOP OPENSKIMR OPENSKIMR is the upcoming European Open Source initiative that builds up strong competence in matching skills, learnings and job opportunities.
  2. 2. OPENSKIMR WORKSHOP AGENDA AGENDA: • SHORT INTRODUCTION “What is OPENSKIMR?” + VIDEO • POTENTIAL of OPENSKIMR • BRAINSTORM SESSION “Synergies with National Initiatives” • CO-CREATION SESSION 1 “How can the simulation within the OPENSKIMR Route Planner be applied in schools?” • CO-CREATION SESSION 2 “Fancy Job Stories” • SUMMARY & NEXT STEPS 2
  3. 3. OPENSKIMR WHAT IS OPENSKIMR? THE OPEN SKILL MATCH MAKER • It is a project funded by the European Union that aims to create a possible skill-matchmaking between talents, jobs and the required education. This tool targets to support people individually with their career path and combines life-long- learning opportunities with specific job offers. THE UNIQUE FEATURES: • European classification system ESCO • Development of a set of algorithm that match talents with perfect fitting jobs and in addition suggest learnings, which shall support in evolving individual career routes of future talents. WHO stands behind OPENSKIMR? • PDAgroup: • Management Center Innsbruck (MCI): • Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U.: • Digital Europe (Subcontractor): • European Schoolnet (Subcontractor): 3
  4. 4. OPENSKIMR WHAT IS OPENSKIMR? TARGETS • Providing guidance • Matching talents with actual jobs based on their individual skill set • suggesting further learnings/education to reach individual “dream jobs” • Making the creation of individual career routes possible BACKGROUND • “European Skill Mismatch” • Unemployment & Frustration • Long term employment vs. Short term employment • Changing Labor Markets • Lack of information on possibilities/mobility 4 © Cedefop (European Commission)
  5. 5. VISION WHAT IS OPENSKIMR? The vision of OPENSKIMR is to upskill and guide talents in the ICT sector and thereby reduce the unemployment rate and increase the mobility in Europe as well. Our vision involves: • The development of an independent expert and talent community • A set of algorithms, which involve the match-making and the recommendation of jobs and the right education, based on dynamic users skill sets • The proof of concept of our approach through a platform with real data of talents, opportunities and learnings 5
  7. 7. 7 OPENSKIMR CORE FUNCTIONALITY Individual Career Routes Job Offers and Occupations ESCO Learnings Algorithms
  8. 8. OPENSKIMR CORE FUNCTIONALITY 8 The core functionality of OPENSKIMR is a set of algorithms. This set of algorithms enable the talent to assess their skill set and to create their individual career route. The three core algorithms of the OPENSKIMR functionality are: • “MATCHING-ALGORITHM”: This algorithm matches talents to jobs or occupations based on their skillset. This algorithm works in two steps because diverse parameters have to be taken into consideration. • “SKILL-GAP-ALGORITHM”: This algorithm shows skill differences between talents and their dream job or occupation. • “PATH-FINDING-ALGORITHM”: This algorithm suggests learning to close the previously calculated skill gap. In order that these three algorithms are able to function a talent need to register, login and choose a set of skills and rate them according to their talent’s self-assessment. We developed a specific OPENSKIMR self-assessment for this pilot project, which is based on ESCO V1 occupations and skills.
  9. 9. OPENSKIMR SKILL-ASSESSMENT CONCEPT IDEA 9 OPENSKIMR aims to provide the talents guidance and enable them to develop their individual career route. This pilot project provides the talents two self-assessment possibilities based on ESCO occupations and the related skills. These two assessment concepts diversify because some talents have already a dream job in mind but others not. Talents can choose between the: • SKILL-BASED WAY: In this case talents do not have a clear picture of their dream job. These kind of talents demand guidance and want to see what is possible with their skill set and where can they get. They want to know what they are able to reach with their current skill set and what would be possible with additional education. • OCCUPATION-BASED WAY: In this case talents do have a dream job in mind and want to look, if they can reach their dream job with their current skill set. These kind of talents want to be informed what kind of skills are missing and how they could upskill themselves. Furthermore, they are looking for insights what they could do with their current skill set and what would be further possibilities with additional education.
  10. 10. OPENSKIMR SKILL-ASSESSMENT CONCEPT IDEA 10 HOW DOES THE SELF-ASSESSMENT CONCEPT WORK? SKILL-BASED WAY: Talents can choose skill cluster bubbles, which describe their capabilities. Based on these skill clusters talents receive a skills overview. Besides, related skills cluster with its skills will be shown. The talent can choose its skill set. In the last step talents can rate the chosen skills. OCCUPATION-BASED WAY: Talents can insert their dream job into a key search field. The specific occupation and related occupations will be shown with the assigned skills. Talents can select the skills of diverse occupations in order to define the individual skill set. In the last step talents can rate the chosen skills. After the skill-based way or the occupation-based way the talent will receive suggestions for: • matching occupations • matching jobs On the basis of this suggestion the talent can either repeat the skill assessment or start to plan their individual career route.
  11. 11. OPENSKIMR PROJECT SCOPE 11 OPENSKIMR aims to prove the intelligent set of algorithms behind the SKILL MATCH MAKING SYSTEM. This system involves the functionality to enable talents to plan and simulate their individual career routes powered by the right learnings – as talents will have the right information about appropriate education and free learning offerings which are most suitable for their individual career goals at their finger tips. Currently, we are trying to proof our set of algorithms on the basis of the following eight occupations (general job descriptions defined by ESCO*: • Data Scientist • ICT Business Analyst • ICT Consultant • ICT Project Manager • Network Engineer • ICT Security Administrator • Software Developer • Mobile App Developer We are currently applying for further funding to enlarge this set to further occupations as soon as possible. * ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) is an European classification system.
  12. 12. OPENSKIMR POTENTIAL POTENTIAL of OPENSKIMR: Young talents learn a lot about core competences and skills which they can acquire in school as well as in their spare time – with the motivating perspective to find their dream job. OPENSKIMR is the upcoming European open source initiative that builds up strong competence in matching skills, learnings and job opportunities. IDEAS: • Usage of OPENSKIMR Career Route Planner to simulate different career path which are triggered through skills and competences young talents acquire in school • Usage of OPENSKIMR to motivate young talents to better performance – as they can individually work on their individual career with relevant, real time information about required skills and knowledge • Usage of the partner network of OPENSKIMR for getting access to career relevant additional free learnings and courses – once again closely related to real job offers • Promoting STEM jobs 12
  14. 14. OPENSKIMR BRAINSTORM SESSION We would need your knowledge and expertise: • Could you name interesting national initiatives, which are covering the topics of digitalization and career and would have synergies with our initiative? • Could you name us interesting national initiatives, where you think that OPENSKIMR and EUN are able to hook in and leverage the initiative? In order to find the best possible choices, we are going to make a BRAINSTORMING WORKSHOP. 14
  15. 15. OPENSKIMR BRAINSTORM SESSION RULES OF THE GAME 1. Please split up in groups of 5 people. 2. Every person needs several “POST-ITS” and a pen. 3. Start with the “SILENT BRAIN DUMP”. • Each person has 2 minutes and starts to write each initiative, which comes up in his/her mind clearly well readable on a post-it (only one idea per stikynote). 4. After the “SILENT BRAIN DUMP” please present your generated initiatives to your colleagues in your group (one minute per presenter). 5. After the presentation of all group members, please discuss the best fitting initiatives, where OPENSKIMR & EUN can hook in in your group and write these on a large stikynote. 6. Each Group presents shortly their choices and names arguments for it. 15
  17. 17. OPENSKIMR CO-CREATION 1 We would intensively need your experience and knowledge: • How can we generate buzz for OPENSKIMR in schools? • How can we draw attention of pupils for OPENSKIMR? 17
  18. 18. OPENSKIMR CO-CREATION 1 18 We would intensively need your knowledge & experience: • For what kind of lesson, which setting of the simulation route planner would be useable? • Where would the simulation of the career route planner be applicable from your point of view? • What else can we provide teachers with in order to support them? Additional questions and discussion topics: • What kind of information, would you demand from OPENSKIMR that it is interesting enough for pupils and teachers? • What kind of stories would make it interesting for class/lessons? Please discuss these questions in your groups and prepare a short presentation!
  20. 20. OPENSKIMR CO-CREATION 2 20 Could you agree to cooperate and co-create a European competition like this: We would be interested in cool stories of pupils and alumni pupils: • “How did they find their totally fancy and special STEM job?” • “How did they reach their goals and this job?” • “Who can tell the most fancy job-story?” The best story will win. CONTEST CO-CREATION & COOPERATION: BRAINSTORMING SESSION: How could this job-story sharing look like? • Share Ideas, Suggestions & Experiences (*Contacting your network –pupils and alumni network). (*We would try to organize special sponsor prices from our partners.)
  21. 21. OPENSKIMR QUESTIONNAIRE 21 We need your expertise and support! Please share among your networks, especially in your schools. Survey for workshop participants: Here you find the link: Survey to be spread to pupils: Here you can find the link to spread: I can also provide a pdf. file, if needed.
  23. 23. • Find more information at our homepage: • Follow us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • GET in CONTACT – FIRST HAND INFORMATION: • Peter Mirski: • Dania Radi: OPENSKIMR CONTACT - DETAILS 23