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Sciennes P4-7 Assembly 20.3.15


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Scienes Primary School P4-7 Assembly 10th March 2015. Comic Relief update; Solar Eclipse; BBC Ten Pieces - P6 Dance Performance

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Sciennes P4-7 Assembly 20.3.15

  1. 1. Sciennes Primary Assembly P4-P7 Friday 20th March 2015
  2. 2. Sciennes Values  Respect  Honesty  Rights and Responsibility Quality  Equality Kindness  Good manners  Forgiveness  Co-operation  Citizenship
  3. 3. £956.61
  4. 4. Solar Eclipse
  5. 5. Solar Eclipse
  6. 6. Here is an animation showing a total solar eclipse Remember that it is not safe to stare at a solar eclipse !
  7. 7. This animation shows that the moon creates a small shadow which Only allows certain areas of the earth to see a total solar eclipse.
  8. 8. This is an animation showing a total lunar eclipse from start To finish.
  9. 9. NEXT LUNAR ECLIPSE 28th September 2015 Early morning An eclipse of the moon occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the earth. Unlike a solar eclipse, this only happens at night, and it can be seen from anywhere on earth where the moon is visible.
  10. 10. NEXT SOLAR ECLIPSE PARTIAL: 12th August 2026 TOTAL: September 2090!
  11. 11. BBC TEN PIECES Orchestra eBOOK for iPad
  15. 15. P3B Get Creative with Ten Pieces
  16. 16. P5B Collage filmed by P7C
  17. 17. P6 BBC Ten Pieces Dance
  18. 18. P6A Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King
  19. 19. P6B Mozart: Horn Concerto
  20. 20. P6C Beethoven: Symphony No. 5
  21. 21. BBC TEN PIECES FROM STUDIO TO STAGE 30th March Queen’s Hall
  22. 22. Internet Safety By Christie and Daniel P5B
  23. 23. What Are We Talking About? Hello and welcome to our presentation and we are here to talk about internet and online safety .As you know that some games have passwords and usernames and we are saying STAY SAFE !
  24. 24. You Really Need To Stay Safe When You Play Games These are examples of games you probably like playing: Animal Jam , Club Penguin , Roblox and Clash of Clans. Just remember you have to stay safe
  25. 25. Hackers Some people are hackers so We have some tips to stay safe from hackers and these tips are....... 1)Never give your password 2)If you think you have been hacked, you have to change your password very quickly.
  26. 26. What to do When You Have a Virus On Your Computer ? If you have a virus you tell an adult as quick as possible or your computer will break.
  27. 27. Cyber-bullying • Cyber-bullying means to use computers , mobile phones , or other technology to hurt, scare, or embarrass other people. Cyber-bullying gets people in trouble at school and also with the law. Cyber-bullying is illegal!
  28. 28. Thank You For Listening !
  29. 29. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Rose Bronze Medal P6 Girls Cross Country
  30. 30. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Phoebe Bronze Medal P7 Girls Cross Country
  31. 31. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Cerys Gold Medal P7 Girls EPSSA Cross Country
  32. 32. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Three Gold Relay Medals Lothian Schools Cross Country
  33. 33. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Cross Country Certificates
  34. 34. BOOK FAIR WEEK Tues 24th Parents’ Evening 5pm-8pm Wed 25th P5B and P5C Club Golf Thurs 22nd Parents’ Evening 4pm-7pm P4 Badminton Taster
  35. 35. This week’s house points Tantallon Lauder Sienna Grange