5 Questions about Persuasion Profiling


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#conversion12 Keynote talk by Maurits Kaptein, Science Rockstars.

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  • Little talk about myself: Maurits Kaptein
  • I will be talking about persuasion. Means vs. Ends Distinction.
  • An example of persuasion. 27% more likely. 33% more likely
  • Briefly go through each of the six: Consensus (previous example) Liking (Similarity wallet example) Expertise (Milgram example) Commitment (Sign in garden example) Scarcity (Abundantly available example) Reciprocity (Free books example)
  • They are already used online (Scarcity, Concensus, Scarcity)
  • Important questions
  • Talk about the google add study
  • Does everyone respond in the same fashion?
  • Talk through the two scenarios.
  • What are persuasion profiles?
  • So for each user its an estimate of what works. Which then can subsequently be used to select content.
  • That basically is new…
  • How do you actually use persuasion profiles?
  • 5 Questions about Persuasion Profiling

    1. 1. Persuasion Profiling is changing the concept of marketing without you even knowing it! 1Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    2. 2. Me Chief Science Officer PersuasionAPI Researcher at: Eindhoven University of Technology Aalto School of Economics (Helsinki) Stanford University (Stanford) 2Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    3. 3. Q1: Persuasion? • The goal of persuasion is to change someone’s attitudes or behavior.Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 3 3
    4. 4. Q2: Does that work? • Slide reuse the “Please with “Please reuse “Please reuse towell example towel. your towel” your your towel. Most people Most people reused their who stayed in towel during this room their stay” reused their towel during their stay”Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 4 4
    5. 5. It’s how you ask… It’s only partly what you want people to do, it’s how you ask it! 5Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    6. 6. 6 Principles of Persuasion 6Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 6 6
    7. 7. Persuasion OnlineBeta Launch presentations Q2 2012 7 7
    8. 8. Q3: How do we use this? Should we use all the persuasion we can think of? 8Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    9. 9. No! • Slide with the Clicks onexample towell multi-principle ads: .18 % And on single principle ads: .36%Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 9 9
    10. 10. Q4: Are we all the same? Should we use the same principles for everyone? 10Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    11. 11. 2 Scenarios: Average Average Individuals Individuals - + - + Effect of using a strategy Effect of using a strategyBeta Launch presentations Q2 2012 11 11
    12. 12. We are different, but consistent… 12Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    13. 13. Persuasion Profiles Wouldnt you like to know how to adjust your (online) presence in a way that you increase the chance of conversion for each user individually? 13 13Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    14. 14. Persuasion Profile: Normal Page: A1 (Scarcity): A2 (Authority): A3 (Consensus): Effect •A persuasion profile is a collection of the estimates of the effect of persuasion principles for each individual user 14 14Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    15. 15. It’s a new dimension: 15Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    16. 16. Q5: How is it done? How can you use persuasion profiles on your website, in your emails, or in other channels? 16Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    17. 17. Step 1: Review your Sales Strategy Implementations Marketeer 17Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 17
    18. 18. Step 2: You integrate with the PersuasionAPI Cloud Services Your web server PersuasionAPI server 1) Point to PersuasionAPI Service 2) Dynamic adjustments on Page based on PersuasionAPI adviceid 3) Hooks for user behavior monitoring (log event, view event, success event) 18Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 18
    19. 19. Example of adjusted page •1: Log Client ID (e.g. via dynamic image, cookie, etc) •2. Link(s) to log success of the Sales Strategy •3. Hooks to log non- responsiveness to a Sales Strategy 19Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 19
    20. 20. Step 3: We log the success Normal Page: A1 (Scarcity): A2 (Authority): A3 (Consensus): Effect • Based on the dynamic image and the link we can monitor the success of each page served to a user. • We will keep updates of the average performance of your served page variations, and of the performance for each client. 20Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 20
    21. 21. Step 4: We improve our advice Normal Page: A1 (Scarcity): A2 (Authority): A3 (Consensus): Effect • Based on the response of each client we will update our advice for that user • The new advice is a combination of the response of that client, as well as that of other clients 21Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 21
    22. 22. Step 5: User navigates, we improve First page served: Second page served: Third page served: Normal: Normal: Normal: A1: A1: A1: A2: A2: A2: A3: A3: A3: Effect Effect Effect • And so on, for each individual client... • Real time analytics is most effective in predicting behavior 22Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 22
    23. 23. Explore vs. Exploit What if it’s the first visit? How much learning do you need? 23Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    24. 24. Competing Principles 24Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 24
    25. 25. It will beat your A/B test… Optimize conversion over time. 25Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    26. 26. And we will get better… Optimize the choice of persuasion principles at the level of individual clients 26Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    27. 27. Some Results… How do you know persuasion profiles are successful? 27Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    28. 28. You test it! • 20% of your clients will receive your original page • 80% will receive pages with persuasive content that is dynamically updated 28Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 28
    29. 29. Results • Slide with the Increase example towell in email click through: (at the 5th reminder) >100% Increase in e-commerce revenue: >25%Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012 29 29
    30. 30. Persuasion Profiling Are you ready to Beta? Launch April 1st in Netherlands, from May onwards rest of Europe & Russia. Q3/4 2012 launch USA with version 1. 30 30Beta Launch presentations Q2 2012
    31. 31. Wow! @persuasionAPI 31