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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: Science in Schools


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Presentation of the project "Science in Schools" by the British Council - France, held during the 10th Scientix Projects Networking Event, Brussels, 26 February 2016

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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: Science in Schools

  1. 1. « Science in Schools » 
  2. 2. Science: To give young people a postive image of science and and of science careers by exposing them to top-level research in a range of scientific domains Language : To allow young people to hear and use the English language in an authentic international context Innovative teaching and learning : To stimulate a hands-on approach to teaching and learning science and language by proposing interactive workshops run by trained science communicators Objectives of the programme
  3. 3. Science in Schools playlist Bradford (From fat to fuel): preview=France+3+Toulon+10.12.10.wmv Newcastle (Beauty by the Geeks):
  4. 4. The Science in Schools Staffroom – accompanying resources •On-line resources to accompany each workshop theme •Lesson plans for before/during and after the workshops •Resources by topic and by level – secondary and primary •Hosted on dedicated British Council platform Schools Online
  5. 5. SchoolLab- Bringing science communication to schools SchoolLab is an innovative, pilot version of the FameLab science communication competition in schools where participants enhance their knowledge of science and develop their skills in communication, in presentation and in English. SchoolLab allows our network of FameLab alumni and our local science centre partners to connect with and inspire a younger generation through their mentoring of the programme.
  6. 6. SchoolLab- completing the link SchoolLab completes the link between Science in Schools and FameLab, giving schoolchildren an active role in science communication and inspiring them to follow in the footsteps of the current generation of young researchers.
  7. 7. SchoolLab- what it means for students SchoolLab helps students •Understand the exciting challenges of science •Develop critical and creative thinking through innovative and creative activities •Gain the confidence and skills required to present their ideas •See young scientists as role models