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Scientix 4th SPNE Barcelona 16 April 2015: GenPORT


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Presentation of the GenPORT project, the 4th SPNE Barcelona 16 April 2015

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Scientix 4th SPNE Barcelona 16 April 2015: GenPORT

  1. 1. GenPORT: Your gateway to gender and science resources
  2. 2. GenPORT is a developing online community of practitioners, served by an internet portal and made up of organisations and individuals working across the globe for gender equality and excellence in science, technology or innovation. This covers all sciences – natural and social sciences, and humanities.
  3. 3. FP7 Science in Society Coordinating and Support Action Runs from 2013 - 2017 Coordinated by Juliet Webster Jörg Müller
  4. 4. Consortium UK Elizabeth Pollitzer, Henrietta Dale Italy Manualita Mancini, Barbara de Micheli, Maria Caprile, Rachel Palmen Slovakia Alejandra Bitusikova Sweden Liisa Husu, Jeff Hearn Germany Anke Lipinsky, Nina Steinweg, Laura Getz
  5. 5. Stakeholder Groups Scientists & Reseachers Horizon2020 proposal writing Policy Makers Evidence based policy (evaluations) General public Awareness raising (also dependent upon country cluster) Gender Equality Best practice, exchange of experience, overcoming resistance
  6. 6. What GenPORT offers to Scientix? Awareness raising Continued importance of gender equality in terms of vertical segregation and pay gap. Incorporating gender into knowledge content Gendered Innovations Gendered study choices horizontal segregation: combating stereotypical study choices of boys and girls
  7. 7. Awareness raising Proportions of men and women in typical academic career EU-27, 2002-2010. Source: She Figures 2012. ISCED 5A Students ISCED 6 Students Grade A Women Men
  8. 8. Gendering Knowledge
  9. 9. Study choices
  10. 10. Study Choices Female Graduates by Field of Study, EU27 Source: Eurostat Statistics in Focus 54/2011
  11. 11. What can GenPORT offer? Showcase your resources potentially global coverage to maximise reach and influence Knowledge and resource discovery network structure of “Persons”, “Organizations”, “Resources”, “Events” and “Projects” oriented around problems. Be part of a global community exchange of experiences, access to experts. Resource discovery across countries through our Gender & Science Taxonomy.
  12. 12. Thank you! Get in touch: Web: Twitter: @genderportal Project Coordinator: Juliet Webster Project Manager: Jörg Müller