Advanced Data Analysis for FMCG Manufacturers


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ScienceSoft helps manufacturers increase their sales and the efficiency of promotion and advertising campaigns based on advanced data analysis

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Advanced Data Analysis for FMCG Manufacturers

  1. 1. 30 Advanced Analytics for FMCG Manufacturers
  2. 2. Key facts about ScienceSoft  Locations in the USA, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia  450+ full-time staff  ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI best practices  Customers in 30+ countries  More than 35 patents in data analysis
  3. 3. Experience in data analysis, FMCG & retail  Brand, promotion and advertising campaign analysis (world FMCG producers with more than $50 bil turnover)  Retail analytics (development for American and European retailers with more than 5.000 stores)  24 years in analytics and prediction algorithm development  Mobile solutions for manufacturers and retailers  Working experience with world food and medicine manufacturers
  4. 4. Forecasting, revealing opportunities and threats Reports Data gathering, processing and storage Areas We automate each stage of the data analysis to save your time and efforts
  5. 5. What advanced analytics does Predictable (controllable) increase of sales Convenient and efficient deviation tracking Automated With no additional analytical efforts of management and personnel With no cost increase on advertisement and discounts
  6. 6. We offer  Reasonable planning of the regular sales, sales plan execution control  Revealing hidden sales potential  Automated notifications in case of an anomaly in sales figures
  7. 7. We offer  Determination of market demand on a product  Analytical support when launching new products  Defining the optimal parameters of a promotion as well as prediction of promotional sales  Foreseeing the impact of advertising campaigns
  8. 8. We automate a sales plan creation detailed by SKU, store, regions, etc. The planning is based on the regular sales history and all the available external factors while excluding promotional sales. Reasonable planning of the regular sales merchandising POS materials own advertising competitors’ advertising … Saleshistory Accurate planning model
  9. 9. We offer automated order analysis with timely notifications about deviation from the sales plan. Notifications could be sent to corresponding sales representatives, their managers and other interested parties. The information may be distributed via email as well as being available on mobile phones and tablets. Plan execution control
  10. 10. The sales potential of regions, sales representatives, outlets is automatically determined based on the historical data as well as region and target audience specificity. • Potential of individual regions • Potential of sales representatives • Potential of individual outlets +58% +8% +0% Salesvolume o regions  representatives o outlets Revealing hidden sales potential
  11. 11. SKU / product category sales data Automated notification about deviations Anomaly analysis Outlet specificity Seasonal variations, holidays Automated notifications in case of an anomaly in sales figures
  12. 12. Using the historical data on sales, discount rate, terms of promotions and other parameters, the system automatically determines the dependency between the factors. You can selectively fix some settings and the system will calculate an optimum combination of the remaining parameters to form the optimal promotion. Defining the optimal parameters of a promotion Optimal promotion parameters History and parameters Analytic system
  13. 13. Using the history of regular and promotional sales, the system automatically predicts the volume of promotional sales for individual outlets. Then it aggregates the data to the level of sales representatives, regions, countries, etc. for efficient planning. Prediction of promotional sales sales history regular prices promotional prices merchandising promotion type advertisement … Volume of promotional sales
  14. 14. Foreseeing the impact of advertising campaigns We take into account  Sales dynamics of an advertised product  The area, period and time of advertising  Content of an advertisement  Presence of parallel promotions in outlets  Seasonal variations, holidays, etc. Combination of sales data and information about running advertising campaigns allows you to identify effectiveness of an advertising channel and optimize advertisement for a particular consumer segment. Advertisement Performance Analysis Conclusions Forecasts
  15. 15. Based on the sales data (purchased from retailers), the system estimates sales of your and your competitors’ products within one product category and then predicts a market potential of the existing and new products. There are several strategies: • trend detection • following the leader • foresight decline in demand • detection of opportunities Determination of market demand on a product
  16. 16. Planning The system schedules shipment volume for each product and outlet. We base the planning on: • The history of related product sales for each outlet • Target sales volumes and time to reach the goal • Manually entered constraints and preferences Monitoring The system analyses orders on the daily basis and notifies in case there are some areas with the lack of progress (regions, sales representatives, outlets) Analytical support when launching new products
  17. 17. Technologies and tools
  18. 18. Let’s keep in touch! SCIENCESOFT Finland Myyrmäenraitti 2 01600 Vantaa, Finland Phone: +358 92 3163070 Email: Web: SCIENCESOFT USA 5900 S. Lake Forest Dr., Suite 300 McKinney, TX 75070, USA Phone: +1 214 306 68 37 Email: Web: