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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: Archipelag Matematyki


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Presentation of "Archipelag Matematyki", held during the 10th Scientix Projects Networking Event, Brussels, 26 February 2016

Published in: Education
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Scientix 10th SPNE Brussels 26 Feb 2016: Archipelag Matematyki

  1. 1. An innovative way of teaching and learning mathematics based on virtual reality and games Barbara Roszkowska-Lech Project financed mainly by European Funds
  2. 2. Financed mainly by European Funds Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology New building of the Faculty of Mathematics, 2012
  3. 3. What is the main idea?
  4. 4. The original idea • Show beautiful, fascinating pieces of mathematics without full formalism • Understandable for an average student
  5. 5. Archipelago of Mathematics Math with fun
  6. 6. Easy access for all - an attractive form
  7. 7. Easy access for all - an attractive form
  8. 8. Main goals • Increasing secondary school students’ interest in mathematics and motivating them to continue higher education in the field of mathematics, technical and natural sciences • The development and pilot implementation of innovative curriculum and teaching methods
  9. 9. Elements of the program Presentation of interesting and important ideas of mathematics in relation to other scientific fields and different aspects of our life Developing mathematical skills Activation of students’ creative potential
  10. 10. Elements of the program Computer game convention in learning mathematics Demonstrating the role of mathematics in understanding the world Introduction of content outside the school curriculum
  11. 11. Elements of teaching and learning method
  12. 12. • The method is based on play, teamwork, cooperation and competition • The role of teacher - tutor and guide • Attractive elements outside the school curriculum • Demonstrating the role of mathematics in understanding the world and in professional activity
  13. 13. • Enabling users to contribute to the content and to shape the world of Archipelago • Developing mathematical skills with the use of digital tools
  14. 14. The structure of the Archipelago Archipelag Wyspy Misje Jednostki Treści The Archipelago Islands Paths Units
  15. 15. An Island
  16. 16. Multimedia materials • Unusual phenomena of mathematics • Interesting and understandable proofs • Presentations of mathematical fields • Mini-games • Applications of mathematics • Interviews • Biographies • 6 episodes of the movie Pirates About 400 films, games, etc.
  17. 17. Thank you