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TSS 2011 Agile Marketing Bath 17 November 2011 Alex Small Trust-Mico


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TSS 2011 Agile Marketing Bath 17 November 2011 Alex Small Trust-Mico

  1. 1. TRUST MICO LTD Our experiences withSocial Media Marketing Alex Small CEO Trust Mico Ltd
  2. 2. Discussion points• Trust Mico• Why we need social media• Goals from our social media campaign• What we have done so far – What worked – What didn’t work – What are we going to try next
  3. 3. Trust Mico• Recommendations website (not reviews)• Uses F/B & LinkedIn• Online WOM• 1.8million businesses• +ve not –ve• Fast & Simple to use• Reward schemes & USEFUL data
  4. 4. Why we need social media• Targeting every human being & every business• We use social media on our site• Small budget• It’s instantaneous and mobile• Need mass exposure (to go viral!??) – Personal recommendations are the best form of advertising!
  5. 5. Goals from our social Media campaign• Build awareness of Trust Mico• Strengthen relationships with customers, users, businesses and local community groups• Provide good customer service through multiple outlets• Identify new ideas from customers, users and businesses• Increase traffic to website• Improve SEO• Generate sales leads to businesses
  6. 6. What have we done so farWe work on the 4 main social media platforms: Twitter Mostly businesses Facebook Mostly Users LinkedIn Mostly Businesses You Tube Mostly users
  7. 7. Twitter• Important Twitterisms: – Use lists - Tweet 75% about subject – Start conversations - Tweet 25% about you – Be personal - Be a source of industry info – Use hashtags # - Follow relevant followers fast – Know the limits - Search, respond & @mention – Unfollow non followers - DON’T STOP!!!• We started by just using @trustmico• Now we have: – Personal twitter accounts – 5 sub-accounts
  8. 8. Twitter• The Trust Mico launch competition• Achieved: – 10,000+ tweets on our hashtag #trustmico – RTs to over 3.5 million people – Gained 1000+ followers• Learnt: – People care about what they tweet – Not everyone is listening – Interacting with a few is better than shouting at many – A strong twitter presence is built not manufactured
  9. 9. Facebook• Goals from Facebook:• Users – Spread the word on sign-up – Engage with them – Encourage them to talk about us – Run competitions• Businesses – Get them to “like” our fan page – Promote the business through posts (Tweet deck, Hoot suite) – Target with Facebook ads
  10. 10. LinkedIn• Target companies through individuals• Find decision makers in key companies• Use groups – Very good online networking – Be an influencer for your industry – Look up and down stream – However • Lots of emails, very international, time consuming
  11. 11. You Tube• People watch videos. Good videos.• 2nd biggest search engine after Google and videos get great SEO• A chance to be creative• 5 second rule• Limit length to 90 seconds• Use for: – Demos, testimonials, company info, marketing, etc – Especially brand awareness/brand building
  12. 12. TRUST MICO LTD Any questions? Alex Small CEO Trust Mico Ltd