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People-powered Health || Maxine Mackintosh || Future Health


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Maxine Mackintosh, Chair of Healthtech Women, joins us at the Science: Disrupt London Session on Future Health to talk about people-powered health, and supporting & promoting women to be the future leaders in health innovation.

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People-powered Health || Maxine Mackintosh || Future Health

  1. 1. People-powered Health Science:Disrupt – Future Health 13th Sep 2016 Maxine Mackintosh Chair, HealthTech Women UK Supporting and promoting women to be the future leaders in health innovation @htw_uk @Maxi_Macki
  2. 2. The power of the crowd… @Maxi_Macki
  3. 3. @htw_uk @Maxi_Macki
  4. 4. Diversity Makes Innovation better @Maxi_Macki
  5. 5. DPeople-powered Health @Maxi_Macki
  6. 6. 1. Information Asymmetry: An imbalance in power of a transaction where one party has more/better information than the other 2. Principal-Agent Problem (& paternalism): Where one person/entity makes decisions on behalf of another 3. Social Movement Theory: Social movements are a type of group action. They are large, sometimes informal, groupings of individuals or organizations which focus on specific political or social issues which carries out, resists or undoes social change. @Maxi_Macki “What have social sciences ever done for us?”
  7. 7. @Maxi_Macki David Aberle (1966): 4 types of social movement:
  8. 8. @Maxi_Macki The irony herein lies… People: human beings in general or considered collectively/ the members of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group We will ALL be users of healthcare in our lives – we should therefore be the designers too
  9. 9. 77%!?!?!?!?!?! @Maxi_Macki
  10. 10.   • 85% of nursing directors are women • Of medical staff: - 52% GPs are female • Bands 5-9 ~75% female • 7% of female staff are doctors & dentists (28% for men) • 32% finance directors are women • 24% of medical directors are women • Of medical staff:34% consultants are female • Lowest band (1-4): 81% women • 42% CEOs are women • 68% of HR directors are women • 54% doctors in training are female Remember the 77%... @Maxi_Macki
  11. 11. @Maxi_Macki E.g. Artificial Intelligence? You’re training an algorithm to see patterns. If you do not have the breadth in your dataset then you will produce biased results
  12. 12. HealthTech Women UK just scratches the surface @Maxi_Macki
  13. 13. There are still barriers… @Maxi_Macki
  14. 14. “We can't tell people to change their culture, what we have to do is grow the numbers and show the way we can change the culture from within rather than dictating” Clare Marx (1st female president of the Royal College of Surgeons) @Maxi_Macki