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Ellen geerts ESERO


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Ellen Geerts: Space education: the final frontier?

Scientix European Conference, 6-8 May 2011, Brussels

Published in: Education
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Ellen geerts ESERO

  1. 1. SPACE EDUCATION: the final frontier? Scientix Conference Brussels 6 - 8 May 2011
  2. 2. Education at ESA• Lisbon strategy report (2000) -> attract more students towards a career in STEM• ESA Education Office addresses Europe’s need to build an increasingly knowledge-based society• How ? By drawing upon the genuine fascination for spaceflight young people possess, in order to motivate them to pursue STEM
  3. 3. Education at ESA• foundation of the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project  two main objectives: - to enhance literacy in science and technology using space-related themes and resources - to encourage career pursuits in STEM fields, and in the space domain in particular
  4. 4. ESERO: genesis of the project• reaching the primary target audience directly is an impossible task for ESA• the languages and educational systems are very different from one Member State to another• ESA’s approach: - Member State by Member State - user-driven with the focus on teachers
  5. 5. ESERO: aims and objectives• establish ESERO contact points in all ESA Member States• support the specific educational needs of the Member States and their education communities• get easy access to already existing national education networks in science & technology
  6. 6. ESERO Belgium• Pilot phase:- research formal and informal educational environment in Belgium- foundation for the production and dissemination of new space-related educational material- launch of the Space Schools program
  7. 7. Space and astronomy in formal education: findings of the preparatory study• Need for ready-to-use space-related educational material• Limited science training -> lack of confidence to tackle the theme “space” in class• Need for specialized teacher trainings• No access to laboratories for experimentation• Time to devote to a project is limited• Limited budgets
  8. 8. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- Launch of the Space schools program: schools can apply to receive the status and privileges of being a “Space School” by sending in STEM-related project proposals
  9. 9. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- Development and dissemination of educational material and didactic manuals
  10. 10. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- Organizing formal teacher trainings
  11. 11. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- Space workshop for teacher traineesWhy target teacher education studies?-> in the formal teacher trainings only teachers with an already keen interest in space enrolled-> in teacher education studies the space workshop is part of the curriculum (= mandatory)-> teacher trainees are our FUTURE teachers!
  12. 12. ESERO BelgiumSpace workshop for teacher trainees - photos
  13. 13. ESERO BelgiumSpace workshop for teacher trainees - photos
  14. 14. Space education in primary school• Don’t be afraid of the clever questions children will ask -> explore together!• Hands-on experiences• Small budget + creativity = awesome experiments/projects
  15. 15. Let’s put it into practice Quiz time! “Who am I ?”
  16. 16. Who am I ?I am a planet and …- I have two moons- starting from the Sun, I am the first planet after the Earth- I am also called “the red planet”- a lot of people think there is life on me- my name originates from the Roman god of war- you can also eat me
  17. 17. Mars
  18. 18. Who am I ?I am a planet and …- I have a ring but I am not Saturn- to the ancient Romans I am the God of the Skies, Lightning and Thunder- I have a great red spot which is a huge, long-lasting storm in my atmosphere- I am a gas giant and I have 61 moons- On one of my moons you can find active vulcanoes- I am the biggest planet in our Solar system
  19. 19. Jupiter
  20. 20. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- ESERO scientific educational events “A day in the life of an astronaut” – october 2009
  21. 21. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- ESERO scientific educational projects “Aim high!” project – 2010-2011
  22. 22. ESERO Belgium First operational phase:- Participation in scientific educational eventsGreenlight for Girls science day – Brussels nov 2010
  23. 23. Links•••
  24. 24. Questions ?
  25. 25. European Space Education Research Office An education project of the European Space AgencyEllen GeertsProjectmanagerESERO Belgium