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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: STEM & MAKERS/FEST EXPO


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Presentation of "STEM & MAKERS/FEST EXPO", held during the 10th Scientix Projects Networking Event, Brussels, 26 February 2016

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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: STEM & MAKERS/FEST EXPO

  1. 1. STEM&MAKERS FEST/EXPO Dr. ŞAHİN İDİN Ministry of National Education/TURKEY Web:
  2. 2. Hacettepe STEM Lab. Academy This Project created by Assoc. Prof. Gültekin Çakmakçı who Works at Hacettepe University. He also president of STEM Lab. Academy.
  3. 3. Scope of the Project What does STEM mean? Is STEM important or not! If STEM is important that’s why! What can be done within the STEM for teachers and also for students? What kind of activities can be carried out with using STEM?
  4. 4. What does Inquary Based Learning mean? What kind of stages does IBL has? How can be configured a science course with using IBL? What does Formative Assessment mean? Formative Assessment is important or not! That’s why!
  5. 5. What did we do?  Firstly, STEM teachers were educated on STEM after that they educated their students on STEM.  It has been carried out 10 training courses to STEM teachers within the project up to now.  480 STEM teachers took advantage of from this Project.
  6. 6.  Each training events took two days which are related STEM.  Teachers tried their students’ realising their potential.  Teachers carried out some activities with their students.  Robotics,  Digital games,  Crazy experiments on science education,  Lego studies,
  7. 7. National Conference on STEM  Aims:  To see pojects’ results on STEM,  To gather researchers, STEM teachers, academicians, students and their parents,  To support each of Professional expert’s experience,  Doing, Hands on actvities about STEM,  To Show why we have to develop STEM studies in Turkey,
  8. 8. The conference organised by Hacettepe University Stem Lab. Academy. Ministry of National Education supported this event. Conference lasted two days and 26 different workshops carried out during 7-8th September . Each workshops did four times during conference.
  9. 9. Keynote Speeches Robotics, Digital games, Maker acts, TEDx , Effect of using Photo/video/music in science education,
  10. 10. Open Zone: 21 different firms had chance to Show their Works during conference. They did about 50 different scientifix experiment during conference. Planery Speechies: 13 different planery speechies,
  11. 11. The Workshops There were 26 different workshops within the conference. Some workshops were for the students and some workshops were just science teachers.
  12. 12. The workshops  Young science robotic workshop,  Game programming with Scratch & 3 dimension game programming with MS Code,  Educational robotic activities,  Simulation software in STEM Education & using robotic,  Alternative assessment strategies in STEM Education,  Engineer brains & STEM&Makers Academy,  Crazy experiments with simple materials,
  13. 13. Maker acts in education, STEM with Lego Education, 3D printer Technologies for educators, STEM Education for Math teachers, Math and Science for Life? SAILS, Hybrid high schools, Nominative innovative physic experiments exhibitions,
  14. 14. Write-a-Science-Opera (WASO), Highlights of Physics" and "IdeenExpo" Workshop: “How to Present Science in 10 Minutes?,
  15. 15. Participants 800 STEM Teachers 2550 students and also their parents
  16. 16.  Şahin-Web.docx
  17. 17. 
  18. 18. E-Mail:  